January 11, 2009

Well, That Was A Good Weekend

It started at 1 pm yesterday - BU women's basketball restarted their Case Gymnasium home winning streak by taking an early lead and not looking back the entire way as they beat UVM 58-47. It never really felt that close though. Christine Kinneary moved four assists closer to setting the BU record - she sits just 29 assists away from 748. Jesyka Burks-Wiley scored a career best 24 points and is now just 39 points from 1,000. Two 1,000 point scorers hitting the mark in the same year? HOT.

Defense was the name of the game for BU and with continued performances like this one, AEC play will be kind to the Terriers.

There was a High School Musical 3 halftime "show" where kids "learned" a dance on the court. The whole ordeal made me not want to ever have children.

Later that night BU hockey continued it's dominance against the Blakck Bears making the winning streak rise to 10 straight. The highlight of the game for me, and I think everyone else in the building was Chris Higgins goal at the 19:59.2 mark in the first period. I didn't think that was possible.

Then today, somehow BU men's basketball dominated: 68-37. I mean, it was against UNH, but it was just silly. John Holland looks like a superstar, the team looked great with Corey back in the lineup, and Scott Brittain has arrived/is back.

However, Marques Johnson didn't start, and didn't get that much run. I'm okay with that though - Matt Wolff had a solid game: 7 boards, 6 assists, 4 points. Nothing special, nothing pretty, but good enough.

Let's be honest - the BU basketball team and program has drastically changed in the last week. Morale is down, motivation is down, confidence is down - this win, although against UNH, is still big - BU is moving in the right direction. The team still has the pieces and tools to make a run. I was panicking when I found out about the injuries to Tyler and Los and the benching of Corey Lowe. I feel better after the last two games.

It was tough to see Tyler on crutches at the game today - I feel bad for him and the team. On the other side - it was great to see Mike Schulze and Brendan Sullivan in. Good for them!

BU NEEDED this win. It helps that UNH shot 2-33 from three: 6%. And a mere 24% from the field. What a bad day to be a Wildcat.

BU Basketball: It ain't over yet.

Oh and by the rules of basketball math:




LittleMike said...

Don't panic HD. We are going to be just fine. I was hoping for a few more MJ minutes after playing so well against UA. Not to be!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or do you think we have a chance of landing Jim O'Brien as head coach if we get rid of Wolff? He sounded pretty open during the interview on 1510. Any word on what's going on with WIH?

The Hot Dog said...

I feel like Wolff isn't going anywhere in a hurry.

I think bringing in Jim O'Brien could do something to the program...maybe? I don't think it'll happen though.

Who is WIH?

Anonymous said...

Women's Ice Hockey, they started off the year great but they haven't had a really good win in a while.

Anonymous said...

so i heard that the steven lee horn was back?

The Hot Dog said...

The Steven Lee horn was back in full force the other night. Some people don't like it because it's more of a pro team thing. I happen to fancy it and all the noise and chaos that comes after BU scores.

WIH - dropped out of the top 10 after splitting their games this weekend. They started out so hot but have been fading of late. They're done playing UNH though (arguably the toughest of the competition in addition to BC in the Hockey East). Top 4 make it to the HE tourney. They're in fifth right now so they'll need to return to old ways.

I think Brian Durocher's done a great job for this program.