November 13, 2008

Season Preview: Men's Basketball

2007 Record: 14-17

In depth:
Conference: 9-7
Home: 7-6
Neutral: 1-1

Credentials: Finished sixth in the conference and made it to the semifinal round in the America East conference tournament. Corey Lowe was named to the second team all-America East. John Holland was your conference Rookie of the Year.

Key Losses: Max Gotzler and Ibi Konate...those are the only two players that are not on this years roster that were last year. Together they averaged 3.3 points per game. That's an extra three ball from Corey Lowe. Both were inside presences that you could always rely on to get a lot fouls.

Key Returnees: Corey Lowe, John Holland, Scott Brittain, Tyler Morris, Matt Wolff, Carlos Strong, Marques Johnson, and Valdas Siritus. When you don't lose a lot of players you get a lot of them back. In this case, almost every player who contributed to last years team is back. Oh, and is that....

Brendan Sullivan. He was on the team in 2005-06, then took some years off and now he's back. I played against him in an intramural game last year (A division...come on Brendan, you're better than that.). He probably had like 25 points, 15 boards, 5 blocks. Good to see that he's moved on from the FitRec courts.

Who's Gonna Have to Step Up: I think the one player that needs to step up is Tyler Morris. However, I don't think that will be a problem at all. He was plagued by a leg injury last year, but now he's full healthy. It shouldn't be hard for Tyler to return to 06-07 form. Expect it from him.

Beyond that I think the fans need to step it up. And when I say step it up I mean show up. Last year BU wast third last in the conference in attendance. The Roof can and should be filled game in and game out. Home court should matter because of the atmosphere that is created. I want that for our team.

What the Coaches Think: Back on top.

1. BU, 59 (5)
2. UVM, 55 (4)
3. Hartford, 51
4. UMBC, 45
5. Binghamton, 37
6. Albany, 30
7. New Hampshire, 24
8. Maine, 13
9. Stony Brook, 10

Where we belong?

A Look Into Some Key 2007 Stats:
- BU was outscored 1,954 to 2,009 last year.
- The Terriers shot 696 three pointers last year. They made 33% of them.
- BU's opponents had 52 more rebounds than they did all season.
- BU won their only Overtime game - the America East quarterfinal.
- The "sixth man" (Carlos Strong) was the third leading scorer.
- BU: 2.5 blocks per game Opponents: 4 blocks per game.

Hot Dog's Predictions: Optimistic.

1. BU
2. UVM
4. Hartford
5. New Hampshire
6. Albany
7. Maine
8. Binghamton
9. Stony Brook

Stony Brook, there is no hope for you. Anywhere.

- Final Record: As predicted in the Freep and Better With Mustard, BU will finish 22-8. 9-5 in nonconference games and 13-3 America East record. I'm dangerously overly optimistic.

- Final Finish:
13-3 will be good enough for first in the conference. At that point in the season, when you've played that well all year, you just elevate your game when it could be your last. BU will take the America East and get a bid to the NCAA tournament. I would HOPE that the championship game of the America East tournament would be held at Case Gymnasium instead of Agganis. Case is the home court - BU plays the most IN Case. A packed Roof is more of an advantage than playing in spacious Agganis Arena. And Terrier Tip-Off was in Case Gym.

- Projected Starting Lineup:

G Tyler Morris
G Corey Lowe
F John Holland
F Matt Wolff
F/C Scott Brittain

Off the Bench:
1. F Carlos Strong
2. G Marques Johnson
3. F Valdus Siritus
4. C Jake O'Brien
5. C Jeff Pelage
6. C Matt Killen

7. TUNDE and the rest.

2008 Schedule:

11/14 - vs. George Washington*
11/18 - @ Bucknell
11/22 - vs. St. Peter's
11/25 - @ Northeastern
11/29 - @ Mount Saint Mary's
12/03 - @ Harvard
12/06 - vs. Marshall*
12/10 - vs. Yale
12/13 - @ Notre Dame
12/21 - vs. Delaware
1/02 - vs. Holy Cross*
1/08 - @ Albany
1/11 - vs. New Hampshire
1/14 - vs. UVM*
1/17 - @ Binghamton
1/19 - vs. Stony Brook
1/22 - vs. UMBC
1/25 - @ Maine
1/31 - @ Hartford
2/02 - @ UMBC
2/05 - vs. Albany
2/07 - @ New Hampshire
2/11 - @ UVM
2/14 - vs. Binghamton
2/18 - @ Stony Brook
2/22 - vs./@ TBA !
2/26 - vs. Maine
3/01 - vs. Hartford

* - At Agganis Arena
! - Bracketbuster game

This is the season. I'm sayin' it. Ya gotta' believe (and I believe in you too, BU cheerleaders). And what better way to celebrate the 100th season than with a sensational one?

It all starts tomorrow night at Agganis against George Washington. BU must win this game and get the season started right.

Then go to the free Coolio concert...the only song of his I know:

Theme song this year? I think so.

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