February 26, 2009

Shake That Bear

UMaine comes to Case Gymnasium tonight, which means it's time to Shake That Bear. That Black Bear. I always relish getting to repeatedly chant "Shake. That. Bear" in an empty gymnasium.

Hopefully the starters get some rest tonight. Corey Lowe is set to play but I really want to see more Sherrod than CLowe - we don't need this game at all. Resting JH23, JOB, and CLowe should be the main objective. Then maybe winning. I'm sure DW will poop all over this though.

In addition to shaking that bear I hope all of you vote for either John Holland or Corey Lowe. It's a shame - a fakeBU player will probably win it, because all they care about in the middle of New York is delinquents playing basketball. Kind of. Boo hoo.

Shake that bear.

February 25, 2009

Mixed Feelings In A Mixed Weekend

Boy, this is late. But better late than never:

2 ties against Northeastern in men's hockey isn't exactly what I wanted out of the whole thing, but I'll take that - it's better than 2 losses.

The loss that hurt the most was actually during the the Northeastern game: the hot dog eating contest.

For the second year in a row I walked off the ice with my fellow BU students to chants of "Get off the ice, get off the ice, get off the ice." However, for once, I beat the NU contestant I was up against.

Jesus and I and our third teammate, Matt, went down to the gallows behind the NU goal with 8 minutes to go in the third period. Upon arriving there we were immediately heckled by NU students in the upper deck. I simply said, "where's your Beanpot?" to which they had nothing to say.

I stopped trying to heckle them back when one fan with a megaphone started a "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, you suck chant." This is ironic, considering I got an email from a NU student last year who was very offended that someone at BU dresses as Jesus. OH, WELL.

Anyways, we got onto the ice and immediately started pumping the crowd up. I felt real good going into it.

Out team was actually disadvantaged because we couldn't really get set up fully in time. Bad excuse, I know. I wanted two cups of water - one for drinking and one for dipping my bun in. While I was filling up my first cup I was told to sit down, the head of the contest would get it for me. He only gave me one.

Then as I was setting up everything - water, hot dog, the contest just began. I WAS NOT READY. My hot dog case wasn't even open. Regardless, the next minute was a blur. I've never eaten anything so quickly. I was dipping and shoving and jamming that hot dog down my throat. I finished, but saw there was still bun and wiener in the dipping water cup. I manned up and gulped it down. I looked up and saw I had beat my opponent. So far so good.

Then came Jesus. He was doing fine, I thought, then before I knew it, NU was on their third participant, who was going all Kobayashi on his dog:

About 30 seconds after looking at this guy start he was finished and running around the ice to cheers of "get off the ice" directed at our BU team. To me it sounded like the NU announcer was orgasming in his box. Despite all this, I had a great time and I am prepared to win next year. Here's the video:

It was a slightly better weekend for two other teams: women's track and field and women's swimming, both earning America East championships. Phenomenal, ladies.

So, that's that. BU women shocked Hartford last night, Corey Lowe made an unreal recovery from a sprained ankle and is set to play tomorrow, and men's hockey is just 1 point from first in the conference, with the tiebreaker on their side. All this is going on, right as the women's lax season starts later this afternoon.

I've said it plenty of times this year - it's good to be a BU Terrier.

February 24, 2009

Hartford, How Much Do You Hate Kristi Dini?

Last year against Hartford it was this:

That still gives me goosebumps.

Then tonight it was this (I don't have video, yet):

That 3 sent the game to an extra frame.

And then BU went on to win the game in Overtime and leave themselves just one win away from clinching the conference and also 20 wins. All this with 3 games left.

What's kind of funny/kind of not was that I told Dini to do something like this via Facebook:

Click to enlarge

She def said she would deliver and she def did. Thank you Dini.

February 23, 2009


From the Cornell Alumni site:

So I guess it's fo' sho'. See you there.

February 20, 2009

The Dramafest That Is BU Basketball

I don't have too much to say. Whenever there is a losing streak the "fans" of BU basketball immediately criticize one person - Coach Dennis Wolff.

I'm not gonna say they're right, I'm not gonna say they're wrong. I'm not going to give any opinion during the season, because there is a chance that this team could be in a 65-team bracket come March, so I'm not abandoning hope or taking sides. Plus I don't need to fuel the ongoing discussion of BU basketball coaching.

