January 26, 2009

Why Write? I Have Nothing To Complain About

BU men's basketball, women's basketball, and men's hockey are currently on top of their games:

Men's Basketball:

Lose the point guard, lose the sixth man, lose bad on Agganis to UVM - no big deal or nothin'.

BU has turned it around with 4 straight conference wins, which has placed them on top of the table in the America East.

While people may still be calling for the job of Dennis Wolff, they really can't deny that he has silenced his critics or at least flicked them off in a big way. Sure, Matt Wolff is still playing the majority of the games, but why complain - the team is winning and let's be serious, that's all that matters. End of discussion. Plus the dude can hit those half-courters.

Corey Lowe won America East player of the week this week and in my eyes he is deserving (more so than John Holland) of the Player of the Year award. He is playing out of position and he is taking the weight of this team on his back. John scores a lot, but Corey is the leader.

After 4 OT's came 2 OT's against UMBC. That's a hell of a lot of basketball. Then the next night Corey and my NBA Live 09 game went to OT. Fortunately, he's won all three of these OT thrillers.

And then in real life BU completed the comeback victory at UMaine. However this basketball team wants to get wins, I'm down, just don't stall - we're not even halfway through conference play.

Women's Basketball:

I don't want this team to get caught up in all their success. They're undefeated in conference play and are coming off a week of silencing defending conference champion Hartford and perennial suck-tard team Maine (even though they outdraw men's basketball at most games).

JBW (Jesyka Burks-Wiley) is proving to be one of the most dominate BU athletes in recent memory - she just joined the 1,000 point, 500 rebound club and is 4/4 in AEC player of the week awards.

The team is clicking on a whole different level - every player is contributing and they're getting win after win after win.

Only thing I can say is (like for the men's team) - don't stall - we're not even halfway through conference play.

Men's Hockey:

Except for that Providence slip up last week BU is perfect in '09. This is kind of a concern. Actually, no it's not a concern - they're playing perfectly.

They swept UNH and Parker is just one Merrimack win away from 800.

Wilson is dominant. Gilroy was in the NY Times, Sports Illustrated, and he continues to be dominant. Milan is the goalie of the future and of now. And he's dominant.

Should I be worried that they're playing so well and really deserving of the number one rank in the country before it really really matters? I'm not.

I hope by February 9th the Beanpot Final will be a matchup of #1 BU vs. #2 NU. That would be one hell of a game (on the ice) and show (in the upper regions of TD BankNorth Garden).

We are more than halfway through the Hockey East schedule. Same old, same old though - don't stall up. Keep wow-ing me with play I've only dreamed of.

Then there's women's hockey who flirted with success earlier in the season but are just 3-4-1 in the new year. 11-9-5 overall and 5-6-3-3 in the Hockey East. Sigh. I remember a time when BU was ranked pretty high - now they're not even receiving votes in the coaches poll.

The Lady Terriers have to make up some ground and ensure themselves to be in the top 4 come the conference tournament. This is really the only way they can get to the NCAA tournament and only way they can get to home ice for the Frozen Four. They NEED to be in Boston for that Frozen Four at Agganis. Otherwise, I don't see myself going :(

So this week go to (if you can):

Wednesday, January 28th - 7:00 pm - Women's Basketball vs. UMBC @ Case Gym
Friday, January 30th - 7:00 pm - Men's Hockey @ Merrimack/Women's Hockey vs. UVM
Saturday, January 31st - 2:00 pm - Men's Basketball @ Hartford
Saturday, January 31st - 3:00 pm - Women's Hockey vs. UVM

January 20, 2009

Wow, I'm Still Tired

BU played it's longest game in it's history. 4 Overtimes. This is like the same thing as playing three 20 minute halves. But once the game goes past 2 halves, they're no longer halves!

Whatever. John Holland didn't come off the floor and only six other Terriers joined him. I felt exhausted after the game, and still do. I can't imagine how much John's legs hate him. Good thing he has metal legs.

