January 8, 2009


As of tonight sources have confirmed the following:

1. Tyler Morris is out for the rest of the year with a TORN ACL.

2. Carlos Strong is out for the rest of the year with a TORN MENISCUS.

3. Corey Lowe will not be playing in tomorrow nights game against Albany because of the two technical fouls he was awarded against Holy Cross last game.

If you thought the season was in dire straits before tonight, well, it's become official. God hates Dennis Wolff/BU basketball.


Anonymous said...

It's ok. Sherrod's gonna bust out for 30 tomorrow night.

badwolff said...

This team is a joke, and has been one for sometime now!
WOLFF MUST GO! and take your son with you!

Anonymous said...

Did Matt Wolff take the last shot last nite, and was it after a time out?

Anonymous said...

Corey Lowe not playing was yet another knucklehead move by Dennis the Wolffman. The AE conference doesn't make it mandatory to bench a player after an ejection so why chose a game where he is short handed without Morris and Strong?

Why not sit C-Lowe during UNH at home where he would have ample time to make adjustments to compensate for the loss of his two guards to injury?


Anonymous said...

Why do you have to sit Corey at all. I think Wolff got a T in the same game

Anonymous said...

Dennis Wolff needs to go.
There is no excitement surrounding a BU basketball team with a lot of good players for an America East team.
"We have the team to make history" the video promo tells you. Yeh, right. Not with this coach.
Wolff is the problem.
How could the administration not see that the mass exodus of players transferring out over the past 4-5 years as a real indication of something seriously wrong with this program?

The Hot Dog said...

Wolff did take the last shot and it was after a timeout. I believe it was because they couldn't get Holland the ball.

Anonymous said...

The administration doesn't care about BU basketball. If they did they would have bought out this mean spirited coach's contract.