January 7, 2009


- BU women's basketball conference play starts tonight at 7 pm. They're looking a lot better than the men's team right now. It helps they get to start with perennial basement dweller, Stony Brook.

- Good news! The Hot Dog & Jesus Show (Radio Show) will somehow return for another semester at a semi-reasonable hour on WTBU: 10 pm - midnight on Sunday's.

- In hockey goal horn related news: Steven Lee does exist, and he did indeed request a goal horn. How did I this out? Steven Lee or "Ree" contacted me via Facebook, telling me is in fact a human being and he did ask for a horn. So mystery solved!

- Finally, a homage to the late, great Philadelphia Phillie, Pat Burrell:


Tall-boy said...

Please open the Grace Lam vs. Jorie Larsen poll back up. New shit has come to light.

Nooka said...

Conspiracy Theory: Steven Lee/"Ree" is DaveMan Bro.

The Hot Dog said...

Now I need to know why this poll is back in action. IT'S ON/OPEN FOR 5 MORE DAYS.