February 3, 2009

The Dog Pound: Yes We Were Classless

I'll be one of the first to admit the BU student section at the Beanpot last night was absolutely awful. Awful in the support but even more awful in the language choices.

It was the first time in my time at BU where I have actually heard a chant go through with support that featured cursing. I was embarrassed.

It's not right and it really shouldn't happen. No matter what the NU fans were saying - it's despicable.

I can go on and on about how wrong it was, but it will never change the fact that cursing was used on a grand stage. It's my responsibility and the responsibility of any BU fan who puts on a jersey and sits in the upper regions of the Garden to be more respectful and to not use that type of language.

The Dog Pound has been known in the past as a really good student section because of how clever they were and how they didn't have to resort to swearing. Things have dramatically changed.

I promise you I'll do everything I can not to allow a repeat. I'm starting to prepare now for what will be the most epic game I have ever been to as a fan. The "play" in the stands will be as intense as the play on the ice.

In the end it's all fun and games. While I may hate NUers during the game at the end of the game I know I can laugh with them about it all. I refuse to curse and I hope that BU fans follow suit. We're better than that.


J. Manuel said...

i agree completely brian. that was not good.

A concerned Terrier said...

One of the disappointing things during the Beanpot was the lack of enthusiasm from the student section. It was like the end of the world when we were losing.

There was no clever retaliation to anything NU did, not even a "Cheer your own team" or anything like that when they were starting the "Let's Go Harvard" chants. And please, someone needs to make fun of their little fist pumping when they get a good hit.

Bottom line is that the score should not be indicative of what we're saying or how we're cheering. If all we can come up with is stooping so low with an "F you Huskies" chant, then maybe NU's fans deserve a Beanpot.

An NU fan said...

Really do like your blog. I may not like BU at all but I appreciate someone who does what you are doing for their team. Even agree more with the way the student body over there is turning into. Years ago (2-5 years), that section was as clever and actually made me laugh when chanting at the DogHouse. Now...sadly not anymore. For the good of the game I hope come Monday, the BU section steps of there game. I know we stepped up ours. ;)

Anonymous said...

Excellent point. What was even worse may have been in the championship when Thiessen was hurt and was down for a good few minutes and then when he got up and took off his mask for some air, a group of BU students did the "Ugly goalie" chant. I don't care who you are playing, but if a player on another team gets hurt, you be respectful of them, especially I guy with Thiessen's talent level.