February 10, 2009

It's Still BU's Beanpot

For the 29th time in 57 attempts Boston University owns the Beanpot. "Oh, but that's just a midseason tournament. It doesn't mean anything" The only people saying that are those who go to BC, Northeastern, or Harvard. My response:


It's BU's and it's awesome. There's no better game to be at, no funner (yeah, I know that's not a word) T ride to be part of, no better experience than that of a Beanpot Championship win. I didn't get one last year, but I enjoyed every second of it last night. Some things about the 57th Annual Beanpot:

- Hey Paws, stop being such an A-Hole. Last night for those of you at the Garden you say Paws and Rhett go at it on the ice. Before the game it was playful slap-boxing between the two that led to fisticuffs by the end of the Beanpot history video and introduction of the teams. In the first intermission there was a civil shot contest and fast skate competition. But then, in the second intermission, it got real. Paws assaulted Rhett. It was supposed to be a play-fight, from what I understand, but the NU student who was in the Paws costume, frustrated at his life, decided to take it out on poor Rhett. And last night the person playing Rhett was a girl! Paws was a dude!

What happened from all of this? The girl playing Rhett ended up with a bloody nose and minor scratches. So not cool Paws. Expect cruel and unusual treatment (Michael Vick style) upon my visit to Matthews.

- Security was XTREME. Between every break security guards would stand in the aisle between the NU and BU sections. I heard there were plainclothes officers in both sections and before the game there was a threat that if either section behaved too poorly there wouldn't be any hesitation to kick the entire sections out.

I saw two ejections. One was a BU (fool) student who was harassing an NU student who was behind the NU Optimus Prime. The other was a BU student who was sitting in the NU section. He was escorted out, but returned to the BU area.

Both sections were very well behaved (I thought) and created the best sporting atmosphere I've ever experienced. There were tons of creative signs and cheers on both sides and I thought everyone was pretty civil about it.

I have to give the NU kids who stayed to the end of the game some credit. Even when they were down three goals they remained just as loud and positive as they were in the beginning of the game. There isn't a shot in hell that that would've been the same for BUers if the score was reversed.

Most of the best cheers/signs were revealed even before the game started, but can you really blame anyone? There was so much adrenaline and anticipation, it was hard not to bust stuff out during the Consolation game.

I thought the BU section was the largest I had ever seen before, but the NU student section was consistently louder, and pretty relentless in their "Let's Go Huskies" and "GO N-U" chants. But then again, it's hard to hear your own section when you're yelling at the top of your lungs the entire time so maybe the rest of the Garden had a different opinion. Probably not though.

The Garden was definitely way more pro-Huskies. I realized this first after NU scored their first goal and the place erupted, and second when about 70% of the arena cleared out after BU got up by 3.

- What was the most messed up part of the night happened right before the third period started. It's pretty well known that at the Beanpot it is supposed to be general admission in the student sections. I mean, people got to the game at like 4 pm just to have seats in the front row of the BALCONY for the 8 pm game.

For the last two years I have been kicked out of the seats I got to, well before the games began, by people who go by what their ticket says. The thing is they bring security who don't know anything about anything, and they kick the most loyal of fans out. Luckily, I wasn't subjected to that this year.

Now at the end of the second period, two girls who were wearing BU sweatshirts (one of which was BLUE) got a security guard to kick 3 BU kids out of the first row. These kids were there before I got there and were passionately into the game. The two girls (who now had three seats for themselves) did not even stand during the game. When they did stand they started hugging and taking pictures. They both left even before the game ended!

I hate people like that. How many hockey games had they been to this year? Over/under is 2. Combined. Then, they go about kicking loyal BU fans (with jerseys) out after 2 periods of play? Get real. Go sit in the Harvard section.

Next year - girls who have never been to a hockey game all year, and think they should go to the Beanpot cause everyone's doing it, here's my suggestion to you: do something else everyone is doing instead: drugs. (Note: The Hot Dog is not promoting drug use of any kind.)