I will say this: sitting Corey Lowe is/was a mistake last game. Sure he had 5 turnovers, but he was also shooting 3/4. It was clear in that second half that BU was missing another scoring threat, a threat that is usually on the court. Corey has been on the bench now for 20 straight minutes (maybe more, but the full second half of last game) and I'm predicting that's where he'll start tomorrow against Iona.

We don't need him or John to play the remaining three games. In fact, I want to see their minutes cut significantly and let them get their legs back for the tournament. The three seed is locked up - don't push it.

Regardless, I think whatever happened during halftime between Wolff and Lowe last game will effect his playing time the next three games. He might be seenig more bench than court. This isn't too bad, as long as by March 7th he's back to playing all 40 minutes.

BU basketball: when isn't there drama? (Answer: When there's 8-game winning streaks)

February 19, 2009

Season Preview: Women's Lacrosse

Who's feeling hot, hot, hot? Right-o, women's lacrosse is. And Jon Jonsson.

2008 Record: 18-3

In depth:

Credentials: Last year they won the America East, won their NCAA play-in game against Sacred Heart, won their first round NCAA against UNH, but then ran into Penn in the NCAA Quarterfinal, losing 8-5. Penn made it to the NCAA Championship.

In the first coaches poll of the year BU was ranked #10. RESPECT.

Key Losses:
Laura Morton. I've never see a better leader on any team in all my time than Morton. I remember talking to her after an exhibition tournament I believe - she had no voice because she was yelling for every game straight. She led the team and it translated to a lot of victories. Morton racked up a 57 goals - second best on last years team.

Also, Molly Collins who scored 27 goals. It's okay though, we still have her sister, Rachel.

Key Returnees:
All-American Sarah Dalton. Sarah scored 71 goals last year and looks to top that number this year.

Also Junior Goalie, Rachel Klein. She boasted great numbers last year. Look for her to repeat her brick-wall-ness play this season.

And the team's third leading goal scorer, Traci Landy, who threw 44 balls into the back of the net in 2008. That's a lot!

Finally, Jenny Taft. AKA Matt Gilroy's girlfriend. AKA 2008 Hot Dog & Jesus Award Winner for hottest athlete. AKA EYE CANDY. Our hottest athlete is hotter than your hottest athlete.

Who's Gonna Have To Step Up: Somone's gonna have to fill the shoes of Morton and I pick McKinley Curro. Usually people have double first-name names: examples: Mike James, Robert Scott, you get the idea. McKinley is the first person I think I've ever met who has a double last-name name. Hot.

McKinley can fill the shows of Morton and add to her goals. I don't think anyone will top Dalton's offensive production this season, but I can see McKinley really boosting her total from last year. She's got the legz to do it.

Look at those legzzzzzz!!!!1!

What The Coaches Think:
No surprise here, the coaches know exactly what's up:

1. BU (5) - 35
2. UNH (2) - 32
3. Vermont - 25
4. Albany - 18
5. Stony Brook - 12
6. UMBC - 11
7. Binghamton

Hartford and Maine just aren't quite good enough to have women's lacrosse teams. And not hot enough either.

A Look Into Some Key 2008 Stats:
- BU outscored opponents 294 to 171.
- They outscored opponents in the first half, 164 to 84.
- BU outsaved opponents 181 to 163.
- BU outshot oppenents 611 to 468.
- BU took two shots in overtime all last season. They scored both.
- BU outdrew opponents 269 to 239.
- BU averaged 29.1 shots on goal per game to their opponents 22.3.
- BU averaged 14.3 goals per game to their opponents 8.32
- BU was better in every statistical category last year. Except attendance average.

Hot Dog's Predictions:

Final Record:
14-2 - regular season only.

Final Finish: America East regular season and tournament champs. Then on to the NCAA Championship game. NCAA runners-up. You heard it hear first. They'll make it to the big game, but run into the unstoppable force that is the Northwestern Wildcats.

2009 Schedule:

2/25 - vs. UMass
2/28 - @ William & Mary
3/4 - @ #3 Syracuse
3/7 - vs. #12 Vanderbilt
3/11 - @ #5 Penn
3/14 - @ George Mason
3/18 - @ Yale
3/21 - vs. Harvard
3/28 - vs. Albany
4/1 - @ #14 UNH
4/4 - @ Stony Brook
4/8 - @ Boston College
4/11 - @ Vermont
4/18 - vs. Binghamton
4/22 - vs. #13 Dartmouth
4/25 - vs. UMBC

February 18, 2009

Jon Jonsson: What Can't He Do?

HILARIOUS! This is literally the funniest thing I've seen in days, weeks, YEARS!!!!

