November 4, 2008

Terrier Tip-Off

I've been putting this off for far too long. And I'm putting an end to that RIGHT NOW, and rushing the writing:

Terrier Tip-Off was an absolute, mother-f**king success. I tip my hat to BU and BU Athletics for doing something and doing it very well.

I've said it before, but I really think that the lighting was the thing that set this event apart from anything else. There were massive lighting grids set up all around the court. Only one side of the bleachers were pulled out, limiting capacity to about 1,600. I would say 1,600 did fill The Roof.

The environment and feel were electric. Red painted the stands and basically everything else. People were actually excited for BU basketball.

The band set up and played on the far side of court, opposite the bleachers. There were big lights set up behind them, creating a God-like effect whenever they played.

Lil' Phunk danced first and the crowd got really into them. For the first 3 minutes. Then they continued to perform for 4 more minutes which killed alot of the energy.

That's not their Tip-Off performance. It was way longer.

I don't know what the general reaction was from the rest of the crowd, but the BU cheerleaders are different than last year. They went on after Lil' Phunk and they are a far different team in the aspect that they actually have a team. And dudes. 2 in fact. I don't know if that's going to or even meant to last. Only time will tell.

The BU dance team looked hot of course. Their first performance of the year brought everyone to their feet (no surprise).

Coach Kelly Greenberg and her staff entered next.

I found it funny how Kelly thanked 2 groups in particular - the dance team and the band. NOT the cheerleaders. But really, it makes sense - the cheerleaders don't go to their games, so why thank them?

Coach Wolff and staff came out next. Like Greenberg he had some kind words.

Then there was more cheerleading/band/dance team. The highlight of this next set - SHORT SHORTS!

After what seemed like forever both the men's and women's teams were introduced by class. One of the coolest parts - the new BU men's jerseys. There's finally names on the back, and the shorts are rivaling those of Georgetown. Here were the highlights from the entrances:

And that's why his new nickname is Marques "Silky" Johnson.

There were a couple shooting contests after that, with fan participation. Dean Elmore was involved in one, but I'm still trying to figure out why and what for. He went up against he Dean of CGS in a Pepsi Shootout type of contest - any bucket scored within the three point-line was worth 1 point, beyond the arc was worth 2. The CGS dean somehow knew what was up because she and her partner just kept pounding lay-ups. Team Elmore got fancy, tried shooting from everywhere, and lost. I don't even know what was on the table to play for though.

After these contests Jesus and I took the floor to MC the dunk contest. It was difficult because I couldn't really hear 1. what I was saying 2. what Jesus was saying. We had some stuff scripted but that all went to hell. We kind of just winged it.

I didn't know what I was supposed to do when John Holland missed not one, but two dunks. Everyone there just wanted to see him. Thinking back about it, I really should've just let him keep throwing it down. Whatever, hopefully he makes up for it in games.

Before he dunked I offered him a cape that I was told he asked for. He declined it and took off his jersey to reveal a Superman shirt. Man, did that blow up in his face.

John should be a little concerned - he's not the best dunker in the league right now. Marques Blakely made this blatantly clear when he went above and beyond John and SUCCESSFUL jumped TWO people:

S. That's scary impressive.

Well, Carlos Strong is your dunk contest champion this year. Hopefully that's a sign that this will be a HUGE year for him. I wouldn't doubt it.

The only thing that was missing was A SCRIMMAGE. I hope next year that will happen. I want to see these teams run.

Then there was dismissal and free food at Qdoba. I mean, the night was a success. People filled The Roof and got just enough of a taste of BU basketball to want more.

The men's team is healthy for once and walking with a different type of swagger. I think everyone can tell that this year is going to be far different from the last two years. That's what I'm hoping at least.

But, bottomline - great night at BU and a great night for the BU basketball program.

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