But, wow. Corey Lowe decided he wanted to take over in overtime. By the end of the game Corey had 33 points. John Holland chipped in 29 and for once he may not be winning the player of the week award - his teammate, Corey, might have just stolen it. Still, John made some ridiculous three pointers to the point where I couldn't even celebrate. I just stood there in disbelief. John Holland is really something else.

Stony Brook impressed me - compared to BU, they're offense was so well balanced - five Seawolves in double figures.

It seemed so guaranteed that each overtime would lead to another. It was rather impressive. Stony Brook would answer any BU score with one of their own and vice versa. What an insanely fun game.

And let's be honest - if you were at the game you kind of wanted to see Bryan Dougher's shot fall at the end of the fourth overtime frame. Five OT's woulda been sweeeeeet.

Boston writer/PTI punching bag Bob Ryan was in the house for the game. You could see him get progressively pissed off as one overtime led to two, two to three, and three to four. Bob (BC grad), why are you coming to America East basketball? This is what you get!

Again, what a game. I'd like to add I ruined my pants, but not the usual way. At halftime I participated in the musical chairs BU version. Four contestants start sitting down, run to a basket, make a lay up and run back to the chairs, one of which is removed. This continues until there is a winner, but at the end the "winner" doesn't have to sit down - he/she only has to grab the prize bag.

I was at a slight disadvantage because I had to do this in a costume. I made it to the final two and didn't want to lose. Sean (sorry Sean) from the band gave me quite a scare, but I don't think he expected me to put a Corey Lowe-like effort into winning the prize bag (which included 1 shirt (which I already have) and 4 Qdoba gift cards).

One of my pant legs was shredded, but well worth it.

For a final time, what a game. It was even good enough for a mention on Sportscenter at the end of the episode, which is good enough for a mention at the end of this post!

January 16, 2009

Only In Dreams

I'd like to share my dream from last night:

I was playing for BU basketball, being coached by Dennis Wolff, against UVM at UVM. I was benched for the second half because I threw an alley-oop to Marqus Blakely. Regardless of going against my team it was rather spectacular.

Anyways, about BU basketball - give them a chance. Don't call for Wolff's firing yet, because if all of a sudden this team wins like 16 straight and ends up winning the conference you're all gonna look like a bunch of fools. If you look I haven't once said anything to that extent this season or in regards to the offsesaon. I'm thinking about right now and he's gotta be the coach to lead this team this year. The guy's job is as tough as it could be right now with all the injuries, close losses, blowouts, and whatever else - he doesn't need all of the BU alumni/student fanbase s-talking him nonstop.

Wolff's been here the longest of any BU coach. He's coached teams to the NCAA tournament so he knows what it takes. His job is basketball and that's all he does. I'm confident that he knows what to do to better this team.

Sure, while I may criticize certain decisions or choices he makes during games it doesn't mean I hate the guy or want him fired immediately or don't give him my support. I back this team and this coach and will do whatever they need me to do to help them. As fans I hope you do the same - yes, it may be difficult and frustrating to watch a team picked to win the conference for the second year in a row falter and slip a little, but it's a long season. The team needs your support now more than ever. DW needs your support now more than ever.

Stop complaining because no one's getting fired or cut from the team in the middle of the year. Players might be suspended midseason (like recently, even though it hasn't been published anywhere yet - Marques Johnson), but I don't believe anyone will be dropped from the team.

It's a long year (still, even though I say that a lot). A lot of things can happen and I'm sure will happen. Have some faith in BU and DW, despite what you may think of what the season has become. Wouldn't you want people to be rooting for you in dire, troublesome times? I'm pretty sure I would.

That's my appeal to you - the fan.

January 15, 2009

Where's the white suit, Wolff?

I was so disappointed at 7:34 p.m. last night. 

Not because the men's team was playing a team that I thought we would lose to (even though we did).

Not because my hopes of having my dream-team lineup on the court were shattered (even though they were).

Not even because there were about 600 people in a 6,000-seat arena (even though that's a generous prediction).

