December 30, 2008

The Streak Is Over

BU women's basketball played well, but not well enough - 74-66 final against St. John's with 245 people in attendance.

So...come on with only 245 in attendance that can't count. Regardless, BU looks to restart the streak at home on the 10th against UVM.

Deja Vu

I've had a day to reflect on last nights embarrassment to Cornell and really, BU basketball feels a lot like it did last year: picked to win the conference, starting out OK, then midway through the season having a massive panic attack. DW's words courtesy of Full Court Press:

"I don't have a lot of answers right now. We are at a crossroads and we are going to either fight our way out of it or we're going to be exposed as somewhat of a phoney team. And that's going to be determined by the way we handle the next few days."

God, please don't let us be phoney! That would be the worst. What a way to bring in 2009. Just like last nights game, the year-to-year turn around looks like this:

QUESTION: What is worse? DW's practices the next 2 days or a 1940's Japanese American Internment Camp? Trick question! DW's practices will be an internment camp.

I feel bad for Tunde/Tully/Schultz. For these three walk-ons here are some tips:

Pray for them.

December 29, 2008

Hi, My Eyes Are Bleeding

There's 3 minutes and 45 seconds left in the BU-Cornell Men's game.

The score is 81-52, Big Red.

I can't believe I paid $5.95 for this.

Is there a way BU could've played a worse game?

When it was 30-7 ten minutes into the game I kind of figured it was a losing effort.

I guess the midseason recession has already come. BU: L3.


Final score: 89-59.

DW's post game locker speech is sure to feature plenty of f/s words. Hopefully some wrist cutting to take away some pain. What a horrendous performance.

BU is under .500 for the first time this year.

BU Sports: Back In Action

Tonight BU men's basketball travels to Cornell to play the Big Red, not to be confused with the Hofstra Red.

Cornell is 5-6, but definitely not a cookie-cutter Ivy League team. They're non-conference schedule is packed with strong opponents, all of which they've been playing close. Hell, they were beating Syracuse at halftime. BU will have to bring their A, maybe B+ game if they want to win. If they show up like they did against Delaware, you better believe BU will fall below .500 for the first time all year.

The game I'm REALLY worried about is tomorrow. The BU women's basketball team returns to action after a 17-day hiatus. They take on St. John's who are an astounding 11-1. What's worse is that this game is being played at Case Gym, a place where BU hasn't lost in 16 games, meaning the 8th longest winning streak in women's ball in the nation is most definitely on the line.

You can watch the BU men's game tonight HERE. You'll be paying some money though.

December 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, You

And a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you. May you and your family enjoy it.

December 23, 2008

Baby Mama Drama - The Heartbreak That Was The UDel Game

So I've been putting off thinking about last Sunday's BU men's basketball game versus Delaware. For the second year in a row BU dropped a game to the Blue Hens. Unlike last year, I fully believe that BU is the better basketball team. However, they surely did not play like it Sunday.

The Terriers did almost all they could to lose - I think everyone in attendance could feel the wheels falling off the bus just before halftime. That's when I felt it a least. By the 15-ish minute mark in the second half I felt like the game was doomed for the Terriers.

BU jumped out to an early lead in the game then kept letting UDel do things to get themselves back in the game, and eventually in the lead.

Statistically it was a fairly even affiar, but UDel hit every shot they needed to and got every rebound when they absolutely needed it. They seemed much more clutch, in control, and ready to win the game.

In all honestly I think BU should've cleared the court - it should've been domination. I think if John Holland didn't get two fouls with two minutes BU would've distanced itself enough in the first half to secure a win. His second foul changed the game - and I don't think Carlos Strong was used in his place nearly enough. No, in fact he wasn't used at all - 11 minutes in the game.

Los is obviously the sixth man on the team. So it makes no sense to me that when a small forward, John Holland, has to sit with foul trouble DW doesn't just put Strong right in. Carlos Strong is a scorer, and in my opinion the best rebounder on the team. Instead, you see Matt Wolff move to SF and Brittain/Valdas/Los all splitting time the rest of the half.

Unfortunately, BU lives and dies with the three. Against Delaware it was a painful death - 7-30. I don't need to say it (but I will anyway), this team can't win basketball games shooting 23% from distance.

As the game came to an end BU gave me some false hope. Somehow, the most unlikely hero, Matt Wolff, goes an unlikely, 2-2 from the free throw lane to go up a bucket with ten seconds to go. All it would take would be one stop. Instead Blue Hen, D.J. Boney, a player who was 1-5 from the free throw line, nail a 3-ball, uncontested, in the corner with four seconds left.

