February 25, 2009

Mixed Feelings In A Mixed Weekend

Boy, this is late. But better late than never:

2 ties against Northeastern in men's hockey isn't exactly what I wanted out of the whole thing, but I'll take that - it's better than 2 losses.

The loss that hurt the most was actually during the the Northeastern game: the hot dog eating contest.

For the second year in a row I walked off the ice with my fellow BU students to chants of "Get off the ice, get off the ice, get off the ice." However, for once, I beat the NU contestant I was up against.

Jesus and I and our third teammate, Matt, went down to the gallows behind the NU goal with 8 minutes to go in the third period. Upon arriving there we were immediately heckled by NU students in the upper deck. I simply said, "where's your Beanpot?" to which they had nothing to say.

I stopped trying to heckle them back when one fan with a megaphone started a "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, you suck chant." This is ironic, considering I got an email from a NU student last year who was very offended that someone at BU dresses as Jesus. OH, WELL.

Anyways, we got onto the ice and immediately started pumping the crowd up. I felt real good going into it.

Out team was actually disadvantaged because we couldn't really get set up fully in time. Bad excuse, I know. I wanted two cups of water - one for drinking and one for dipping my bun in. While I was filling up my first cup I was told to sit down, the head of the contest would get it for me. He only gave me one.

Then as I was setting up everything - water, hot dog, the contest just began. I WAS NOT READY. My hot dog case wasn't even open. Regardless, the next minute was a blur. I've never eaten anything so quickly. I was dipping and shoving and jamming that hot dog down my throat. I finished, but saw there was still bun and wiener in the dipping water cup. I manned up and gulped it down. I looked up and saw I had beat my opponent. So far so good.

Then came Jesus. He was doing fine, I thought, then before I knew it, NU was on their third participant, who was going all Kobayashi on his dog:

About 30 seconds after looking at this guy start he was finished and running around the ice to cheers of "get off the ice" directed at our BU team. To me it sounded like the NU announcer was orgasming in his box. Despite all this, I had a great time and I am prepared to win next year. Here's the video:

It was a slightly better weekend for two other teams: women's track and field and women's swimming, both earning America East championships. Phenomenal, ladies.

So, that's that. BU women shocked Hartford last night, Corey Lowe made an unreal recovery from a sprained ankle and is set to play tomorrow, and men's hockey is just 1 point from first in the conference, with the tiebreaker on their side. All this is going on, right as the women's lax season starts later this afternoon.

I've said it plenty of times this year - it's good to be a BU Terrier.

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Anonymous said...

Slightly disappointed that you guys lost again, but it's typical that NU would be good at swallowing hot dogs.