But simply because Coach Wolff's wardrobe assistant dressed him ALL wrong. The team would have been much more enthusiastic if they were playing for a man that looked like this:

I know I'd personally come out of the gates firing if my coach looks like that. If he's not throwing a chair, a basketball coach better be doing something interesting.

Have we not learned anything from Rick Pitino? The man was a legend in his short time at BU. My suggestion for all coaches trying to follow his footsteps: Copy his every move. Come on, Dennis, where's the spirit?

The supposed "White Out '09" looked a bit more like BU fans thought 4,000 empty seats at Agganis Arena would scare UVM into playing like an Independent team (not that teams like N.J.I.T. deserve to be pissed on, because I'm sure they get attendances close to that of BU). On the other hand, the way BU played in the second half, including Vermont's 50-26 run to end the game, the Terriers certainly looked like a BU-N.J.I.T. game would be a nail-biter. Until we schedule that non-conference game, we'll just have to hope DW gives us something better to look at. Whether it's on the court or it's what he's wearing -- well that's a whole different story.

Well, That Was A Bad Two Days

It started on Tuesday night: BU hockey didn't get the memo that there are games on school nights as they pretty much got shut-the-f-up by a 3-win Providence team.

Grant Rollheiser started for what may be the last time this season. There was a complete lack of intensity in the building and among the students. I guess that will happen when a lackluster team comes in and takes the #2 team in the nation completely out of the game.

In my opinion it's better that BU got a loss out of the way before the Saturday BC game and then the Beanpot. BU gets a chance to rebound on Friday at Merrimack.

Last night was White Out at Agganis Arena. The women's team showed up and played a 40 minute game. The men did not.

Christine Kinneary tallied 22 points, but only one assist! She may not be getting the assists she got last season (because of the absence of Cherri Raffo), but I have little doubt she'll be breaking the BU record in a matter of games. She only has 28 more to go.

Meanwhile, Jesyka Burks-Wiley dropped 22 bringing her quest for 1,000 a reality, probably next game. 17 is all she needs and against a POS UNH team the chances are high she'll join Corey Lowe in the elite club.

The final score of BU against fake BU was 83-61. This included one of, if not the best, moments of the season: Krystyn McIntyre's first career points (and two rebounds!). The building and BU basketball team erupted when this happened. Multiple people cried. Once again, after the game, Coach Kelly Greenberg came over to our group of fans and thanked us for coming - something she does on a gamely basis and something that is so greatly appreciated by all of us. It means a lot to us to be recognized and thanked.

Then later that night the BU men's team displayed how truly crushing they can be. To the fans. They had an 11-point lead at one point in the first half, yet the final score was 70-56, Catamounts.

I took as many shots as half the players who played in the game for the Terriers, including Matt Wolff who didn't shoot the ball in 38 minutes.

This puzzles me a bit - the offense was reliant on four players to shoot and score? There's no way we could win. All but one player for the Catamounts shot the ball. I mean that's the name of the game, right? You need to shoot to score and you need to score to win.

The highlight of the game came in the first half when John Holland was forced to bomb a 40-footer as the shot clock ran down. It was a perfect shot.

Scott Brittain got in foul trouble and the offense completely shut down. BU got away from their bread and butter in the first half and stopped gunning threes.

UVM full court pressed BU and the Terriers had real problems even getting the ball in. I suppose this will happen when there is only one guard in the game, and he's passing the ball in - it was like a 50/50 shot that Corey Lowe would get the ball back once he inbounded.

I could go on and on and on and on, but it wouldn't do anything. I was utterly depressed after the game and I'm at a lack of words and confidence (again) about the rest of the season. The building was so silent the last three minutes when it was clear that UVM would be leaving with a win. It truly hurt.

Say what you will about the coaching, the playing, whatever you want, but it is what it is. It's still a long-ish season and there's plenty of time for a turn around. And in this conference, crazy stuff happens on a nightly basis. Like UNH woopin' up on UMBC last night.

BU men play co-leader of the conference Binghamton at Binghamton on Saturday.

