November 13, 2008

Season Preview: Women's Basketball

It all starts tomorrow. Thank you basketball Jesus!

Let's check out the women's team first, shall we?

2007 Record:

In depth:
Overall: 20-12
Conference: 11-5
Home: 11-1 (undefeated in Case)
Away: 6-10
Neutral: 3-1

Credentials: BU finished third in conference last year and second in the conference tournament. Yeah, that's about it. Oh, they were undefeated in Case Gymnasium this year. Everyone blames this on FLUTE GUY!

Key Losses: 1,000-point scorer Cheri Raffo. There is no doubt that her contribution night in, night out will be felt. Also, Casey Devine - BU losses a huge inside presence and about 10 points per game.

Key Returnees: Christine Kinneary. She'll soon be the BU all time leader in assists. Towards the end of the season last year she proved that she wasn't a one dimensional point guard and knew how to put some points on the board. She'll need to prove to be a threat with and without the ball this season, as I see her playing most if not every minute of every game. Also, Amarachi Umez-Eronini. In addition to having one of the coolest names in women's basketball, "A" has defense unmatched by any in the conference. Look for her to continue her tenacity on both ends of the floor.

Who's Gonna Have to Step Up: Kristi Dini and Aly Hinton. They'll take the spots of Cheri Raffo and Casey Devine in the starting lineup. There will need to be massive point contributions from both of them. Dini needs to continue her accuracy from deep, and I have little doubt that she will. Hinton needs to rebound more to create a dynamic down low that Devine left behind. In addition, the road game - BU was 6-10 away from Case. They're going to need to play better even when seeing unfamiliar faces.

What the Coaches Think: There are three power teams in the America East. It's been this way the last couple years. No surprises, they're all at the top:

1. Vermont, 61 (5)
2. Hartford, 60 (4)
3. BU, 50
4. Albany, 41
5. UMBC, 31
6. Binghamton, 25
7. New Hampshire, 22
8. Maine, 18
9. Stony Brook, 12

A Look Into Some Key 2007 Stats:
- BU outscored their opponents 2,220 to 2,041.
- BU shot 41.4% from the field; their opponents: 39.4%. Got ya beat!
- BU made six 3-pointers per game compared to their opponents 4.3.
- Christine Kinneary had 214 of BU's 489 assists.
- The only statistical category BU was beat in was rebounding.

Hot Dog's Predictions:

Final standings will shape up like this:

1. Hartford
2. Vermont
3. BU
4. Albany
5. New Hampshire
7. Maine
8. Binghmaton
9. Stony Brook

Stony Brook, there is no hope for you. Anywhere.

Final Record: 19-9. Do you need that a little more in depth? 7-5 in nonconference play and 12-4 in the America East.

Final Finish: BU will finish third in the conference, like last year. They'll travel to Hartford to play in the America East tournament, like last year. However, in Kinneary and Burkes-Wiley's last year, they'll win the conference tournament, unlike last year. Expect to see BU in the big dance come March.

2008 Schedule:

11/14 - @ Rhode Island
11/20 - vs. Siena
11/22 - @ Iowa $
11/23 - Portland/Providence College $
11/25 - @ Northeastern
11/29 - @ Ohio State %
11/30 - Dayton/Central Michigan %
12/03 - vs. Brown
12/09 - vs. Harvard
12/13 - @ Marist
12/30 - vs. St. John's
1/02 - @ UMass
1/07 - @ Stony Brook
1/10 - vs. UVM
1/14 - vs. Binghamton
1/17 - vs. UNH
1/21 - vs. Hartford
1/24 - @ Maine
1/28 - vs. UMBC
2/04 - @ Albany
2/07 - @ UVM
2/11 - vs. Stony Brook
2/15 - @ UNH
2/18 - @ Binghamton
2/24 - @ Hartford
3/01 - vs. Maine
3/04 - @ UMBC
3/07 - vs. Albany

$ - Hawkeye Challenge
% - Buckeye Classic

Women's basketball season tickets are $48 for the common spectator. I really hope more people start taking advantage of this, students included. This team knows how to get it done at home, so, show them you know how to support/be a good fan. Don't go hipster on me now.

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