November 30, 2008

What Happened Against the Mount

So when I landed in Boston late last night, returning from my getaway in Turks and Caicos, the first text I received was from Corey Lowe. I knew it couldn't be good news, and sure enough it wasn't.

The text went something along the lines of:

"Yoo this is some messed up s---, B. Can't believe this."

With my deductive reasoning abilities I gathered that the Terriers dropped the game. Here's what I found out, the stuff that you won't read in the box score:

With "about two minutes" left BU was down 2. It was Mount St. Mary's possession with about three seconds left on the shot clock. A Mount player shot a three pointer and airballed it. The shot clock still didn't go off, despite it probably expiring. A Mount player recovered the rebound and tried putting up a layup, but was blocked. Another Mount player recovered the ball after the block and put it back up, collecting two points on an And1.

None of this should've happened because the shot clock should've expired.

From what I understand Dennis Wolff then threatened the refs jobs, life, and everything in between. He even made the rounds to the shot clock ladies, and really, can you blame him? I was disappointed to see in the box score that he didn't get a technical foul in all of this.

This 5 point defecit with two to go, much different than a two point defecit with BU having the ball, was too much for the Terriers and eventually led to their downfall and second loss of the season.

After the game, in the hallway beyond the court, the two teams almost fought twice. Obviously, when injustice is done, you want to fight.

I tried to figure out in the play-by-play write up where and when this all took place, but couldn't figure it out. However, it's coming from an extremely close source - someone who was there, at the game.

Had I been at this game I would've probably been kicked out, because if I saw what I have been told and what I've just told you, unfold in front of me, there is no way I wouldn't be on the court.

Not a whole lot can be done about it now - BU's still got a winning record heading to Harvard.

We're Back!!! Ahhhh!!1!

Ahhh, it’s been a while. It’s been a while (for me) because sometimes you get swamped with work and projects and then you just have to go to Turks & Caicos and do absolutely nothing for days, get seafood risotto for Thanksgiving dinner, and dodge the day crappy football games (the first two at least) like the plague, only because you don’t get NFL network at your resort.

But I’m back. Jesus should be returning soon.

We missed out on the standard Tuesday/Saturday 3rd week in November hockey games, but life will go on. These were the first regular season games we’ve missed in our time here. We were hoping for perfect attendance ☹. However, we did manage to make it to “The Battle for Boston” last week at Northeastern. I guess Boston University owns Boston, because both men’s and women’s basketball teams played a far superior level than the Huskies and earned two “W’s” for their efforts.

It was AWESOME being there, and having the Terriers shut up the overweight Northeastern student fanbase. The entire men’s game, well until the Terriers started pulling away, there was non-stop heckling, coming my way in the form of, “Hot dog, I hear your mom makes your toppings,” and “Hot dog, hot dog, hot dog, hot dog, hot dog.” I swear, one guy in the upper regions of Matthews had to have said my name upwards of 50 times during the game and halftime. I did not let him reach orgasm by acknowledging him though. Poor, unloved, NU student. One day you’ll find a nice Husky (girl) to settle down. Perhaps (probably not).

I <3 going to Matthews, only cause it’s such an experience and it makes me feel a lot better about my own life, no matter how sloppy it may be at the time. It’s the only place in Boston where the people can treat you like dog-do and you still feel like an emperor of a small African country.

Beyond the heckling of me, the highlight of the game was developing the Jake O’Brien fight song, every time he scores. Really, it’s stolen from his high school counterparts who showed up at the game – every time he scored (which was a lot against NU) one person counts quickly to four, at which point “John, Jacob, Jinglehiemer Smth” is chanted. Words can’t describe how magical the whole experience truly is. I’m hoping JOB goes off John Holland vs. Hartford style at some point this year, because I can’t get enough of going frigin’ nuts with that song - so much glory. To be fair, Jake’s high school friends gave us permission, along with Jake, so you better believe it’s being sung for every field goal.

Why that song you ask? Well, Jake’s real name is John and his nickname is Jake. Now it makes sense, doesn’t it?