January 13, 2009

Why is it always WHITE out??

We all remember last year's white out game. I personally try to forget the game itself, but the crowd on the other hand, that was a tally in the win column for all BU basketball fans.

That picture just never gets old.

There's always some good basketball to look forward to when students return from winter break, but this time...IT'S A DOUBLE-HEADER. Agganis Arena is the venue, and let's hope there aren't enough seats in that place to hold the masses of students that move through the turnstiles.

Women vs. Binghamton 4:30 p.m.
Men vs. Vermont 7:30 p.m.

I'm still looking to see a regular season basketball win at Agganis Arena. Hockey Arenas aren't too friendly. They're so slippery.

January 12, 2009

The Better Times With Tyler Morris


I'm sorry you're injured and out for the season. It hurts me almost as much as it hurts the team/you. So, here are some photos to remember the better times:

How I miss Greg Oden. I mean Tyler Morris. :(

And see, he really did play with Oden and Conley!

Rhett's In Need

From the FB Event:

"As the spring semester approaches I find myself in need of extra help on my team. A number of my employees will not be able to return to the team for spring, so I will be holding auditions in the days preceding the spring semester and the first few weekends that follow. I need any and all energetic and enthusiastic Terriers to come out and audition to join my team. If you are at all interested in being a mascot or working on the team or you would like more info about the job, PLEASE, send me an email at BURHETT@GMAIL.COM. Also, if you are not personally interested, please, spread the word and encourage your friends to send me an email.

Also, no experience or preparation needed for the audition, energy and excitement are all that are required."

Being a mascot is a wild experience: a hot, sweaty and fun experience. Get it done, someone.

January 11, 2009

Well, That Was A Good Weekend

It started at 1 pm yesterday - BU women's basketball restarted their Case Gymnasium home winning streak by taking an early lead and not looking back the entire way as they beat UVM 58-47. It never really felt that close though. Christine Kinneary moved four assists closer to setting the BU record - she sits just 29 assists away from 748. Jesyka Burks-Wiley scored a career best 24 points and is now just 39 points from 1,000. Two 1,000 point scorers hitting the mark in the same year? HOT.

Defense was the name of the game for BU and with continued performances like this one, AEC play will be kind to the Terriers.

There was a High School Musical 3 halftime "show" where kids "learned" a dance on the court. The whole ordeal made me not want to ever have children.

Later that night BU hockey continued it's dominance against the Blakck Bears making the winning streak rise to 10 straight. The highlight of the game for me, and I think everyone else in the building was Chris Higgins goal at the 19:59.2 mark in the first period. I didn't think that was possible.

Then today, somehow BU men's basketball dominated: 68-37. I mean, it was against UNH, but it was just silly. John Holland looks like a superstar, the team looked great with Corey back in the lineup, and Scott Brittain has arrived/is back.

However, Marques Johnson didn't start, and didn't get that much run. I'm okay with that though - Matt Wolff had a solid game: 7 boards, 6 assists, 4 points. Nothing special, nothing pretty, but good enough.

Let's be honest - the BU basketball team and program has drastically changed in the last week. Morale is down, motivation is down, confidence is down - this win, although against UNH, is still big - BU is moving in the right direction. The team still has the pieces and tools to make a run. I was panicking when I found out about the injuries to Tyler and Los and the benching of Corey Lowe. I feel better after the last two games.

It was tough to see Tyler on crutches at the game today - I feel bad for him and the team. On the other side - it was great to see Mike Schulze and Brendan Sullivan in. Good for them!

BU NEEDED this win. It helps that UNH shot 2-33 from three: 6%. And a mere 24% from the field. What a bad day to be a Wildcat.

BU Basketball: It ain't over yet.

Oh and by the rules of basketball math:



January 9, 2009

It Wasn't As Painful As I Thought It Would Be

A 62-61 loss without the services of arguably the best player in the league.

