December 15, 2008


So BU actually almost beat Notre Dame in men's basketball. I'm not even just saying that. I watched the entire game and BU was in the game for all 40 minutes. They had the lead up until the 3:25 second mark.

Wolff said he was proud of the entire team, and I don't blame him. BU did everything but win.

Losses this season:

5 points (GW)
9 points (MSM)
4 points (Marshall)
7 points (ND)

Still no double digit defeat.

It makes me wonder if a double digit defeat will ever happen and also if BU can win close games against good teams. They'll need to come conference play.

Apparently Jeff Pelage is in Wolff's doghouse (no pun intended). He also has what seems like a mental cough - something that causes him to continue to cough during any activity. Doctors have yet to figure it out.

And finally just for my own entertainment I checked out Nate Gerbe's facebook the other day. He used to play for the BC hockey team and now plays for the Buffalo Sabres (a miracle, right?). Anyways, looks like he's still in a relationship current BC Eagle hockey player, Brock Bradford. When will they learn that college-professional long distance relationships never work out!?!?

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