Anyways, we’re back from break, and ready to blog hardcore about BU sports. No doubt we’ve slacked, and I’ve said this before, but we are here, without fear, ready to blog far and near (you see what I did there. I rhymed!)

BU sports kick it into full gear starting Wednesday – BU men’s basketball at Harvard, women’s basketball at home against Yale. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO AND WHO TO WATCH!!!! Input?

November 24, 2008

Remember When We Were #1 In The Nation????

What a good weekend for Terrier sports...Terrier sports that are not Men's Hockey.

From Thursday - Saturday, The Hot Dog and I attended 5 sporting events, with a not too dreadful record of 3-2. Compared to last year, I would take that any week(end) of the year. 

But this weekend was clearly a different story than the norm at BU:

Men's Basketball: 1-0
Men's Soccer (playing in the NCAA tournament): 1-0
Women's Basketball: 1-2
Women's Hockey: 1-0

Notice anything wrong with that? When Monday's rankings come out in a few hours, it will likely be the first time EVER that the women's hockey team will be ranked higher than the men's team. Does this mean I have to start cheering for a new team? Oh well, at least it's better than looking at Jason Lawrence's face for 2 straight hours.

But in lighter news, the men's basketball team actually has a winning record. I'm not going to pretend like I'm used to this. But I will try to pretend I wasn't surprised when Freshman Jake O'Brien didn't foul out of Saturday's win against St. Peter's. There's a first time for everything in that kid's up-and-coming career. Perhaps cursed by his incredibly egotistical remarks in his NESN interview, "I'll take [the final shot], I'm pretty sure I'll make it," Lowe's clutch factor has been somewhere around...the opposite of what he wants it to be. After the home opener where he made the game-tying layup to send it into OT, Corey missed a FT to end the game against Bucknell, and some very essential FT's against St. Peter's that would have ended all hope for the Peacocks. 

Ha, Peacocks.

Not that any of this matters. Because the Phillies won still won the World Series.

November 15, 2008

Bi-Monthly Athlete Rankings - November 2/2

Last poll:

1. Jon Jonsson (1)
2. Corey Lowe (1)
3. Christine Kinneary
4. Scott Brittain
5. Tunde Agboola
6. Kristyn McIntyre
7. Valdas Sirutis
8. Kodjo Wilder
9. Kristi Dini
T10. Rachel Klein
T10. Maggie McKemie

This weeks poll:

1. Jon Jonsson (1)
2. Corey Lowe (1)
3. Maggie McKemie
4. Kristi Dini
T5. Scott Brittain
T5. Valdas Sirutis
7. Christine Kinneary
T8. Krystyn Mcintyre
T8. Kodjo Wilder
10. Tunde Agboola

Also Receiving Votes: Rachel Klein 2, Eric Gryba 2, Mike Salem 1, Joe Periera 1, Caitlin Webb 1, Traci Landy 1, Jake O'Brien 1, Brian Strait 1

After winning the America East soccer title Jon Jonsson remains on top. Needless to say (I'm saying it anyways), he's the man. Keep doin' your thing Jon.

BU vs. GWU - 11/14/08

Sport: Men's Basketball
Final: 63-58 L (OT)
Topping: Ketchup

This was a disappointing start to the season. It was disappointing because I really expected the BU men's basketball team to win this game. They went into halftime with a 5 point lead, lost it, crawled back, made a shot to tie it with 2 seconds left, got another 5 point lead with 2 minutes to go in overtime, and then somehow ended up loosing by five. That's disappointing.

Corey Lowe made two shots - one of which was the most important of the game - the coast-to-coast lay up with seconds left to send it to overtime. Had you just walked into the building you would've thought BU had won with that. The place erupted. Too bad the team kind of only played half an overtime.

The team shot 29.7% FROM THE FIELD. That pretty much says it all right there.

With this terrible game I am trying to see the good, and there was some good - Jake O'Brien looked like a good lowpost presence, despite shooting 3 for 11. John Holland played solidly defensively and offensively. Carlos Strong was a force coming off of the bench. Jeff Pelage imposed a presence down low.

