January 3, 2009

I Don't Know What To Do With Myself

First the good - every team but BU men's basketball won last night. And all on the road. Go us:

- Men's Hockey: BU: 6 RPI: 2
- Women's Hockey: BU: 5 OSU: 3
- Women's Basketball: BU: 82 UMass: 75

Now the bad - Men's Basketball: BU: 49 Holy Cross: 68. Per idea of the High Roller over at the BU Hoops Blog (WARNING: GROSS):

Yeah, last night's game was that bad.

I don't know what to do other than write this fake letter to DW:

Dear Coach Wolff,

You have a player named Scott Brittain. Last year he emerged as a lowpost presence and finished seventh in the league in rebounding. I don't know if you know this, but you didn't play him at all last night. Hell, you haven't really been playing him all season. I'm not saying he's the thing that will turn this season around, but sitting a Canadian talent such as himself is just not right. I know it may be hard, but cutting into your son's minutes might be a good idea. Just my two cents.

I like it when you get really red in the face and get technical fouls during TV timeouts. That was cool/awkward/amusing.

Please figure out a way to turn this season around. For the second year in a row BU was picked to win the conference but will finish with a sub-.500 record out of conference. For the third year in a row your team will enter conference play riding low on a 3-game losing streak. I'm sure you know all this though.

People are calling for your head, but I'll give you until the end of the year. You need to stop making the Terrier faithful resent this team/their lives. Thank you.

- Hot Dog

Seriously, something needs to change because BU would get beat by UNH and Maine right now. At least that's what it seems like.

They're certainly not ready to play Albany in 5 days.


Tall-boy said...

WTF is going on with them? I think reserving judgment on Wolff until the end of the season is a good idea - but unless the direction of this team changes, something needs to be done.

So depressing. We could be so good

Anonymous said...

Wolff is a joke...the fact that Scott is being held out because he wouldnt play while he was recovering from a concussion is disgusting..you think juniors minutes would get cut down when he fails to register a point in 23 minutes of floor time against Marshall, but I guess thats the perks of being daddys little boy

Anonymous said...

Yet another BU basketball season down the drain. Incredible!!!!