December 4, 2008

Harvard - Not Very Hard

Some game notes from the men's basketball teams 75-59 win at Harvard last night:

- I don't think BU played their best, yet they still dominated and won by 16 points. Granted, BU shot 47% and coughed up the ball only 15 times to Harvard's 20 turnovers - I still thought they could've entered halftime with more than a seven point lead.

- Despite all this there wasn't a point in the game where I thought BU would lose or falter. Past about 7 and a half minutes into the game BU never lost their lead.

- The Harvard band was decent. They were annoying in that they played between every freaking stoppage in play and before free throws. They also wore maroon blazers. However, they were bigger/better than they usually are at the Beanpot and they played Backstreet Boys!

- BU doesn't really need Tyler Morris to score. He had a season high 7 points and career high 6 assists last night, but BU's four wins this year have proven that the offensive firepower of JOB, Corey, and JH23 is enough to put about 50+ points on the board. Don't really need Tyler to score double digits. It would be nice though.

- The reffing was fairly inconsistent, but I guess that's a given on this level.

- Valdas Sirutis got some run and his first three points of the season. Congrats V.

- The Harvard concession stand was wonderful and overpriced. All you need to know is they had CHURROS and that they were $3.50 per one. That sums it up right there.

- I was expecting a weak Harvard fan base, but I didn't think they would be as weak as they were. There were probably more HU fans than BU fans, but all the Crimson sat the entire game and made little to no noise. One of them did have a "Mike [Schultz] , where's Tunde?" sign though. I commend them on that.

- BU traveled very well - a loud, passionate, and vocal fan base in attendance last night.

- Tunde wasn't there! It's a long trip, I know.

- The Terriers have offensive weapons. The bench is deeper than it's been in years past and there isn't much hesitation among any player to shoot the ball.

- This was the first time in 11 games, dating back to last year, that Matt Wolff played less than 20 minutes (19 on Wednesday night). This game was the first time in the last two season that he's played less than 20 against a non conference opponent. It was also the first time since January 30th that Matt didn't get a rebound.

- BU is 2-0 against Boston based colleges. I'm ready for a Basketball Beanpot. How about you?

- Corey Lowe career points: 942. I predicted 1,000 by the eighth game, so he better step it up. I really want him to hit it at home (in the next two games) rather than on the road, in the midst of a raping, at Notre Dame. All he needs is 29 in each of the next two games!

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