Of course, without any timeouts BU was a chicken with it's head cut off, as Corey Lowe tried to be a hero, but lost the ball at midcourt without getting a shot off - something I've seen far too often when BU has a chance to take the last shot.

There's plenty of adjustments DW can look at and make over this holiday break. I'm sure he's neglecting family time with Matthew to make sure this team looks and plays a little better against a very good Cornell squad. I feel that it's vital to the well being and mentality of this team that they finish nonconference play with a winning record.

The most alarming element of Sunday's game wasn't the game, or the weather outside. It was the Delaware "fan" section. I have never been more scared/seen anything like it in my life. It consisted of about six women who were all:

1. Mothers of UDel players
2. Wives of UDel players
3. Baby Mamas of UDel players (not married, but mothering their children)
4. Groupies

Any time anything would go in UDel's favor they would stand up, start yelling, and basically freak-the-f-out. I mean on anything - possession arrow change, forced timeout, missed shot, rebound, foul, anything.

What's worse is that they were targetting me. During one break in action I was kind of mocking them and one unnamed woman stood up, pointed at me, and said something like "hot dog....." and the rest became unhearable.

The scariest part of all this - the women who was effectively leading the fan charge was holding a child the entire time; awkwardly, and at times just by the young girls legs. UDel would score and this woman would stand up, child in arms, and start yelling and dancing in the middle of the aisle. And when she would dance, she would break it down; she was grinding on imaginary people, with a freakin' child in her arms. My God, it's a living thing!!!

If anyone of the 324 people in attendance has a pitcure of this women please send it my way. This type of thing shouldn't be allowed to continue. Poor little girl is gonna have brain damage from all the shaking that was ensuing.

Alarming, really. How come someone, anyone, in Case let this slide and not do something to stop this. I mean think of the children! Alan, where were you when I/the world needed you the most?!?!

December 17, 2008

Hockey East Best Defenders

To celebrate 25 years of Hockey East hockey the HE is having visitors to their website vote on various categories - best scorer, best player, yada, yada, yada.

One category that you can vote on is Best Defender. You have to chose 25 different players. I did, but I noticed one player wasn't listed. Thus, he had to be written in. I suggest you do the same:

Click to enlarge

December 15, 2008


So BU actually almost beat Notre Dame in men's basketball. I'm not even just saying that. I watched the entire game and BU was in the game for all 40 minutes. They had the lead up until the 3:25 second mark.

Wolff said he was proud of the entire team, and I don't blame him. BU did everything but win.

Losses this season:

5 points (GW)
9 points (MSM)
4 points (Marshall)
7 points (ND)

Still no double digit defeat.

It makes me wonder if a double digit defeat will ever happen and also if BU can win close games against good teams. They'll need to come conference play.

Apparently Jeff Pelage is in Wolff's doghouse (no pun intended). He also has what seems like a mental cough - something that causes him to continue to cough during any activity. Doctors have yet to figure it out.

And finally just for my own entertainment I checked out Nate Gerbe's facebook the other day. He used to play for the BC hockey team and now plays for the Buffalo Sabres (a miracle, right?). Anyways, looks like he's still in a relationship current BC Eagle hockey player, Brock Bradford. When will they learn that college-professional long distance relationships never work out!?!?

Bi-Monthly Athlete Rankings - December 2/2

Last poll:

1. Jon Jonsson (1)
2. Corey Lowe (1)
T3. Kristi Dini
T3. Valdas Sirutis
5. Scott Brittain
6. Christine Kinneary
7. Maggie McKemie
T8. Kodjo Wilder
T8. Krystyn McIntyre
10. Tunde Agboola

This week's rankings:

1. Jon Jonsson (1)
2. Corey Lowe (1)
3. Valdas Sirutis
4. Kristi Dini
5. Scott Brittain
6. Kodjo Wilder
7. Krystyn McIntyre
8. Christine Kinneary
9. Matt Killen
10. Maggie McKemie

RV: Tunde Agboola, Jan Bicanic, Jake O'Brien, Carlos Strong, Eric Gryba, Brian Strait, Traci Landy, Mike Salem, Rachel Klein

December 13, 2008

BU vs. Yale. And now Notre Dame?!

I had class and showed up a little late to the game on Wednesday (2 minutes left in the second half). This is what I ran into:

It was that ugly. Corey Lowe didn't get to 1,000, there were 20 turnovers, it was just ugly basketball.

