December 2, 2008

Sam Perkins <3 Us

No, I'm not talking about Sam "Big Smooth"/"Constantly Blazed" Perkins, formerly of the Seattle Supersonics and Indiana Pacers.

Although, when I first heard of a "Sam Perkins" who covers America East basketball, I thought it was him.

No, I was wrong. He's not a former NBA great. Sam covers the AEC for Hoopville, and he does a damn good job doin' it. Here's Sam:

I suggest you shake his hand if you ever see him at a game. You can find his (lengthy) America East season preview here. Included is probably the greatest preseason comment ever written:

Best School Spirit
The Hot Dog and Jesus, Boston University: BU has been a school without fans, but these two sophomores have done a terrific job bringing the noise at all things BU. Their outfits are outrageous, but their spirit is through the roof. It's about time BU got some die-hards. Kudos on the blog guys.

You got that right.

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Joe Grav said...

your message is well received here. no bad blood intended, then. enjoy the games this weekend.

i'll find some harsher stuff to cap off BU Hatred Week over at the Log.