January 5, 2009

Oh Right, There's BU Hockey

In my panics of coping with BU basketball I've seem to have foolishly forgotten about BU hockey. Then I remembered they exist and are nasty, which dried my tears.

I tried watching last night's championship game of the Denver Cup between BU and DU on CN8, as it was listed on my guide, however, when I tuned in I got Saturday Night boxing fights, with BU athletics commercials in between. I knew someone, somewhere had messed up.

Luckily, somehow, the game was on a Fox Sports Channel at like 2 am, which I saw.

And if you didn't know, BU won! And handily. And Zach Cohen scored. I'm saying it now, Zach Cohen is this years Tom Morrow/McLine. I mean, every year one or a group of players are picked as the essential fan favorites, with a t-shirt made in their honor. I feel like it has to be Zach this year. He plays so hard, and skates with apparent abandon for his body. Gotta love it. Plus he has six goals this season - more than he's ever had in his past two years combined.

Anyways, BU will be ranked #2 tomorrow and I'm sure they enjoyed a comfortable ride home sitting 2/2 in tournaments and 7-0 in non-conference play.

So, when you, or I, think about BU basketball, remember, there's still BU hockey. They return to action Saturday night against Maine at the Greek.

Oh, and the only person to score for Denver in their 4-1 loss was a player named Rhett. Is that ironic or what??

And speaking of Rhett - the other Rhetts need help, so if you have any desire to be him/her/it, pay attention when back on campus for when tryouts will be.

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