But hey, a win's a win?

It didn't feel like it with only 490 in attendance.

BU Cheerleaders: still working for that first flawless routine.

Anyways, now on to ND. The Notre Dame pregame guys just called BU a "resume game" and "high likely conference champions." Thanks, I guess?

You can watch BU take on Notre Dame HERE. Chances are you'll see Corey Lowe score his 1,000th point (10 points to go) and a curb-stomping.

Side note: Notre Dame's team introduction music is Nas, "Hate Me Now." Really?

December 10, 2008

Notable Numbers

Wins in a row for the women's basketball team at Case Gymnasium

Points Corey Lowe needs to score tonight against Yale to score 1,000 in his career. He scored 35 against the Bulldogs last year.

More assists Christine Kinneary needs to become the BU all time assists leader.

December 9, 2008

Some Kind of Weekend

It started with a game that felt like kissing your sister on Friday night:

Then Corey Lowe decided to just go off for a career-high 36, leaving him with just 22 points from 1,000. He wants to hit it at home on Wednesday night. I have little doubt that he will.

Even with those 36, BU lost. At Agganis of course. (@ Agganis 0-2, @ Case 1-0)

Later that night I attended Conte Forum in what was one of the best hockey games I've ever been to.

It was great hockey. Fast, full of hits, and intense. At one point in the second period I couldn't help but think of this:

It was gettin' pretty crowded in there with all the penalties and Brian Strait 10 minute misconduct. A penalty shot, a huge hit on Jason Lawrence, and a goal as time expired. Sensational.

1-1-1. All in all it wasn't that bad. I enjoyed beating BC for the first time since the 2007 Beanpot. I'd take a redo in Case against Marshall if I could.

It's alright though. I look forward to a special game/night for Corey Lowe tomorrow night. And I look forward to the women going for 16 straight in Case gym this evening.

December 6, 2008

Marshall @ BU, 3 p.m. - Agganis Arena

The "Thundering Herd" of Marshall take on BU today at Agganis. I'm scared. Not because of the boisterous 2-4 record that Marshall sports as they strut their stuff down CommAve, but rather because Coach Wolff just doesn't get it. Let me elaborate:

Click to enlarge...if you dare.

WHY IS HE STILL STARTING? Tyler Morris: BU Basketball's sign of the apocalypse. One day, just one day I hope to see my dreamteam starting lineup on the floor:

G - Corey Lowe
G - Carlos Strong
F - John Holland
F - Scott Brittain
C - Jake O'Brien

A center in the America East..HA! Who am I kidding, let's just keep winning games.

3 p.m. -- Agganis Arena.

December 5, 2008


For Newton, For Newton
The Outhouse on the hill!
For Newton, For Newton
They suck and always will!
So here's to the outhouse on the hill,
Cause Boston College sucks and they always will,
For Newton, For Newton,
The outhouse on the hill!

December 4, 2008

BU Women's Basketball vs. Brown

I showed up late to the women's game but when I walked in I think the score was 41-13. I watched the rest of the first half before going to Harvard. The final score was 81-54, but the game was over within minutes of starting. The second half was treated more like a practice than anything, I'm sure. All I have to say is BROWN SUCKS.

Let me clarify.


Like, they were really, really, really bad. It got me mad/frustrated how bad they were. They shot only .6% better from the free throw line than they did from the floor. Christine Kinneary had as many assists as all of Brown. There were only 181 people in attendance :0

I need to stop before I break my computer. Or before Alan Weinberger reprimands me for saying "sucks" in regards to women's sports.

Harvard - Not Very Hard

Some game notes from the men's basketball teams 75-59 win at Harvard last night:

- I don't think BU played their best, yet they still dominated and won by 16 points. Granted, BU shot 47% and coughed up the ball only 15 times to Harvard's 20 turnovers - I still thought they could've entered halftime with more than a seven point lead.

- Despite all this there wasn't a point in the game where I thought BU would lose or falter. Past about 7 and a half minutes into the game BU never lost their lead.

- The Harvard band was decent. They were annoying in that they played between every freaking stoppage in play and before free throws. They also wore maroon blazers. However, they were bigger/better than they usually are at the Beanpot and they played Backstreet Boys!

- BU doesn't really need Tyler Morris to score. He had a season high 7 points and career high 6 assists last night, but BU's four wins this year have proven that the offensive firepower of JOB, Corey, and JH23 is enough to put about 50+ points on the board. Don't really need Tyler to score double digits. It would be nice though.