And if I may, he makes a pretty hot girl/tranny/Goldie Hawn.

BU Plays 14 Total Players In 2 Games Tonight

Basketball was 1 for 2 tonight. Of course the 1 win was the still perfect women's team. Each team only played 7 players. 7!

Let me tell you a little story. After the men's game ended I went to goterriers.com to check how the women's team did. I hit the gametracker and it says, "75-74 Binghamton, final." I check to see what happened and Binghamton's bench was issued a technical foul with 0:00 left in overtime. Aly Hinton hit 1/2 and I was under the impression that BU lost. That's what it all said at least.

Fast forward a half hour later when I go to goterrires.com again. This time the headline is "Umez-Eronini's Last-Second Layup Lifts Terriers to Overtime Victory at Binghamton, 76-75" What the hell? This is the good type of what the hell?

I don't know what went wrong on gametracker, but BU remains undefeated in conference play on A's double double. My god, was I depressed and my god, how quickly that depression turned into salvaged happiness.

The only test I forsee for the Lady Terriers is their game next Tuesday, at Hartford. As long as BU wins out and wins that game they have the first seed. Unfortunately for this year and next the Hawks get home court in the tournament. Ain't that some -s. I'm just saying, next year, when I go to the tournament I'm probably gonna have to sit in the wooden bleachers for upwards of 5 basketball games. This displeases me and my back.

Then there's the men's team, who dropped their third straight game tonight against Stony Brook. A loss will happen when Corey Lowe is benched for an entire half. Duh. There is no explaination yet to why Corey didn't play at all in the second. He had 3 fouls entering the second frame, but he didn't see any action and BU was limited to a 6 man bench. Corey played 11 minutes tonight. That, my friends, is a career low.

The loss doesn't hurt standings wise. Nor would any other lost the rest of the season - BU has clinched the 3rd spot in the America East. However, riding a 3 game losing streak is not what the Terriers want to do. They need to be winning entering the tournament. However, I think at this point in the season the legs of the Terriers are more tired than anything. I can't even make a good comparison of how tired they are. With tired legs, 3-point shooting suffers, and when 3-point shooting suffers the team suffers.

Luckily there's 2 cupcake AE teams remaining and 1 weak Bracketbuster oponent. This is the ideal time to start a winning streak. At this point it's pretty necessary. In terms of conference tournament preference, here's how I'm feeling:

Wouldn't Mind Playing:
Wouldn't Prefer, But Wouldn't Mind Playing:
Don't Want To Play:
Stony Brook

Stony Brook is one of, if not the deepest team in the league. When Michael Tyree, a senior who had just 13 points on the season entering the game against the Terriers, goes off for 25 points, that's when you know the bench is legit.

The Seawolves are not the typical Seawolf team, which is why I have no interest playing them in the tournament. I don't want to play Albany because they're on their home court and always, always give BU a game. It should be pretty clear why I don't want to play Vermont - they're the best team in the league (depsite what records may indicate) and BU can't beat them.

It's a cluster-f and a dogfight for spots 4-7 in the conference, as it is every year. BU could play anyone. I'm just hoping that it's UNH - go Cats!

February 16, 2009

On A More Positive Note: The Best Of The Beanpot

So that last post depressed me. Here's one to make it all better. My favorite pictures from the Beanpot. Is there any surprise that Gryba's in most of them??


Crotch Grab!!

I don't really want to know how this developed
(Gryba, Popko, Strait, Cohen)

Okay, not from the Beanpot, but too good not to share.
(Shattenkirk, Strait, Popko?, Krause)

And you didn't hear this from me, but I heard from someone, who heard from someone, who heard from someone, who heard from someone, who heard from someone, who heard from someone, who heard from someone, who heard from someone, who heard from someone, who heard from someone, who heard from someone...you get the idea: that there is a chance that Colin Wilson is staying next year. *JIZZES PANTS FOR FOURTH TIME TODAY*

That Only Kind Of Blew Up In My Face

So I wrote this, basically sucking off the basketball team for their winning streak. Then they drop two straight to the top two teams in the conference.

The way it's looking now is that BU should finish third in conference play and draw either New Hampshire, UMBC, or Albany in their first round game. The tournament is at Albany, so I pray to God we don't have to face them.

