November 24, 2008

Remember When We Were #1 In The Nation????

What a good weekend for Terrier sports...Terrier sports that are not Men's Hockey.

From Thursday - Saturday, The Hot Dog and I attended 5 sporting events, with a not too dreadful record of 3-2. Compared to last year, I would take that any week(end) of the year. 

But this weekend was clearly a different story than the norm at BU:

Men's Basketball: 1-0
Men's Soccer (playing in the NCAA tournament): 1-0
Women's Basketball: 1-2
Women's Hockey: 1-0

Notice anything wrong with that? When Monday's rankings come out in a few hours, it will likely be the first time EVER that the women's hockey team will be ranked higher than the men's team. Does this mean I have to start cheering for a new team? Oh well, at least it's better than looking at Jason Lawrence's face for 2 straight hours.

But in lighter news, the men's basketball team actually has a winning record. I'm not going to pretend like I'm used to this. But I will try to pretend I wasn't surprised when Freshman Jake O'Brien didn't foul out of Saturday's win against St. Peter's. There's a first time for everything in that kid's up-and-coming career. Perhaps cursed by his incredibly egotistical remarks in his NESN interview, "I'll take [the final shot], I'm pretty sure I'll make it," Lowe's clutch factor has been somewhere around...the opposite of what he wants it to be. After the home opener where he made the game-tying layup to send it into OT, Corey missed a FT to end the game against Bucknell, and some very essential FT's against St. Peter's that would have ended all hope for the Peacocks. 

Ha, Peacocks.

Not that any of this matters. Because the Phillies won still won the World Series.

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