The defense played well and limited the GW chances, while forcing 24 turnovers. That's solid.

The crowd was sensational - 4,624. I've never seen so many people watching Terrier ball at home before. I can only hope this game doesn't deter people away from this team.

The BU cheerleaders even made it through the whole game.

The bad? There was a lot. Corey Lowe didn't shoot well, it's not hard to see that. The team didn't shoot well. Tyler Morris....did he play? There were far too many fouls and turnovers and in addition, BU started off in typical slow fashion. The music kept messing up for the dance team. Oh, and a cheerleader pyramid toppled to the ground. I could go on and on but I'd rather not dwell on it.

It all just reminds me too much of so many games I saw last year. I'm sure adjustments will be made and a different team will show up Tuesday. Scott Brittain in the line up should change how this team plays and should definitely help the shooting percentage.

I'm moving on. I would rather not think about this game ever again. This wasn't a game I was counting on for a loss this season when determining about the teams final record. So I'm just gonna try to forget about it.

November 14, 2008

Scott Brittain, Sam Tully - Out for Home Opener

Sam Tully fractured his ankle in practice....Scott Brittain has a concussion. Neither of them will play tonight against GWU.

I'm not sure how Sam's loss will effect the team, but loosing Scott could mean Jake O'Brien may be in the starting lineup tonight.

November 13, 2008

Season Preview: Men's Basketball

2007 Record: 14-17

In depth:
Conference: 9-7
Home: 7-6
Neutral: 1-1

Credentials: Finished sixth in the conference and made it to the semifinal round in the America East conference tournament. Corey Lowe was named to the second team all-America East. John Holland was your conference Rookie of the Year.

Key Losses: Max Gotzler and Ibi Konate...those are the only two players that are not on this years roster that were last year. Together they averaged 3.3 points per game. That's an extra three ball from Corey Lowe. Both were inside presences that you could always rely on to get a lot fouls.

Key Returnees: Corey Lowe, John Holland, Scott Brittain, Tyler Morris, Matt Wolff, Carlos Strong, Marques Johnson, and Valdas Siritus. When you don't lose a lot of players you get a lot of them back. In this case, almost every player who contributed to last years team is back. Oh, and is that....

Brendan Sullivan. He was on the team in 2005-06, then took some years off and now he's back. I played against him in an intramural game last year (A division...come on Brendan, you're better than that.). He probably had like 25 points, 15 boards, 5 blocks. Good to see that he's moved on from the FitRec courts.

Who's Gonna Have to Step Up: I think the one player that needs to step up is Tyler Morris. However, I don't think that will be a problem at all. He was plagued by a leg injury last year, but now he's full healthy. It shouldn't be hard for Tyler to return to 06-07 form. Expect it from him.

Beyond that I think the fans need to step it up. And when I say step it up I mean show up. Last year BU wast third last in the conference in attendance. The Roof can and should be filled game in and game out. Home court should matter because of the atmosphere that is created. I want that for our team.

What the Coaches Think: Back on top.

1. BU, 59 (5)
2. UVM, 55 (4)
3. Hartford, 51
4. UMBC, 45
5. Binghamton, 37
6. Albany, 30
7. New Hampshire, 24
8. Maine, 13
9. Stony Brook, 10

Where we belong?

A Look Into Some Key 2007 Stats:
- BU was outscored 1,954 to 2,009 last year.
- The Terriers shot 696 three pointers last year. They made 33% of them.
- BU's opponents had 52 more rebounds than they did all season.
- BU won their only Overtime game - the America East quarterfinal.
- The "sixth man" (Carlos Strong) was the third leading scorer.
- BU: 2.5 blocks per game Opponents: 4 blocks per game.

Hot Dog's Predictions: Optimistic.

1. BU
2. UVM
4. Hartford
5. New Hampshire
6. Albany
7. Maine
8. Binghamton
9. Stony Brook

Stony Brook, there is no hope for you. Anywhere.

- Final Record: As predicted in the Freep and Better With Mustard, BU will finish 22-8. 9-5 in nonconference games and 13-3 America East record. I'm dangerously overly optimistic.

