February 20, 2009

The Dramafest That Is BU Basketball

I don't have too much to say. Whenever there is a losing streak the "fans" of BU basketball immediately criticize one person - Coach Dennis Wolff.

I'm not gonna say they're right, I'm not gonna say they're wrong. I'm not going to give any opinion during the season, because there is a chance that this team could be in a 65-team bracket come March, so I'm not abandoning hope or taking sides. Plus I don't need to fuel the ongoing discussion of BU basketball coaching.

I will say this: sitting Corey Lowe is/was a mistake last game. Sure he had 5 turnovers, but he was also shooting 3/4. It was clear in that second half that BU was missing another scoring threat, a threat that is usually on the court. Corey has been on the bench now for 20 straight minutes (maybe more, but the full second half of last game) and I'm predicting that's where he'll start tomorrow against Iona.

We don't need him or John to play the remaining three games. In fact, I want to see their minutes cut significantly and let them get their legs back for the tournament. The three seed is locked up - don't push it.

Regardless, I think whatever happened during halftime between Wolff and Lowe last game will effect his playing time the next three games. He might be seenig more bench than court. This isn't too bad, as long as by March 7th he's back to playing all 40 minutes.

BU basketball: when isn't there drama? (Answer: When there's 8-game winning streaks)

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J. Manuel said...

I'm not the biggest dennis wolff fan but its out of line for a player to disrespect the coach no matter what the situation. so if corey disrepected wolff he deserves to be benched