January 9, 2009

It Wasn't As Painful As I Thought It Would Be

A 62-61 loss without the services of arguably the best player in the league.

I'll say it right now: to me, it doesn't make sense that Wolff didn't play Corey Lowe because of the two technical fouls he got in the previous game against Holy Cross. Wolff can say whatever he wants about rules and what not and why he sat Lowe, but judging by the current situation and state of the team, sitting C. Lowe wasn't best for the Terriers. This is just my opinion.

If Wolff wanted to be completely fair and balanced he should've coached half the game against Albany - he was awarded one technical for literally screaming his head off after Lowe got his first T.

Regardless, Wolff didn't play the leading scorer on the team. However, he did play Scott Brittain (finally) who proved he deserves to be out there - 11 points, 7 rebounds. Beyond that - you have to give Wolff some credit for being able to stay in this game with the current situation, and his decision to sit Corey. BU lead for almost the game; they led for the entire second half other than the last 12 seconds, or the most important part. Sigh.

I don't have much more to say. BU basketball is what it is right now - riding a 5-game losing streak and hurting beyond it's starting point guard and sixth man.

But look at really the ONE shining good thing to come out of this game:

Marques Johnson: 40 minutes, 7 points, a career-high 8 rebounds, 7 assists, and 0 turnovers. That's the statline of a true point guard - a point guard that will need to carry the ball up the court the rest of the year. I'm hoping he continues to start even when Corey comes back. I feel like he deserves it after this game against the Danes. If he plays he'll continue to post a superb assist:turnover ratio.

As for the team as a whole - anything has yet to be determined. If anything has been proven in this first week-ish of America East play it's that any team, ANY TEAM can win this conference. Hopefully, not Binghamton.


J. Manuel said...

i agree completely brian. if u start marques after this great game. ure starting line up is marques, corey, john, jake, and scott. u can bring matt off the bench. i hope these kids don't get tired cuz our bench is what some would call, lacking...

Anonymous said...

Dennis Wolff IS AN ASS.
Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Benching of Corey was a horrible move. He would have made the difference. Nothing cures a bad attitude more than winning. Dennis played the game. Why can't he figure it out?

The Hot Dog said...

Manny, I hope that's the starting lineup, but something tells me DW won't take his son out of the first five.