December 23, 2008

Baby Mama Drama - The Heartbreak That Was The UDel Game

So I've been putting off thinking about last Sunday's BU men's basketball game versus Delaware. For the second year in a row BU dropped a game to the Blue Hens. Unlike last year, I fully believe that BU is the better basketball team. However, they surely did not play like it Sunday.

The Terriers did almost all they could to lose - I think everyone in attendance could feel the wheels falling off the bus just before halftime. That's when I felt it a least. By the 15-ish minute mark in the second half I felt like the game was doomed for the Terriers.

BU jumped out to an early lead in the game then kept letting UDel do things to get themselves back in the game, and eventually in the lead.

Statistically it was a fairly even affiar, but UDel hit every shot they needed to and got every rebound when they absolutely needed it. They seemed much more clutch, in control, and ready to win the game.

In all honestly I think BU should've cleared the court - it should've been domination. I think if John Holland didn't get two fouls with two minutes BU would've distanced itself enough in the first half to secure a win. His second foul changed the game - and I don't think Carlos Strong was used in his place nearly enough. No, in fact he wasn't used at all - 11 minutes in the game.

Los is obviously the sixth man on the team. So it makes no sense to me that when a small forward, John Holland, has to sit with foul trouble DW doesn't just put Strong right in. Carlos Strong is a scorer, and in my opinion the best rebounder on the team. Instead, you see Matt Wolff move to SF and Brittain/Valdas/Los all splitting time the rest of the half.

Unfortunately, BU lives and dies with the three. Against Delaware it was a painful death - 7-30. I don't need to say it (but I will anyway), this team can't win basketball games shooting 23% from distance.

As the game came to an end BU gave me some false hope. Somehow, the most unlikely hero, Matt Wolff, goes an unlikely, 2-2 from the free throw lane to go up a bucket with ten seconds to go. All it would take would be one stop. Instead Blue Hen, D.J. Boney, a player who was 1-5 from the free throw line, nail a 3-ball, uncontested, in the corner with four seconds left.

Of course, without any timeouts BU was a chicken with it's head cut off, as Corey Lowe tried to be a hero, but lost the ball at midcourt without getting a shot off - something I've seen far too often when BU has a chance to take the last shot.

There's plenty of adjustments DW can look at and make over this holiday break. I'm sure he's neglecting family time with Matthew to make sure this team looks and plays a little better against a very good Cornell squad. I feel that it's vital to the well being and mentality of this team that they finish nonconference play with a winning record.

The most alarming element of Sunday's game wasn't the game, or the weather outside. It was the Delaware "fan" section. I have never been more scared/seen anything like it in my life. It consisted of about six women who were all:

1. Mothers of UDel players
2. Wives of UDel players
3. Baby Mamas of UDel players (not married, but mothering their children)
4. Groupies

Any time anything would go in UDel's favor they would stand up, start yelling, and basically freak-the-f-out. I mean on anything - possession arrow change, forced timeout, missed shot, rebound, foul, anything.

What's worse is that they were targetting me. During one break in action I was kind of mocking them and one unnamed woman stood up, pointed at me, and said something like "hot dog....." and the rest became unhearable.

The scariest part of all this - the women who was effectively leading the fan charge was holding a child the entire time; awkwardly, and at times just by the young girls legs. UDel would score and this woman would stand up, child in arms, and start yelling and dancing in the middle of the aisle. And when she would dance, she would break it down; she was grinding on imaginary people, with a freakin' child in her arms. My God, it's a living thing!!!

If anyone of the 324 people in attendance has a pitcure of this women please send it my way. This type of thing shouldn't be allowed to continue. Poor little girl is gonna have brain damage from all the shaking that was ensuing.

Alarming, really. How come someone, anyone, in Case let this slide and not do something to stop this. I mean think of the children! Alan, where were you when I/the world needed you the most?!?!

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