- It was a great game. I wouldn't be saying that if BU had lost, but for 50 minutes NU played right with BU. However, then BU, and more specifically Brandon Yip was like, "Oh, it Beanpot. BU must win game or I do extra dry land sprint" (in broken English of course).

Shorthanded goals are so much better than even strength ones. Especially when Colin Wilson scores them. I think everyone in the Garden knew that there would be a goal on the Shattenkirk, Wilson shorthanded rush. 2 elite US national players vs. Theissen - I take the US any day. I even saw some NUers leaving as the rush was crossing the blue line - even they knew what was about to happen.

- After the game I went to the Dugout (with little success of getting in, since the for some reason the bar felt they needed to limit people on their busiest night of the ENTIRE year). On the walk back I passed some very sharply dressed men - all drunk/high on a Beanpot victory: Brandon Yip, Higgy, Matt Gilroy, John McCarthy (aka The Perfect Human Being), and a couple of others. They were overjoyed and it looked like they were headed to The Dugout. All I could really think to say to them was, "Way to go BOYZZZZZZ!!!" with a little fist pump. To this they responded, "YAAYYYYYYYY!" Brandon Yip chimed in with a, "DUGOUTTTT."

Combine BU men's basketball, women's basketball, and men's hockey and you have yourself 26 straight wins.

Oh what a night, and what a time to be a Terrier. Hopefully, this doesn't all come crashing down tomorrow as men's basketball plays at UVM and the women host Stony Brook.


Anonymous said...

rofl dude, I think those two girls made it onto the NESN highlight video. About 4:30, is that them?

Anonymous said...

yes, that is them. they're fucking dumbasses and got yelled at when they tried to do the same thing in the first intermission to no avail.

Anonymous said...

What's up with the DP website? I know the Terrier Tailgate seems like it was yesterday, but yesterday was February 10, not August 31. Tell someone to get on that!

Anonymous said...

For the girl on the phone who you harassed into leaving the section before the 3rd period...just so you know, she got to the game over an hour before it started and went by the general admission rule like everyone else. She got kicked out her seat in 304 during intermission by someone from alumni relations, who actually had just shown up at the beginning of the third period. After she almost got into a fight with said BU employee, the security guard insisted on escorting her to her real seat in 308. Oh and why was her ticket in 308? Because she waited for SEASON TICKETS in 118 at the beginning of the year and goes to every game. I mean I guess it worked out just fine for her though, because she wound up sitting with me in the 2nd row ice level.

The Hot Dog said...

It was group harassment.

And I'm glad she got to see the game in the lower level...probably where she should've started.

I would believe the season ticket part if she had a jersey...those two go pretty hand in hand.

However, I understand you defending your friend, and I feel bad for her in this whole situation. I was just fed up with people switching seats and kicking people out so late into the game.

And I have season tickets...my ticketed section was 307. It doesn't matter if you have season ticket or not...it's pretty much all random.

Jesus' ticket said he was in 308. And we got our season tickets right after each other three years ago.

If we're to blame anyone it's Agganis Arena ticketing.

In all fairness, she probably deserves an apology...so, sorry young lady.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

After receiving several text messages at the game about you and your friends bashing me and then reading the blog today, I can honestly say I was offended. I am an avid supporter of BU athletics! But I do appreciate your apology and I would like to explain a few points for you...

#1 I have been going to the Beanpot since i was 6 years old. My uncle went to BU and my family and I have been involved with BU hockey as long as I can remember. So please, do not label me a "fairweather fan" and a "girl who doesn't go to hockey games but shows up to the Beanpot because everyone else is doing it." And for the last 3 years, I face-painted at almost every home hockey game.

#2 I do have a hockey jersey. I stopped wearing it to games for superstitious reasons. And I was not wearing a plain white tshirt either. It was a white sweater with a scarlet tank top underneath. Sorry if i forget to dress like the husky i mean huskie girls of NU in sports bras at a hockey rink.

