December 13, 2008

BU vs. Yale. And now Notre Dame?!

I had class and showed up a little late to the game on Wednesday (2 minutes left in the second half). This is what I ran into:

It was that ugly. Corey Lowe didn't get to 1,000, there were 20 turnovers, it was just ugly basketball.

But hey, a win's a win?

It didn't feel like it with only 490 in attendance.

BU Cheerleaders: still working for that first flawless routine.

Anyways, now on to ND. The Notre Dame pregame guys just called BU a "resume game" and "high likely conference champions." Thanks, I guess?

You can watch BU take on Notre Dame HERE. Chances are you'll see Corey Lowe score his 1,000th point (10 points to go) and a curb-stomping.

Side note: Notre Dame's team introduction music is Nas, "Hate Me Now." Really?

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