January 15, 2009

Well, That Was A Bad Two Days

It started on Tuesday night: BU hockey didn't get the memo that there are games on school nights as they pretty much got shut-the-f-up by a 3-win Providence team.

Grant Rollheiser started for what may be the last time this season. There was a complete lack of intensity in the building and among the students. I guess that will happen when a lackluster team comes in and takes the #2 team in the nation completely out of the game.

In my opinion it's better that BU got a loss out of the way before the Saturday BC game and then the Beanpot. BU gets a chance to rebound on Friday at Merrimack.

Last night was White Out at Agganis Arena. The women's team showed up and played a 40 minute game. The men did not.

Christine Kinneary tallied 22 points, but only one assist! She may not be getting the assists she got last season (because of the absence of Cherri Raffo), but I have little doubt she'll be breaking the BU record in a matter of games. She only has 28 more to go.

Meanwhile, Jesyka Burks-Wiley dropped 22 bringing her quest for 1,000 a reality, probably next game. 17 is all she needs and against a POS UNH team the chances are high she'll join Corey Lowe in the elite club.

The final score of BU against fake BU was 83-61. This included one of, if not the best, moments of the season: Krystyn McIntyre's first career points (and two rebounds!). The building and BU basketball team erupted when this happened. Multiple people cried. Once again, after the game, Coach Kelly Greenberg came over to our group of fans and thanked us for coming - something she does on a gamely basis and something that is so greatly appreciated by all of us. It means a lot to us to be recognized and thanked.

Then later that night the BU men's team displayed how truly crushing they can be. To the fans. They had an 11-point lead at one point in the first half, yet the final score was 70-56, Catamounts.

I took as many shots as half the players who played in the game for the Terriers, including Matt Wolff who didn't shoot the ball in 38 minutes.

This puzzles me a bit - the offense was reliant on four players to shoot and score? There's no way we could win. All but one player for the Catamounts shot the ball. I mean that's the name of the game, right? You need to shoot to score and you need to score to win.

The highlight of the game came in the first half when John Holland was forced to bomb a 40-footer as the shot clock ran down. It was a perfect shot.

Scott Brittain got in foul trouble and the offense completely shut down. BU got away from their bread and butter in the first half and stopped gunning threes.

UVM full court pressed BU and the Terriers had real problems even getting the ball in. I suppose this will happen when there is only one guard in the game, and he's passing the ball in - it was like a 50/50 shot that Corey Lowe would get the ball back once he inbounded.

I could go on and on and on and on, but it wouldn't do anything. I was utterly depressed after the game and I'm at a lack of words and confidence (again) about the rest of the season. The building was so silent the last three minutes when it was clear that UVM would be leaving with a win. It truly hurt.

Say what you will about the coaching, the playing, whatever you want, but it is what it is. It's still a long-ish season and there's plenty of time for a turn around. And in this conference, crazy stuff happens on a nightly basis. Like UNH woopin' up on UMBC last night.

BU men play co-leader of the conference Binghamton at Binghamton on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

maybe wolff would come over and thank you if you actually showed respect to him and his team.
cheering on certain players and trashing others is not what a true fan does.
this blog has been disgusting me lately.
i thought you guys supported BU athletics and all of its athletes, but lately i have been proven wrong.

go terriers!

The Hot Dog said...