Anyways, I, along with my co-fans, were holding up lots of condoms at the Binghamton basketball game Saturday. No one seemed to know why! Here's why:

"[fakeBU basketballer, and number 3, Malik] Alvin was arrested by Town of Vestal police on Nov. 6, for the alleged assault of an elderly woman and theft on Oct. 26. Police said Alvin was fleeing from Wal-Mart, where he was allegedly stealing a 36-pack of Trojan Magnum Condoms when he knocked over a 66-year-old woman, inflicting a concussion."

As I've said before, when you're playing D1 basketball, and going to school for free, you don't behave like that. You don't do that to 66-year old woman. And when you do, and you're coach somehow doesn't kick you off the team, you should be subjected to the worst type of treatment by opposing fans possible. For all I know, I was the first student at a school to ever treat him like that, which is a shame to me.

And hey, at the end of the day, the State University of Binghamton is still giving out free condoms, just as they had when Malik went all 5-finger discount in Wal-Mart.

During lay-up lines during halftime I walked up to the court and offered him the box of love gloves I had with me as he passed by. He looked at it and laughed. His teammate behind him (white guy, bench player) also laughed. I suppose that's the only attitude you can adopt when all this happens.

I'm sure (hoping) he's learned from what he did, but there isn't a chance I wasn't going to try to get into his head at this game. I think I did okay - he was 0-2 with an airball and only 16 minutes played.

It doesn't really matter, because the real BU basketball team lost.

Malik Alvin: stolen condoms this season: 36. Stolen basketballs in games this season: 29. Wouldn't it be embarrassing if he didn't hit the mark?

Anyways, back to real BU basketball. The regular season is so close to the end. I hope that the team can battle through the fatigue and how exhaustedthey must be with a 7 player lineup. Stony Brook is on Wednesday.

February 12, 2009

One of Two Things I Liked In The UVM Game

BU lost by a hefty amount, mostly because only 15 points were scored in the second half for the Terriers.

Anyways, there were two GREAT plays by JH23. Here's one, also known as the #1 play on Sportscenter's Top 10 last night/this morning.

The other would be John's nasty spin move past Garvey Young and Trimboli (I think) for a lay in. He made Young go down.

He's something else. In first halves at least.

Happy Tunday!!!!

On this day last year, Tunde Agboola, everyones' favorite BU basketball reserve, scored his first career points. So celebrate it with pride today: Happy Tunde/Tunday!!!

February 10, 2009

It's Still BU's Beanpot

For the 29th time in 57 attempts Boston University owns the Beanpot. "Oh, but that's just a midseason tournament. It doesn't mean anything" The only people saying that are those who go to BC, Northeastern, or Harvard. My response:


It's BU's and it's awesome. There's no better game to be at, no funner (yeah, I know that's not a word) T ride to be part of, no better experience than that of a Beanpot Championship win. I didn't get one last year, but I enjoyed every second of it last night. Some things about the 57th Annual Beanpot:

- Hey Paws, stop being such an A-Hole. Last night for those of you at the Garden you say Paws and Rhett go at it on the ice. Before the game it was playful slap-boxing between the two that led to fisticuffs by the end of the Beanpot history video and introduction of the teams. In the first intermission there was a civil shot contest and fast skate competition. But then, in the second intermission, it got real. Paws assaulted Rhett. It was supposed to be a play-fight, from what I understand, but the NU student who was in the Paws costume, frustrated at his life, decided to take it out on poor Rhett. And last night the person playing Rhett was a girl! Paws was a dude!

What happened from all of this? The girl playing Rhett ended up with a bloody nose and minor scratches. So not cool Paws. Expect cruel and unusual treatment (Michael Vick style) upon my visit to Matthews.

- Security was XTREME. Between every break security guards would stand in the aisle between the NU and BU sections. I heard there were plainclothes officers in both sections and before the game there was a threat that if either section behaved too poorly there wouldn't be any hesitation to kick the entire sections out.

I saw two ejections. One was a BU (fool) student who was harassing an NU student who was behind the NU Optimus Prime. The other was a BU student who was sitting in the NU section. He was escorted out, but returned to the BU area.

Both sections were very well behaved (I thought) and created the best sporting atmosphere I've ever experienced. There were tons of creative signs and cheers on both sides and I thought everyone was pretty civil about it.

I have to give the NU kids who stayed to the end of the game some credit. Even when they were down three goals they remained just as loud and positive as they were in the beginning of the game. There isn't a shot in hell that that would've been the same for BUers if the score was reversed.

Most of the best cheers/signs were revealed even before the game started, but can you really blame anyone? There was so much adrenaline and anticipation, it was hard not to bust stuff out during the Consolation game.