- The reffing was fairly inconsistent, but I guess that's a given on this level.

- Valdas Sirutis got some run and his first three points of the season. Congrats V.

- The Harvard concession stand was wonderful and overpriced. All you need to know is they had CHURROS and that they were $3.50 per one. That sums it up right there.

- I was expecting a weak Harvard fan base, but I didn't think they would be as weak as they were. There were probably more HU fans than BU fans, but all the Crimson sat the entire game and made little to no noise. One of them did have a "Mike [Schultz] , where's Tunde?" sign though. I commend them on that.

- BU traveled very well - a loud, passionate, and vocal fan base in attendance last night.

- Tunde wasn't there! It's a long trip, I know.

- The Terriers have offensive weapons. The bench is deeper than it's been in years past and there isn't much hesitation among any player to shoot the ball.

- This was the first time in 11 games, dating back to last year, that Matt Wolff played less than 20 minutes (19 on Wednesday night). This game was the first time in the last two season that he's played less than 20 against a non conference opponent. It was also the first time since January 30th that Matt didn't get a rebound.

- BU is 2-0 against Boston based colleges. I'm ready for a Basketball Beanpot. How about you?

- Corey Lowe career points: 942. I predicted 1,000 by the eighth game, so he better step it up. I really want him to hit it at home (in the next two games) rather than on the road, in the midst of a raping, at Notre Dame. All he needs is 29 in each of the next two games!

December 2, 2008

Sam Perkins <3 Us

No, I'm not talking about Sam "Big Smooth"/"Constantly Blazed" Perkins, formerly of the Seattle Supersonics and Indiana Pacers.

Although, when I first heard of a "Sam Perkins" who covers America East basketball, I thought it was him.

No, I was wrong. He's not a former NBA great. Sam covers the AEC for Hoopville, and he does a damn good job doin' it. Here's Sam:

I suggest you shake his hand if you ever see him at a game. You can find his (lengthy) America East season preview here. Included is probably the greatest preseason comment ever written:

Best School Spirit
The Hot Dog and Jesus, Boston University: BU has been a school without fans, but these two sophomores have done a terrific job bringing the noise at all things BU. Their outfits are outrageous, but their spirit is through the roof. It's about time BU got some die-hards. Kudos on the blog guys.

You got that right.

Yeah, Screw You Too Agganis

Email I get today:

That is all.

December 1, 2008

Bi-Monthly Athlete Rankings - December 1/2

Last poll:

1. Jon Jonsson (1)
2. Corey Lowe (1)
3. Maggie McKemie
4. Kristi Dini
T5. Scott Brittain
T5. Valdas Sirutis
7. Christine Kinneary
T8. Krystyn Mcintyre
T8. Kodjo Wilder
10. Tunde Agboola

Here's the first poll of December:

1. Jon Jonsson (1)
2. Corey Lowe (1)
T3. Kristi Dini
T3. Valdas Sirutis
5. Scott Brittain
6. Christine Kinneary
7. Maggie McKemie
T8. Kodjo Wilder
T8. Krystyn McIntyre
10. Tunde Agboola

Others Receiving Votes: Jan Bicanic, Jake O'Brien, Matt Killen, Eric Gryba, Caitlin Webb, Brian Strait, Traci Landy, Mike Salem, Rachel Klein, Shaun Taylor

1/2 never change! Ahhhhhh!!!

Over Break

Here's how BU did over Thanksgiving break, since we all know, there is no such thing as a break when you're a student-athlete:

Men's Hockey: 2-0
11/25 vs. Holy Cross - W, 3-2
11/29 vs. St. Lawrence (without even Jason Lawrence) - W, 4-1

Men's Basketball: 1-1
11/25 @ Northeastern - W, 83-75
11/29 @ Mount Saint Mary's - L, 78-69

Women's Basketball: 1-2
11/25 @ Northeastern - W, 71-68
11/29 @ Ohio State - L, 72-47
11/30 @ Central Michigan (in Ohio State) - L, 84-72

Women's Hockey: 0-1
11/25 @ Yale - L, 4-1

Men's Soccer: 0-1
11/25 @ St. John's - L, 1-0

Overall over break: 4-5

It's (kind of) good to be back.

However the real victory over break came in the form of an alumni: Johnny Curry. He finally made it, and got his first win last Wednesday. He followed it up with a loss on Friday, but did record more saves than his opponent, Ryan Miller. This should be the start of a very bright future for the former Terrier.