November 15, 2008

BU vs. GWU - 11/14/08

Sport: Men's Basketball
Final: 63-58 L (OT)
Topping: Ketchup

This was a disappointing start to the season. It was disappointing because I really expected the BU men's basketball team to win this game. They went into halftime with a 5 point lead, lost it, crawled back, made a shot to tie it with 2 seconds left, got another 5 point lead with 2 minutes to go in overtime, and then somehow ended up loosing by five. That's disappointing.

Corey Lowe made two shots - one of which was the most important of the game - the coast-to-coast lay up with seconds left to send it to overtime. Had you just walked into the building you would've thought BU had won with that. The place erupted. Too bad the team kind of only played half an overtime.

The team shot 29.7% FROM THE FIELD. That pretty much says it all right there.

With this terrible game I am trying to see the good, and there was some good - Jake O'Brien looked like a good lowpost presence, despite shooting 3 for 11. John Holland played solidly defensively and offensively. Carlos Strong was a force coming off of the bench. Jeff Pelage imposed a presence down low.

The defense played well and limited the GW chances, while forcing 24 turnovers. That's solid.

The crowd was sensational - 4,624. I've never seen so many people watching Terrier ball at home before. I can only hope this game doesn't deter people away from this team.

The BU cheerleaders even made it through the whole game.

The bad? There was a lot. Corey Lowe didn't shoot well, it's not hard to see that. The team didn't shoot well. Tyler Morris....did he play? There were far too many fouls and turnovers and in addition, BU started off in typical slow fashion. The music kept messing up for the dance team. Oh, and a cheerleader pyramid toppled to the ground. I could go on and on but I'd rather not dwell on it.

It all just reminds me too much of so many games I saw last year. I'm sure adjustments will be made and a different team will show up Tuesday. Scott Brittain in the line up should change how this team plays and should definitely help the shooting percentage.

I'm moving on. I would rather not think about this game ever again. This wasn't a game I was counting on for a loss this season when determining about the teams final record. So I'm just gonna try to forget about it.

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Anonymous said...

Nice crowd but if you play Duke or UNC you get 7,000+ and they are scalping tickets outside.

As I have told you before, BU's poor attendance and student apathy has more to do with playing junk like Albany, Hartford and Stony Brook then it does anything else.

Get in a better league like the A-10 and play in a world class facility like Agganis and the students will come.