I thought the BU section was the largest I had ever seen before, but the NU student section was consistently louder, and pretty relentless in their "Let's Go Huskies" and "GO N-U" chants. But then again, it's hard to hear your own section when you're yelling at the top of your lungs the entire time so maybe the rest of the Garden had a different opinion. Probably not though.

The Garden was definitely way more pro-Huskies. I realized this first after NU scored their first goal and the place erupted, and second when about 70% of the arena cleared out after BU got up by 3.

- What was the most messed up part of the night happened right before the third period started. It's pretty well known that at the Beanpot it is supposed to be general admission in the student sections. I mean, people got to the game at like 4 pm just to have seats in the front row of the BALCONY for the 8 pm game.

For the last two years I have been kicked out of the seats I got to, well before the games began, by people who go by what their ticket says. The thing is they bring security who don't know anything about anything, and they kick the most loyal of fans out. Luckily, I wasn't subjected to that this year.

Now at the end of the second period, two girls who were wearing BU sweatshirts (one of which was BLUE) got a security guard to kick 3 BU kids out of the first row. These kids were there before I got there and were passionately into the game. The two girls (who now had three seats for themselves) did not even stand during the game. When they did stand they started hugging and taking pictures. They both left even before the game ended!

I hate people like that. How many hockey games had they been to this year? Over/under is 2. Combined. Then, they go about kicking loyal BU fans (with jerseys) out after 2 periods of play? Get real. Go sit in the Harvard section.

Next year - girls who have never been to a hockey game all year, and think they should go to the Beanpot cause everyone's doing it, here's my suggestion to you: do something else everyone is doing instead: drugs. (Note: The Hot Dog is not promoting drug use of any kind.)

- It was a great game. I wouldn't be saying that if BU had lost, but for 50 minutes NU played right with BU. However, then BU, and more specifically Brandon Yip was like, "Oh, it Beanpot. BU must win game or I do extra dry land sprint" (in broken English of course).

Shorthanded goals are so much better than even strength ones. Especially when Colin Wilson scores them. I think everyone in the Garden knew that there would be a goal on the Shattenkirk, Wilson shorthanded rush. 2 elite US national players vs. Theissen - I take the US any day. I even saw some NUers leaving as the rush was crossing the blue line - even they knew what was about to happen.

- After the game I went to the Dugout (with little success of getting in, since the for some reason the bar felt they needed to limit people on their busiest night of the ENTIRE year). On the walk back I passed some very sharply dressed men - all drunk/high on a Beanpot victory: Brandon Yip, Higgy, Matt Gilroy, John McCarthy (aka The Perfect Human Being), and a couple of others. They were overjoyed and it looked like they were headed to The Dugout. All I could really think to say to them was, "Way to go BOYZZZZZZ!!!" with a little fist pump. To this they responded, "YAAYYYYYYYY!" Brandon Yip chimed in with a, "DUGOUTTTT."

Combine BU men's basketball, women's basketball, and men's hockey and you have yourself 26 straight wins.

Oh what a night, and what a time to be a Terrier. Hopefully, this doesn't all come crashing down tomorrow as men's basketball plays at UVM and the women host Stony Brook.

February 9, 2009

Yes, I Am Dancing - For Good Reason

It's damn good to be a Terrier right now.

BU men's and women's basketball are on a combined 18 game winning streak and both first in the America East. Throw in men's hockey and BU hasn't lost in 25 games. Holy s.

And speaking of women's basketball, I think this picture sums it all up:

Dare I say we're pulling away in conference? BU is oh-so close to guaranteeing themselves postseason basketball.

Men's hockey received all but one first place vote in the National polls this week and are 10-1-0 in the month of January.

BU is 60 minutes from their 29th Beanpot, and I've never been so pumped up for a hockey game. I don't see UMass-Roxbury getting in BU's way tonight and I really believe there will be a celebration at the The Dugout after the game tonight.

I just hope I can get all my signs in tonight.

February 6, 2009

Sole Possesion of First: WTF

Check your blood pressure:

With the victory over Albany last night the BU men's basketball team controls their own destiny (in terms of finishing first in the conference). BU was outrebounded 48-33, but won the stat that matters most: final score 77-67. It helps when Corey and JH23 combine for 52. As walk-on benchwarmer Tunde Agboola puts it - "if John and Corey go off, we winnin'." Truer words have never been spoken.

I was told this is the latest in the season BU has been first in the conference since 2004. Now here's to hoping we don't see it get pissed away! UNH is next.