I'll say it right now: to me, it doesn't make sense that Wolff didn't play Corey Lowe because of the two technical fouls he got in the previous game against Holy Cross. Wolff can say whatever he wants about rules and what not and why he sat Lowe, but judging by the current situation and state of the team, sitting C. Lowe wasn't best for the Terriers. This is just my opinion.

If Wolff wanted to be completely fair and balanced he should've coached half the game against Albany - he was awarded one technical for literally screaming his head off after Lowe got his first T.

Regardless, Wolff didn't play the leading scorer on the team. However, he did play Scott Brittain (finally) who proved he deserves to be out there - 11 points, 7 rebounds. Beyond that - you have to give Wolff some credit for being able to stay in this game with the current situation, and his decision to sit Corey. BU lead for almost the game; they led for the entire second half other than the last 12 seconds, or the most important part. Sigh.

I don't have much more to say. BU basketball is what it is right now - riding a 5-game losing streak and hurting beyond it's starting point guard and sixth man.

But look at really the ONE shining good thing to come out of this game:

Marques Johnson: 40 minutes, 7 points, a career-high 8 rebounds, 7 assists, and 0 turnovers. That's the statline of a true point guard - a point guard that will need to carry the ball up the court the rest of the year. I'm hoping he continues to start even when Corey comes back. I feel like he deserves it after this game against the Danes. If he plays he'll continue to post a superb assist:turnover ratio.

As for the team as a whole - anything has yet to be determined. If anything has been proven in this first week-ish of America East play it's that any team, ANY TEAM can win this conference. Hopefully, not Binghamton.

January 8, 2009


As of tonight sources have confirmed the following:

1. Tyler Morris is out for the rest of the year with a TORN ACL.

2. Carlos Strong is out for the rest of the year with a TORN MENISCUS.

3. Corey Lowe will not be playing in tomorrow nights game against Albany because of the two technical fouls he was awarded against Holy Cross last game.

If you thought the season was in dire straits before tonight, well, it's become official. God hates Dennis Wolff/BU basketball.

January 7, 2009


- BU women's basketball conference play starts tonight at 7 pm. They're looking a lot better than the men's team right now. It helps they get to start with perennial basement dweller, Stony Brook.

- Good news! The Hot Dog & Jesus Show (Radio Show) will somehow return for another semester at a semi-reasonable hour on WTBU: 10 pm - midnight on Sunday's.

- In hockey goal horn related news: Steven Lee does exist, and he did indeed request a goal horn. How did I this out? Steven Lee or "Ree" contacted me via Facebook, telling me is in fact a human being and he did ask for a horn. So mystery solved!

- Finally, a homage to the late, great Philadelphia Phillie, Pat Burrell:

January 5, 2009

That Goal Horn?

I stumbled upon this on Wikipedia the other day:

"On December 6, 2008, at BU v. UMass-Lowell men's ice hockey game, Agganis Arena implemented NHL style horn after the home team's goal. It is known that a student named Steven Lee, College of Engineering, made a request earlier that semester in an e-mail with the Dean of Students, Kennth Elmore."

Upon looking up a "Steven Lee" on Facebook, no results were found.

The real test will be to see if it's still in existence on Friday vs. Maine. I thought everything in, on, or around Agganis was controlled by Parker, with no exceptions.

The entry has since been removed from Wikipedia.

Oh Right, There's BU Hockey

In my panics of coping with BU basketball I've seem to have foolishly forgotten about BU hockey. Then I remembered they exist and are nasty, which dried my tears.

I tried watching last night's championship game of the Denver Cup between BU and DU on CN8, as it was listed on my guide, however, when I tuned in I got Saturday Night boxing fights, with BU athletics commercials in between. I knew someone, somewhere had messed up.

Luckily, somehow, the game was on a Fox Sports Channel at like 2 am, which I saw.

And if you didn't know, BU won! And handily. And Zach Cohen scored. I'm saying it now, Zach Cohen is this years Tom Morrow/McLine. I mean, every year one or a group of players are picked as the essential fan favorites, with a t-shirt made in their honor. I feel like it has to be Zach this year. He plays so hard, and skates with apparent abandon for his body. Gotta love it. Plus he has six goals this season - more than he's ever had in his past two years combined.

