February 5, 2009

Hilarious Stat of the Year

I was looking over America East stats, because that's all I care about, and found this:

For those of you who don't know, there are only 40 minutse in a regulation college basketball game. John Holland is averaging 1.2 more mintues than there are in an actual game. A 60 minute performance helps. And Corey Lowe is almost a minute over what's possible. I'm sure many of you out there love that Matt Wolff is playing nearly all but one minute of every AEC game.

Impossible is nothing.


the High Roller said...

that is ridiculous. let's hope our players don't die of exhaustion before the tourney.

Anonymous said...

They only played 40mins tn! Better get in some more OTs if they want to stay over 40.

Was it just me or did Wolff attempt a lot more field goals than he usually does? Though he missed some pretty badly.

Tall-boy said...

Yeah he did, but he had to. The Albany guys were playing about 10 feet off of him when he had the ball.

I'm glad he hit one to keep them honest.

The Hot Dog said...

It's hilarious to watch how open teams leave Matt Wolff. On the ball and off. He was given every outside shot he took. I guess teams are catching on to the fact that he shoots like 5 times (max) per game.