January 15, 2009

Where's the white suit, Wolff?

I was so disappointed at 7:34 p.m. last night. 

Not because the men's team was playing a team that I thought we would lose to (even though we did).

Not because my hopes of having my dream-team lineup on the court were shattered (even though they were).

Not even because there were about 600 people in a 6,000-seat arena (even though that's a generous prediction).

But simply because Coach Wolff's wardrobe assistant dressed him ALL wrong. The team would have been much more enthusiastic if they were playing for a man that looked like this:

I know I'd personally come out of the gates firing if my coach looks like that. If he's not throwing a chair, a basketball coach better be doing something interesting.

Have we not learned anything from Rick Pitino? The man was a legend in his short time at BU. My suggestion for all coaches trying to follow his footsteps: Copy his every move. Come on, Dennis, where's the spirit?

The supposed "White Out '09" looked a bit more like BU fans thought 4,000 empty seats at Agganis Arena would scare UVM into playing like an Independent team (not that teams like N.J.I.T. deserve to be pissed on, because I'm sure they get attendances close to that of BU). On the other hand, the way BU played in the second half, including Vermont's 50-26 run to end the game, the Terriers certainly looked like a BU-N.J.I.T. game would be a nail-biter. Until we schedule that non-conference game, we'll just have to hope DW gives us something better to look at. Whether it's on the court or it's what he's wearing -- well that's a whole different story.


Anonymous said...

Dennis Wolff was wearing the wrong suit. He should be wearing a clown costume.
And his son - 38 minutes played, 0 shots attempted, 5 turnovers - would be more productive in a suit in the stands.
Nepotism at its finest.

Anonymous said...

Pitino a legend???? I guess if you consider a legend someone who had his kids running the streets every morning at 5AM.

Jesus said...

my god that's a legend.