- Final Finish:
13-3 will be good enough for first in the conference. At that point in the season, when you've played that well all year, you just elevate your game when it could be your last. BU will take the America East and get a bid to the NCAA tournament. I would HOPE that the championship game of the America East tournament would be held at Case Gymnasium instead of Agganis. Case is the home court - BU plays the most IN Case. A packed Roof is more of an advantage than playing in spacious Agganis Arena. And Terrier Tip-Off was in Case Gym.

- Projected Starting Lineup:

G Tyler Morris
G Corey Lowe
F John Holland
F Matt Wolff
F/C Scott Brittain

Off the Bench:
1. F Carlos Strong
2. G Marques Johnson
3. F Valdus Siritus
4. C Jake O'Brien
5. C Jeff Pelage
6. C Matt Killen

7. TUNDE and the rest.

2008 Schedule:

11/14 - vs. George Washington*
11/18 - @ Bucknell
11/22 - vs. St. Peter's
11/25 - @ Northeastern
11/29 - @ Mount Saint Mary's
12/03 - @ Harvard
12/06 - vs. Marshall*
12/10 - vs. Yale
12/13 - @ Notre Dame
12/21 - vs. Delaware
1/02 - vs. Holy Cross*
1/08 - @ Albany
1/11 - vs. New Hampshire
1/14 - vs. UVM*
1/17 - @ Binghamton
1/19 - vs. Stony Brook
1/22 - vs. UMBC
1/25 - @ Maine
1/31 - @ Hartford
2/02 - @ UMBC
2/05 - vs. Albany
2/07 - @ New Hampshire
2/11 - @ UVM
2/14 - vs. Binghamton
2/18 - @ Stony Brook
2/22 - vs./@ TBA !
2/26 - vs. Maine
3/01 - vs. Hartford

* - At Agganis Arena
! - Bracketbuster game

This is the season. I'm sayin' it. Ya gotta' believe (and I believe in you too, BU cheerleaders). And what better way to celebrate the 100th season than with a sensational one?

It all starts tomorrow night at Agganis against George Washington. BU must win this game and get the season started right.

Then go to the free Coolio concert...the only song of his I know:

Theme song this year? I think so.

Season Preview: Women's Basketball

It all starts tomorrow. Thank you basketball Jesus!

Let's check out the women's team first, shall we?

2007 Record:

In depth:
Overall: 20-12
Conference: 11-5
Home: 11-1 (undefeated in Case)
Away: 6-10
Neutral: 3-1

Credentials: BU finished third in conference last year and second in the conference tournament. Yeah, that's about it. Oh, they were undefeated in Case Gymnasium this year. Everyone blames this on FLUTE GUY!

Key Losses: 1,000-point scorer Cheri Raffo. There is no doubt that her contribution night in, night out will be felt. Also, Casey Devine - BU losses a huge inside presence and about 10 points per game.

Key Returnees: Christine Kinneary. She'll soon be the BU all time leader in assists. Towards the end of the season last year she proved that she wasn't a one dimensional point guard and knew how to put some points on the board. She'll need to prove to be a threat with and without the ball this season, as I see her playing most if not every minute of every game. Also, Amarachi Umez-Eronini. In addition to having one of the coolest names in women's basketball, "A" has defense unmatched by any in the conference. Look for her to continue her tenacity on both ends of the floor.

Who's Gonna Have to Step Up: Kristi Dini and Aly Hinton. They'll take the spots of Cheri Raffo and Casey Devine in the starting lineup. There will need to be massive point contributions from both of them. Dini needs to continue her accuracy from deep, and I have little doubt that she will. Hinton needs to rebound more to create a dynamic down low that Devine left behind. In addition, the road game - BU was 6-10 away from Case. They're going to need to play better even when seeing unfamiliar faces.

