November 10, 2008

BU @ UML - 11/7/08

BU should have lost this game. They were outplayed by the Riverhawks, yet somehow by the end of 60 minutes the Terriers had a two goal margin.

It seemed sloppy and not like Terrier hockey that I had seen all throughout this season. The penalties I was so accustomed to seeing the team take over and over again weren't happening. In fact, it didn't feel like anything was happening. UML always seemed to be in the drivers seat. Entering the 3rd period the score was 3-2. I got brief nostalgia of last seasons Terrier 3rd period comeback win at Agganis early last season.

Sure enough, that's kind of what happened. Colin Wilson again, made it blatantly clear he's awesome. Jesus and I were standing right about where he put in the GWG from. I'm pretty sure I saw what he was aiming for - stick side top corner. He kind of missed, but got enough of Massie to cap a victorious BU comeback. Wilson has 9 points in his last 3 games. Yeah, he's for real.

Then Higgy rubbed more salt on the wound and scored with only .6 seconds left.

For once I was happy not to see Carter Hutton (Ryan Howard from "The Office" look-alike) in net in the third period.

An ankle injury forced UML coach Blaise MacDonald to put in Freshman T.J. Massie. Massie let in twice the goals Hutton did in half the time. Thanks, T.J.

What I learned - even when BU doesn't play their best game, they can still win. Good to know.

All this earned BU a #1 ranking, but in November, six games into the season, does that really matter? Only time to tell.

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