December 6, 2008

Marshall @ BU, 3 p.m. - Agganis Arena

The "Thundering Herd" of Marshall take on BU today at Agganis. I'm scared. Not because of the boisterous 2-4 record that Marshall sports as they strut their stuff down CommAve, but rather because Coach Wolff just doesn't get it. Let me elaborate:

Click to enlarge...if you dare.

WHY IS HE STILL STARTING? Tyler Morris: BU Basketball's sign of the apocalypse. One day, just one day I hope to see my dreamteam starting lineup on the floor:

G - Corey Lowe
G - Carlos Strong
F - John Holland
F - Scott Brittain
C - Jake O'Brien

A center in the America East..HA! Who am I kidding, let's just keep winning games.

3 p.m. -- Agganis Arena.


Tall-boy said...

who's running the point for your dreamteam??

Jesus said...

No one runs point. Between Los and Corey, we can just pull up all day from beyond the line and hit buckets. It's just too easy.

Anonymous said...

No point guard - idiotic lineup