January 16, 2009

Only In Dreams

I'd like to share my dream from last night:

I was playing for BU basketball, being coached by Dennis Wolff, against UVM at UVM. I was benched for the second half because I threw an alley-oop to Marqus Blakely. Regardless of going against my team it was rather spectacular.

Anyways, about BU basketball - give them a chance. Don't call for Wolff's firing yet, because if all of a sudden this team wins like 16 straight and ends up winning the conference you're all gonna look like a bunch of fools. If you look I haven't once said anything to that extent this season or in regards to the offsesaon. I'm thinking about right now and he's gotta be the coach to lead this team this year. The guy's job is as tough as it could be right now with all the injuries, close losses, blowouts, and whatever else - he doesn't need all of the BU alumni/student fanbase s-talking him nonstop.

Wolff's been here the longest of any BU coach. He's coached teams to the NCAA tournament so he knows what it takes. His job is basketball and that's all he does. I'm confident that he knows what to do to better this team.

Sure, while I may criticize certain decisions or choices he makes during games it doesn't mean I hate the guy or want him fired immediately or don't give him my support. I back this team and this coach and will do whatever they need me to do to help them. As fans I hope you do the same - yes, it may be difficult and frustrating to watch a team picked to win the conference for the second year in a row falter and slip a little, but it's a long season. The team needs your support now more than ever. DW needs your support now more than ever.

Stop complaining because no one's getting fired or cut from the team in the middle of the year. Players might be suspended midseason (like recently, even though it hasn't been published anywhere yet - Marques Johnson), but I don't believe anyone will be dropped from the team.

It's a long year (still, even though I say that a lot). A lot of things can happen and I'm sure will happen. Have some faith in BU and DW, despite what you may think of what the season has become. Wouldn't you want people to be rooting for you in dire, troublesome times? I'm pretty sure I would.

That's my appeal to you - the fan.

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