And for kicks and giggles here's the other "This is Sportscenter" commercial that Rhett has been in. He looked so much cooler back in the day!

February 5, 2009

Hilarious Stat of the Year

I was looking over America East stats, because that's all I care about, and found this:

For those of you who don't know, there are only 40 minutse in a regulation college basketball game. John Holland is averaging 1.2 more mintues than there are in an actual game. A 60 minute performance helps. And Corey Lowe is almost a minute over what's possible. I'm sure many of you out there love that Matt Wolff is playing nearly all but one minute of every AEC game.

Impossible is nothing.

February 4, 2009

Oh Right, The Beanpot

I liked doing a numbered post about Hartford, so here we go again. This time for the Beanpot:

1. You know, whenever I get nervous I clench up my buttocks. It's a common reaction. I was clenched like that entire game. I was so nervous. Even when BU was up one I was clenched. Even when I saw the final "goal" go in even though I knew it didn't and wouldn't count I was still clenched. It wasn't an easy win against the Crimson, but it was a win, and that's all that matters.

2. I loved the size of the BU fanbase - it was easily the biggest I've seen in my time here. However, they were also the sleeziest. I don't need to repeat what I said, but I will - we were classless and used curse words directed towards the NU fans. Unacceptable.

3. The Northeastern fans really did amaze me - they weren't as large in numbers as BU, but they were loud and fired up and obviously needing to be there. I think there's a word for all that - frontrunning.

4. BC was pathetic on all levels - play on the ice and students in the stands. Lame.

5. Harvard fans...were there any? I mean, fans that actually go to Harvard. NU fans were supporting the Crimson hard, but they're thoughts of going to Harvard only exist in wild, wet dreams.

6. The final game will be epic next week. I've already said this.

7. I thought there was something wrong with the ice or something...I don't know - BU didn't handle the puck well and it just seemed like they were off a bit. Maybe it's just cause they sucked.

8. Did anyone else notice that guy with the epic mustache and crazy hat that is at the Beanpot year, after year? He was there again! That guy's so cool - he always gets a ton of time on the jumbotron.

Kind of like that

9. It's like a requirement for every student section to have a Green Man in it? I swear - that guy blew up. There's one at BU games. NU also has one. I love it.

February 3, 2009

Hartford: A Fun Place To Be

This past Saturday I was one of about 15 lucky students who got to travel to Hartford with the band, dance team, and cheerleaders. I've been on quite a few trips with the school to various venues for sports, but this past one had to be one of the best. Here's why:

1. BU dominated the game from start to finish - there as never a point when Hartford was in it or threatened to come back.

2. All the BUers got free vouchers for a hot dog/pizza, chips, and a drink. Tell me how that gets better?

3. Coaches vs. Cancer day - a great game for a great cause.

4. BU band/cheer/dance team showed their dominance in sheer abilities and hotness over Hartford's teams. On every level. Oh, and basketball too.

5. Howie the Hawk got a new costume and hot dance moves. I don't hate him as much anymore.

6. Status Quo of America's Best Dance Crew (Season 1) performed at halftime. The real show they put on occurred during the second half though. About a two minute before the game ended the members of SQ came over to the BU Dance team, who was standing in the two rows in front of me. I had a courtside seat to watch the Dance Crew work game hard on BUDT. The dude who was pushing the hardest was drinking orange soda and apparently asked who wanted to be his Valentine. One of the BUDTers volunteered, which prompted other members of Status Quo to pursue other members. When all was said and done SQ walked away with 2, maybe more, phone numbers, participated in some "pom" hand motions with the team, and were yelled at to walk away by the BUDT coach. What a hell of a scene.

7. I later found out only two of the original members of the crew were part of the crew that performed at UHA. They gipped us!

7. Coach Leibovitz continues to be my favorite coach in the America East. Jesus, Leiboviz, and I are all Philadelphia guys - we have a special sports bond. We had talked to him well before game day and arranged a little pizza and conversation after the game ended. Unfortunately, because of the harsh, punishing domination that was put on the Hawks, Leibovitz couldn't join us - he was too distraught. However, we still were given the pizza he promised us. Such a GG (good guy).

8. Zoolander and Chris Rock stand up on the bus on the way there. I might add that on the Dog Pound bus was also cheer and dance - eye candy.

That's about it from the game. Now onto this: with UVM's loss to Binghamton tonight BU takes over sole posession of first place in the conference. All this a game beyond the half way point. Like it or not, if the AEC ended today Coach Wolff would probably win Coach of the Year. And really, rightfully so.

