December 4, 2008

BU Women's Basketball vs. Brown

I showed up late to the women's game but when I walked in I think the score was 41-13. I watched the rest of the first half before going to Harvard. The final score was 81-54, but the game was over within minutes of starting. The second half was treated more like a practice than anything, I'm sure. All I have to say is BROWN SUCKS.

Let me clarify.


Like, they were really, really, really bad. It got me mad/frustrated how bad they were. They shot only .6% better from the free throw line than they did from the floor. Christine Kinneary had as many assists as all of Brown. There were only 181 people in attendance :0

I need to stop before I break my computer. Or before Alan Weinberger reprimands me for saying "sucks" in regards to women's sports.

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