February 18, 2009

BU Plays 14 Total Players In 2 Games Tonight

Basketball was 1 for 2 tonight. Of course the 1 win was the still perfect women's team. Each team only played 7 players. 7!

Let me tell you a little story. After the men's game ended I went to goterriers.com to check how the women's team did. I hit the gametracker and it says, "75-74 Binghamton, final." I check to see what happened and Binghamton's bench was issued a technical foul with 0:00 left in overtime. Aly Hinton hit 1/2 and I was under the impression that BU lost. That's what it all said at least.

Fast forward a half hour later when I go to goterrires.com again. This time the headline is "Umez-Eronini's Last-Second Layup Lifts Terriers to Overtime Victory at Binghamton, 76-75" What the hell? This is the good type of what the hell?

I don't know what went wrong on gametracker, but BU remains undefeated in conference play on A's double double. My god, was I depressed and my god, how quickly that depression turned into salvaged happiness.

The only test I forsee for the Lady Terriers is their game next Tuesday, at Hartford. As long as BU wins out and wins that game they have the first seed. Unfortunately for this year and next the Hawks get home court in the tournament. Ain't that some -s. I'm just saying, next year, when I go to the tournament I'm probably gonna have to sit in the wooden bleachers for upwards of 5 basketball games. This displeases me and my back.

Then there's the men's team, who dropped their third straight game tonight against Stony Brook. A loss will happen when Corey Lowe is benched for an entire half. Duh. There is no explaination yet to why Corey didn't play at all in the second. He had 3 fouls entering the second frame, but he didn't see any action and BU was limited to a 6 man bench. Corey played 11 minutes tonight. That, my friends, is a career low.

The loss doesn't hurt standings wise. Nor would any other lost the rest of the season - BU has clinched the 3rd spot in the America East. However, riding a 3 game losing streak is not what the Terriers want to do. They need to be winning entering the tournament. However, I think at this point in the season the legs of the Terriers are more tired than anything. I can't even make a good comparison of how tired they are. With tired legs, 3-point shooting suffers, and when 3-point shooting suffers the team suffers.

Luckily there's 2 cupcake AE teams remaining and 1 weak Bracketbuster oponent. This is the ideal time to start a winning streak. At this point it's pretty necessary. In terms of conference tournament preference, here's how I'm feeling:

Wouldn't Mind Playing:
Wouldn't Prefer, But Wouldn't Mind Playing:
Don't Want To Play:
Stony Brook

Stony Brook is one of, if not the deepest team in the league. When Michael Tyree, a senior who had just 13 points on the season entering the game against the Terriers, goes off for 25 points, that's when you know the bench is legit.

The Seawolves are not the typical Seawolf team, which is why I have no interest playing them in the tournament. I don't want to play Albany because they're on their home court and always, always give BU a game. It should be pretty clear why I don't want to play Vermont - they're the best team in the league (depsite what records may indicate) and BU can't beat them.

It's a cluster-f and a dogfight for spots 4-7 in the conference, as it is every year. BU could play anyone. I'm just hoping that it's UNH - go Cats!


Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for. I don't want to play a Billy Herrion coached team in any tournament and especially since we have beaten UNH twice already.

Joe Grav said...

Hahahaha @ that cat picture.

UNH has a basketball team?