Anyways, BU will be ranked #2 tomorrow and I'm sure they enjoyed a comfortable ride home sitting 2/2 in tournaments and 7-0 in non-conference play.

So, when you, or I, think about BU basketball, remember, there's still BU hockey. They return to action Saturday night against Maine at the Greek.

Oh, and the only person to score for Denver in their 4-1 loss was a player named Rhett. Is that ironic or what??

And speaking of Rhett - the other Rhetts need help, so if you have any desire to be him/her/it, pay attention when back on campus for when tryouts will be.

January 3, 2009

I Don't Know What To Do With Myself

First the good - every team but BU men's basketball won last night. And all on the road. Go us:

- Men's Hockey: BU: 6 RPI: 2
- Women's Hockey: BU: 5 OSU: 3
- Women's Basketball: BU: 82 UMass: 75

Now the bad - Men's Basketball: BU: 49 Holy Cross: 68. Per idea of the High Roller over at the BU Hoops Blog (WARNING: GROSS):

Yeah, last night's game was that bad.

I don't know what to do other than write this fake letter to DW:

Dear Coach Wolff,

You have a player named Scott Brittain. Last year he emerged as a lowpost presence and finished seventh in the league in rebounding. I don't know if you know this, but you didn't play him at all last night. Hell, you haven't really been playing him all season. I'm not saying he's the thing that will turn this season around, but sitting a Canadian talent such as himself is just not right. I know it may be hard, but cutting into your son's minutes might be a good idea. Just my two cents.

I like it when you get really red in the face and get technical fouls during TV timeouts. That was cool/awkward/amusing.

Please figure out a way to turn this season around. For the second year in a row BU was picked to win the conference but will finish with a sub-.500 record out of conference. For the third year in a row your team will enter conference play riding low on a 3-game losing streak. I'm sure you know all this though.

People are calling for your head, but I'll give you until the end of the year. You need to stop making the Terrier faithful resent this team/their lives. Thank you.

- Hot Dog

Seriously, something needs to change because BU would get beat by UNH and Maine right now. At least that's what it seems like.

They're certainly not ready to play Albany in 5 days.

January 2, 2009

BU vs. Holy Cross - A Fresh Start to the Year

There's a lot of BU action today: both men's/women's basketball and hockey play - BU men's basketball is the only one at home.

I am here in Boston, but will trade in the hot dog for a press pass as I'll be covering the game via Live Blog for the Freep and Full Court Press. I recommend a look-sie for thorough entertainment and if you have no way of watching/attending the game.

A BU win would guarantee a 6-6 record entering conference play, something I would be more than happy with at this point.

January 1, 2009

Kevin Shattenkirk's New Years Resolution

"WEAR my mouthguard." Look at the pictoral evidence I've gathered (click to enlarge):

Seriously, the dude just uses it as a chew-object.

Okay, I found one with it in. Come on Shatty, it saves lives/prevents concussions.

In other Shattenkirk-related news, he scored the first goal in last night's USA-Canada World Junior Hockey Championships preliminary game, also known as the best hockey game I've ever watched. However, Canada won 7-4 (boooo).

The BU products played well, with C-Wilson getting named USA player of the game. He was also robbed worse than Brian Strait was last year (ZING!):

Bi-Monthly Athlete Rankings - January 1/2

Since there hasn't been any school and no chance for Jesus or I to interact with the talents of BU the rankings remain the same:

1. Jon Jonsson (1)
2. Corey Lowe (1)
3. Valdas Sirutis
4. Kristi Dini
5. Scott Brittain
6. Kodjo Wilder
7. Krystyn McIntyre
8. Christine Kinneary
9. Matt Killen
10. Maggie McKemie

RV: Tunde Agboola, Jan Bicanic, Jake O'Brien, Carlos Strong, Eric Gryba, Brian Strait, Traci Landy, Mike Salem, Rachel Klein

JON (with Bongoman):

Happy 2009!