#3 I did not show up to the game in the 3rd period. I had been sitting in section 304 for the entirety of the game with everyone else that I came with (even though my ticket was for section 308 row 4 seat 14, i know that the Beanpot student section is GA just like 118 at Agganis, where my season ticket is located). A minute into the 3rd, my belongings had been moved to the floor (and there were mustard stains on my nice peacoat) and our seats were taken. My exact argument was that you shouldn't show up to the Beanpot in the 3rd period and expect to sit in your "ticketed" seat. The female "fan" so rudely explained that she worked in the Alumni Relations office of Boston University, and could show up to the game whenever she pleased. Her boyfriend (late 20's early 30's and clearly the mustard culprit as it was dripping from his chin) then proceeded to threaten me (how classy) and a close friend of mine. The usher came over to sort out the problem and insisted on escorting me to my assigned seat. In trying to explain to him the way it works at the beanpot, he said "it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, it's your seat and that's where i am taking you"
When everyone started yelling, instead of sitting there being heckled at and missing minutes of play, I decided to join my friends on the loge level... 2 rows from the ice!

#4 The Dujeaux is my favorite after-Beanpot tradition

The Hot Dog said...

Boy, do I feel like an asshole.

It's not often that I admit on my blog that I am wrong, but there isn't a time I've been more wrong.

Shanadee - I'm truly sorry. I'm gonna change the post, because you don't deserve to be grouped with the other girls who kicked fans out. Had I known your story I wouldn't have written any of it, but alas, I did not.

I'm truly sorry for all this and for the way you were treated at the Beanpot. I am glad you got to see the win from a better angle and seat.

Again, millions of apologies.

The Hot Dog said...

Again, asshole hot dog.

I hope though, that you can understand I didn't know what had happened to you and didn't like seeing multiple groups of BU supporters getting kicked out of their seats after two periods, which is why such yelling ensued. I promise I'll only yell words of encouragement and support to you for the rest of your life.

Again, asshole hot dog, saying he's sorry.

Anonymous said...

I think DP needs to send out a letter to all fans saying that even if we're losing, we still need to support our team...When NU would score, and we'd be tied, BU was as quiet as Harvard's fan section was...and uh, Harvard has no fans! Anyway, I think that there needs to be some etiquette rules put out there.

Like 1- Do not cheer when a player is hurt. Ugly Goalie? Idc how much we hatE Thiessen, you dont do that. That's one cheer i think NU got right when they said we had no class (tho if I remember they booed the national anthem twice, and booed Chris Drury's award at the semifinals and are normally just classless assholes about everything) but whatever, at the time they were right about us.
2- We stand at the games. So I dont get why it's a big deal people get their assigned "seat" anyway. At intermission, tell the ppl with your seats to sit in the aisle for 20 minutes. Why cant we act united for 2 hours?! Instead of kicking people out, why not negotiate? If it was an NU fan in your seat, by all means kick them the fuck out. But if it's another BU fan, I hate to sound High School Musical-ish...but we're all in this together. Share a seat. Not a big deal. But kicking people out of their seats at game time- that's a big deal.
3- CHEER FOR YOUR TEAM. We'd be tied and BU would look like we just lost...and it would only be the first period!

This doesnt apply to most fans I know, but for a majority of the BC-game goers and the Beanpot goers...Learn these rules.

Anonymous said...

Btw- according to people who sat in the suites or even across the arena, BU was louder. You dont hear how loud we truly are until you're on the other side of the arena or if you hear us on tv.

Anonymous said...

NU fans were much loader. BU fan section sounded more like a BU basketball game.

Anonymous said...

LOL your right, NU was deff more loader.

But BU was LOUDER.

The Hot Dog said...

If it were like a BU basketball game it would've been close to dead quiet!

Watching the game on NESN though I could easily hear cheers from both sides pretty clearly.

hamburgerz taste better said...

1. dont go by nesn, their camera mics are placed almost directly above the nu section so naturally they sound louder on tv.
2. nu is in no position to ever call us "classless" - the ugly goalie cheer was one or two idiot freshmen who were promptly shut up.

Anonymous said...

well, whatever it may be, ugly goalie should never been started because at one point on the left of the band, it got loud and then it happened on the right of the band (only way i can describe it.)...BU knows better.