The team looked terrible as nonconference play ended. Then they lost two key elements to the team. Everyone, especially me, was counting them out. Now they look....they look....they look like a team that could be playing beyond the first weekend in March.

However, if BU loses tomorrow night against Albany (games at Agganis so it's highly likely) then there will be a four way tie for first between BU, Albany, UVM, and fake BU. It will be messy. Let's just hope for the best - and Terrier Nation - show some support. There are other sports at this school besides hockey (despite popular belief).

Iona is BU's bracketbuster, to be played February 21st. I don't have much to say other than what a boring team to get to/have to play.

Finally - Christine Kinneary you are a hero/God. Tonight Christine set BU's all time career assist mark as she tallied five assists. The women have won nine straight. They're wheeling and dealing in an untouchable manner.

The Dog Pound: Yes We Were Classless

I'll be one of the first to admit the BU student section at the Beanpot last night was absolutely awful. Awful in the support but even more awful in the language choices.

It was the first time in my time at BU where I have actually heard a chant go through with support that featured cursing. I was embarrassed.

It's not right and it really shouldn't happen. No matter what the NU fans were saying - it's despicable.

I can go on and on about how wrong it was, but it will never change the fact that cursing was used on a grand stage. It's my responsibility and the responsibility of any BU fan who puts on a jersey and sits in the upper regions of the Garden to be more respectful and to not use that type of language.

The Dog Pound has been known in the past as a really good student section because of how clever they were and how they didn't have to resort to swearing. Things have dramatically changed.

I promise you I'll do everything I can not to allow a repeat. I'm starting to prepare now for what will be the most epic game I have ever been to as a fan. The "play" in the stands will be as intense as the play on the ice.

In the end it's all fun and games. While I may hate NUers during the game at the end of the game I know I can laugh with them about it all. I refuse to curse and I hope that BU fans follow suit. We're better than that.

I Cringed As I Read This

This is legitimately from the Boston College school newspaper - this piece was published yesterday, on the day of the Beanpot. It's impossible for me not to share it with you - courtesy of Barstoolsports.com and BCHeights.com. Prepare for douchechills. The piece is called "Isn't it Bromantic?":

"When Tom Sharkey, A&S '10, arrived at freshman orientation three summers ago, he didn't know anyone. He thought he would meet some new people, perhaps make a few friends - he never expected he would find such a strong, instant connection that would evolve into a lasting relationship.

"It was love at first sight," Sharkey says.

Shrugging, Ryan Boudreau, A&S '10, agrees. "It had to be. We had to spend four days together at orientation, and we were the only two guys in our group."

Boudreau and Sharkey, both heterosexual males with girlfriends, have been involved in a close, exclusive friendship for the past two and half years, a relationship that they say is incomparable to typical friendships.

"We use the term 'guy love' to describe it. We like to think of ourselves as a Turk and JD [from the TV show Scrubs]," Ryan says. Tom corrects him, "More JD and JD actually."

This type of platonic relationship between two males, popularly known as a 'bromance,' has become increasingly prevalent in the media, acting as a centerpiece in TV shows such as Scrubs and Flight of the Conchords and movies such as Superbad. Newspapers and magazines dedicate articles to the exploration of the 'man-date,' the 'man crush' and the rise of bromance. The MTV reality TV show with Brody Jenner even uses the catchword 'Bromance' as its title.

A combination of the words "brother" and "romance," the term bromance was first coined in the 1990's by Dave Carnie, editor of the American skateboarding magazine Big Brother. Originally referring to skaters who spent a great deal of time together, the term has since broadened to include all close, non-sexual friendships between two males.

A true bromance runs deeper than this basic definition, however, explains Frank Forde, A&S '10. Forde, who openly admits to being in a bromance with John Bertolon, A&S '10, since they became roommates freshman year, says the two know each other very well and are completely comfortable when they are together. "It's beyond friendship - it's like being brothers. It's like best friends forever, but a man version."

These types of friendships are becoming more common, says Peter Nardi, a sociologist at Pitzer College who specializes in male friendships. Nardi explains in the Columbia Reporter that men are increasingly comfortable in developing such friendships and being open about them because it has become more acceptable for them to show emotion. Men are now more secure in how other people perceive their sexuality, and the idea of a nonsexual attraction between guys has even become fashionable, according to The Boston Globe. "Intimacy, understanding, and admiration in male friendships are no longer cultural taboos," says Globe writer Matthew Gilbert.

