February 24, 2009

Hartford, How Much Do You Hate Kristi Dini?

Last year against Hartford it was this:

That still gives me goosebumps.

Then tonight it was this (I don't have video, yet):

That 3 sent the game to an extra frame.

And then BU went on to win the game in Overtime and leave themselves just one win away from clinching the conference and also 20 wins. All this with 3 games left.

What's kind of funny/kind of not was that I told Dini to do something like this via Facebook:

Click to enlarge

She def said she would deliver and she def did. Thank you Dini.

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Anonymous said...

That buzzer beater still gives me goosebumps too. Tonight's game was amazing. I think the best part for me was knowing that Young can step up when all the seniors leave. Go Terriers!