January 20, 2009

Wow, I'm Still Tired

BU played it's longest game in it's history. 4 Overtimes. This is like the same thing as playing three 20 minute halves. But once the game goes past 2 halves, they're no longer halves!

Whatever. John Holland didn't come off the floor and only six other Terriers joined him. I felt exhausted after the game, and still do. I can't imagine how much John's legs hate him. Good thing he has metal legs.

But, wow. Corey Lowe decided he wanted to take over in overtime. By the end of the game Corey had 33 points. John Holland chipped in 29 and for once he may not be winning the player of the week award - his teammate, Corey, might have just stolen it. Still, John made some ridiculous three pointers to the point where I couldn't even celebrate. I just stood there in disbelief. John Holland is really something else.

Stony Brook impressed me - compared to BU, they're offense was so well balanced - five Seawolves in double figures.

It seemed so guaranteed that each overtime would lead to another. It was rather impressive. Stony Brook would answer any BU score with one of their own and vice versa. What an insanely fun game.

And let's be honest - if you were at the game you kind of wanted to see Bryan Dougher's shot fall at the end of the fourth overtime frame. Five OT's woulda been sweeeeeet.

Boston writer/PTI punching bag Bob Ryan was in the house for the game. You could see him get progressively pissed off as one overtime led to two, two to three, and three to four. Bob (BC grad), why are you coming to America East basketball? This is what you get!

Again, what a game. I'd like to add I ruined my pants, but not the usual way. At halftime I participated in the musical chairs BU version. Four contestants start sitting down, run to a basket, make a lay up and run back to the chairs, one of which is removed. This continues until there is a winner, but at the end the "winner" doesn't have to sit down - he/she only has to grab the prize bag.

I was at a slight disadvantage because I had to do this in a costume. I made it to the final two and didn't want to lose. Sean (sorry Sean) from the band gave me quite a scare, but I don't think he expected me to put a Corey Lowe-like effort into winning the prize bag (which included 1 shirt (which I already have) and 4 Qdoba gift cards).

One of my pant legs was shredded, but well worth it.

For a final time, what a game. It was even good enough for a mention on Sportscenter at the end of the episode, which is good enough for a mention at the end of this post!

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Anonymous said...

If BU had a better coach the game could have been won in regulation, playing at home against weak opposition.
Dennis always makes it interesting, if you find train wrecks to be interesting.