Forde says that while he has other friendships, he is able to be himself with Bertolon. "I tell John things that I wouldn't talk about with any other guys. I'm not afraid of how I act and sound with him - we just get each other. We complement each other well, too. He's more of an extroverted person, while I'm more introverted, more of a thinking-planning kind of person. He completes me," he says, with a sheepish grin.

Bertolon, who is currently spending the semester abroad in Spain, says that their bromance is difficult to put into words. "It's kind of hard to describe. We're always on the same wavelength and thinking the same things. It's a kind of inexplicable connection - we tend to think the same things, and we can predict what the other one is going to do before it even happens. We know each other so well," he says. "It's the type of connection people don't realize exists."

Sharkey and Boudreau are equally unabashed in confessing the depth of their friendship. "I feel more comfortable with him than I do with almost anyone else," Sharkey says. Boudreau nods thoughtfully. "Same, actually," he admits.

"The way I differentiate it from normal guy relationships, or even relationships in general, is it's a very non-superficial bond," Sharkey says. Boudreau continues the thought. "I know everything I need to know about Tom. It's a safe place - the nest of trust, if you will," he says with a joking smile.

The two spend most of their free time together and freely admit to going on the types of one-on-one outings that most reserve for their girlfriend or significant other.

"Oh dude. Do we go on man dates," Boudreau says laughingly. He and Tom describe a day-long excursion they went on last year during which they walked the freedom trail, got ice cream, walked along the beach, watched the sunset in Boston Commons, then caught a movie - Forgetting Sarah Marshall. "Probably the only semi-masculine-sounding thing in that whole story," he says.
"That was the cap on a wonderful, wonderful day," Sharkey says.

The two say they are completely comfortable being seen together in public and don't care what people think about them. Such 'man-dates' are becoming increasingly acceptable, even if men may not refer to them as such.

Chip Triebwasser and Daley Gruen, both A&S '11, say they went on a 'man date' as recently as Friday. "We went to the science museum together last night. It was beautiful. Everyone else who was there was on a date or as a threesome, and Chip and I were on our own little date. We thought it was very funny," Gruen says with a laugh. "We end up doing things together - we don't necessarily call it a man date, though."

Fondly known by friends as "Chip and Dale," the two met at orientation and are now roommates their sophomore year. They plan to continue to live together and open an environmentally-related business.

Though they definitely define their relationship as a bromance, they have a larger group of friends as well and welcome them on their outings.

"We encourage others to come," Triebwasser says. "To show what we can offer," Gruen finishes.

While some say women can interfere with male friendships, the two insist that they support each other's romantic efforts, even if that means canceling their plans.

"I would definitely want him to pursue a girl first, above anything," Gruen says. Triebwasser echoes his sentiment. "Definitely, yeah. I would make him cancel our plans - I'd be pissed if you came out with me," he says to Gruen.

Forde says that while having a girlfriend might cut down on the time he and Bertolon get to spend together, it doesn't change their friendship. "I think it hasn't changed because John gets along so well with Maria, so the three of us can hang out," he says. "Like me, Maria and John go out to dinner a lot of times, and it's not awkward at all - it feels like I have two girlfriends," Forde says with a laugh.

A romantic relationship can never act as an adequate substitute for a bromance either, explains Boudreau. "Our bromance is easier than our romantic relationships," he says. "It's easier because there are no demands," Sharkey says, nodding. "It's also similar psychology, too. It's a safe place - I don't have to wonder, how would a girl think about this? We understand each other," Boudreau says."


Oh, and BC lost badly last night at the Beanpot. More coverage on that and last week in BU sports to come.

February 1, 2009

Bi-Monthly Athlete Rankings - February 1/1

The athlete rankings return. Here's the last poll (December 15th):

1. Jon Jonsson (1)
2. Corey Lowe (1)
3. Valdas Sirutis
4. Kristi Dini
5. Scott Brittain
6. Kodjo Wilder
7. Krystyn McIntyre
8. Christine Kinneary
9. Matt Killen
10. Maggie McKemie

This week:

T1. Jon Jonsson (1)
T1. Corey Lowe (1)
3. Valdas Sirutis
T4. Kystyn McIntyre
T4. Kristi Dini
6. Scott Brittain
7. Matt Killen
8. Kodjo Wilder
9. Jan Bicanic
T10. Christine Kinneary
T10. Courtney Gardner

Receiving Votes: Maggie McKemie, Shaun Taylor, Rachel Klein, Carlos Strong, Mike Salem, Tunde Agboola