November 30, 2008

What Happened Against the Mount

So when I landed in Boston late last night, returning from my getaway in Turks and Caicos, the first text I received was from Corey Lowe. I knew it couldn't be good news, and sure enough it wasn't.

The text went something along the lines of:

"Yoo this is some messed up s---, B. Can't believe this."

With my deductive reasoning abilities I gathered that the Terriers dropped the game. Here's what I found out, the stuff that you won't read in the box score:

With "about two minutes" left BU was down 2. It was Mount St. Mary's possession with about three seconds left on the shot clock. A Mount player shot a three pointer and airballed it. The shot clock still didn't go off, despite it probably expiring. A Mount player recovered the rebound and tried putting up a layup, but was blocked. Another Mount player recovered the ball after the block and put it back up, collecting two points on an And1.

None of this should've happened because the shot clock should've expired.

From what I understand Dennis Wolff then threatened the refs jobs, life, and everything in between. He even made the rounds to the shot clock ladies, and really, can you blame him? I was disappointed to see in the box score that he didn't get a technical foul in all of this.

This 5 point defecit with two to go, much different than a two point defecit with BU having the ball, was too much for the Terriers and eventually led to their downfall and second loss of the season.

After the game, in the hallway beyond the court, the two teams almost fought twice. Obviously, when injustice is done, you want to fight.

I tried to figure out in the play-by-play write up where and when this all took place, but couldn't figure it out. However, it's coming from an extremely close source - someone who was there, at the game.

Had I been at this game I would've probably been kicked out, because if I saw what I have been told and what I've just told you, unfold in front of me, there is no way I wouldn't be on the court.

Not a whole lot can be done about it now - BU's still got a winning record heading to Harvard.


Raff said...

Had it been the way you described it - it might have had an impact on the outcome. However, the Mount was already up 5 when it happened, there was no "and 1" - it was a simple layup with no foul that extended the lead to seven. And it was not around "two minutes to play" - unless you count 43 seconds when the clock finally stopped as "around two minutes". Now I know you weren't there, but the facts are as I described. And as you correctly pointed out, a five point deficit at that point was too much too overcome. The score was 72-67 when the Mount called timeout with 8 on the shot clock - BU never got to 72 points so the argument is mute.

The rest you got right. The shot was most definitely most likely late and should not have counted. I think the refs probably knew that, but didn't have the correct proof for it. So they let your coach rant and rave. In a normal situation his antics likely would have gotten him tossed.

But it really made no impact on the game.

If you want to read my account, which I think is fair and accurate, from a Mount fan of course, the link is here.

Good Luck the rest of the season. Your freshman big man is pretty good.

Anonymous said...

I was there at the game, and I believe that when Goode airballed the 3, someone from the Mount caught the ball under the basket and threw it in to the bottom of the rim knowing the shot clock was low. After this missed (surely panicked) follow attempt, Shawn Atupem was able to make the put-back.

HOWEVER, I understand why the BU coach was upset, he had a legitimate argument. I'm sure I would have been making the same argument, but personally I think he was wrong. Too bad there was no tv at this game to assist with the review.

The thing about this game was that on the whole, the Mount seemed to be in control much of the game. Just look at the rebounding advantage (+17 MSM) and FT shooting (60% vs. 81%). Those are the two telling stats to me. I felt like the outplayed BU. BU didn't really deserve to win because of one "possibly" missed call.

I did feel the officials dictated the game in the second half. The first half flowed great and they let them play. In the second half, both teams were in the double bonus with ~8:00 to go. No flow at all. I think that led to a lot of frustrations on both benches, and rightly so.

I also didn't appreciate Corey Lowe's audible expletives throughout the last few minutes of the game. Many folks sitting near me commented on that as many of them were families with children. Very uncalled for.

The Hot Dog said...

It certainly helps me to know how things actually unfolded.

Raff said it best though - it really didn't matter since BU never even got to 72 points.

There's no TV at Case (at BU) either so I'm sure the situation wouldn't have been any different if BU was at home.

Refs - can't live with them, can't live without them.

As for Corey's words - I'm sure he was incredibly frustrated. Yes, he shouldn't have been cursing, but I can easily forgive him. At least he didn't steal 36 condoms and run over a 66 year old women, like some other America East guards. :o