November 6, 2008

BU Hockey

As stated before, we've been slacking.

BU sports are just playing so well, there's nothing I can write about that most of you don't already know - domination in these last 2 weeks.

BU/Michigan 2 weeks ago was the greatest hockey game I've ever experienced. A 7-2 victory, Jesus and my actual 50/50 win, and a skimmirsh/fight to end the game. I don't know what else could've been included in the game that would've made it any better.

Maybe hot girl/creepy dad. (INSIDE JOKE)

Then BU did it again a week later in Vermont, with the same score, with the same tenacity, with the same grit and grind.

This men's hockey team is playing far superior than it's competition and I know that everyone is hoping that they just don't slow down. It is only November - there's still plenty of hockey left to be played.

UMass-Lowell tomorrow is a test. No one should overlook the Riverhawks, who didn't lose a single player from last year. I think they're going to finish 4th in the Hockey East this year - they've already beat Michigan St. and are undefeated on their home ice.

I'll be there, and I promise to give you a full report of my adventures. It's November - time to pick it all up. AND BASKETBALL STARTS IN A WEEK AND A DAY!!!1!

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