February 3, 2009

Hartford: A Fun Place To Be

This past Saturday I was one of about 15 lucky students who got to travel to Hartford with the band, dance team, and cheerleaders. I've been on quite a few trips with the school to various venues for sports, but this past one had to be one of the best. Here's why:

1. BU dominated the game from start to finish - there as never a point when Hartford was in it or threatened to come back.

2. All the BUers got free vouchers for a hot dog/pizza, chips, and a drink. Tell me how that gets better?

3. Coaches vs. Cancer day - a great game for a great cause.

4. BU band/cheer/dance team showed their dominance in sheer abilities and hotness over Hartford's teams. On every level. Oh, and basketball too.

5. Howie the Hawk got a new costume and hot dance moves. I don't hate him as much anymore.

6. Status Quo of America's Best Dance Crew (Season 1) performed at halftime. The real show they put on occurred during the second half though. About a two minute before the game ended the members of SQ came over to the BU Dance team, who was standing in the two rows in front of me. I had a courtside seat to watch the Dance Crew work game hard on BUDT. The dude who was pushing the hardest was drinking orange soda and apparently asked who wanted to be his Valentine. One of the BUDTers volunteered, which prompted other members of Status Quo to pursue other members. When all was said and done SQ walked away with 2, maybe more, phone numbers, participated in some "pom" hand motions with the team, and were yelled at to walk away by the BUDT coach. What a hell of a scene.

7. I later found out only two of the original members of the crew were part of the crew that performed at UHA. They gipped us!

7. Coach Leibovitz continues to be my favorite coach in the America East. Jesus, Leiboviz, and I are all Philadelphia guys - we have a special sports bond. We had talked to him well before game day and arranged a little pizza and conversation after the game ended. Unfortunately, because of the harsh, punishing domination that was put on the Hawks, Leibovitz couldn't join us - he was too distraught. However, we still were given the pizza he promised us. Such a GG (good guy).

8. Zoolander and Chris Rock stand up on the bus on the way there. I might add that on the Dog Pound bus was also cheer and dance - eye candy.

That's about it from the game. Now onto this: with UVM's loss to Binghamton tonight BU takes over sole posession of first place in the conference. All this a game beyond the half way point. Like it or not, if the AEC ended today Coach Wolff would probably win Coach of the Year. And really, rightfully so.

The team looked terrible as nonconference play ended. Then they lost two key elements to the team. Everyone, especially me, was counting them out. Now they look....they look....they look like a team that could be playing beyond the first weekend in March.

However, if BU loses tomorrow night against Albany (games at Agganis so it's highly likely) then there will be a four way tie for first between BU, Albany, UVM, and fake BU. It will be messy. Let's just hope for the best - and Terrier Nation - show some support. There are other sports at this school besides hockey (despite popular belief).

Iona is BU's bracketbuster, to be played February 21st. I don't have much to say other than what a boring team to get to/have to play.

Finally - Christine Kinneary you are a hero/God. Tonight Christine set BU's all time career assist mark as she tallied five assists. The women have won nine straight. They're wheeling and dealing in an untouchable manner.

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