What the Coaches Think: There are three power teams in the America East. It's been this way the last couple years. No surprises, they're all at the top:

1. Vermont, 61 (5)
2. Hartford, 60 (4)
3. BU, 50
4. Albany, 41
5. UMBC, 31
6. Binghamton, 25
7. New Hampshire, 22
8. Maine, 18
9. Stony Brook, 12

A Look Into Some Key 2007 Stats:
- BU outscored their opponents 2,220 to 2,041.
- BU shot 41.4% from the field; their opponents: 39.4%. Got ya beat!
- BU made six 3-pointers per game compared to their opponents 4.3.
- Christine Kinneary had 214 of BU's 489 assists.
- The only statistical category BU was beat in was rebounding.

Hot Dog's Predictions:

Final standings will shape up like this:

1. Hartford
2. Vermont
3. BU
4. Albany
5. New Hampshire
7. Maine
8. Binghmaton
9. Stony Brook

Stony Brook, there is no hope for you. Anywhere.

Final Record: 19-9. Do you need that a little more in depth? 7-5 in nonconference play and 12-4 in the America East.

Final Finish: BU will finish third in the conference, like last year. They'll travel to Hartford to play in the America East tournament, like last year. However, in Kinneary and Burkes-Wiley's last year, they'll win the conference tournament, unlike last year. Expect to see BU in the big dance come March.

2008 Schedule:

11/14 - @ Rhode Island
11/20 - vs. Siena
11/22 - @ Iowa $
11/23 - Portland/Providence College $
11/25 - @ Northeastern
11/29 - @ Ohio State %
11/30 - Dayton/Central Michigan %
12/03 - vs. Brown
12/09 - vs. Harvard
12/13 - @ Marist
12/30 - vs. St. John's
1/02 - @ UMass
1/07 - @ Stony Brook
1/10 - vs. UVM
1/14 - vs. Binghamton
1/17 - vs. UNH
1/21 - vs. Hartford
1/24 - @ Maine
1/28 - vs. UMBC
2/04 - @ Albany
2/07 - @ UVM
2/11 - vs. Stony Brook
2/15 - @ UNH
2/18 - @ Binghamton
2/24 - @ Hartford
3/01 - vs. Maine
3/04 - @ UMBC
3/07 - vs. Albany

$ - Hawkeye Challenge
% - Buckeye Classic

Women's basketball season tickets are $48 for the common spectator. I really hope more people start taking advantage of this, students included. This team knows how to get it done at home, so, show them you know how to support/be a good fan. Don't go hipster on me now.

November 10, 2008

BU @ UML - 11/7/08

BU should have lost this game. They were outplayed by the Riverhawks, yet somehow by the end of 60 minutes the Terriers had a two goal margin.

It seemed sloppy and not like Terrier hockey that I had seen all throughout this season. The penalties I was so accustomed to seeing the team take over and over again weren't happening. In fact, it didn't feel like anything was happening. UML always seemed to be in the drivers seat. Entering the 3rd period the score was 3-2. I got brief nostalgia of last seasons Terrier 3rd period comeback win at Agganis early last season.

Sure enough, that's kind of what happened. Colin Wilson again, made it blatantly clear he's awesome. Jesus and I were standing right about where he put in the GWG from. I'm pretty sure I saw what he was aiming for - stick side top corner. He kind of missed, but got enough of Massie to cap a victorious BU comeback. Wilson has 9 points in his last 3 games. Yeah, he's for real.

Then Higgy rubbed more salt on the wound and scored with only .6 seconds left.

For once I was happy not to see Carter Hutton (Ryan Howard from "The Office" look-alike) in net in the third period.

An ankle injury forced UML coach Blaise MacDonald to put in Freshman T.J. Massie. Massie let in twice the goals Hutton did in half the time. Thanks, T.J.

What I learned - even when BU doesn't play their best game, they can still win. Good to know.

All this earned BU a #1 ranking, but in November, six games into the season, does that really matter? Only time to tell.

November 6, 2008

Your 2nd Chance To Pay For Our Time

Last year Jesus and I both sold for $15 in the WTBU date auction. The crowd was more hipsters who probably had no idea who we were and why we were dressed in costumes. This year we're participating in the BU Athletics date auction, and we're going as a package deal. Bring yo' money and you could very well be buying the best date of your life - 2 for the price of 1!!!

Terrier Take-Out is Monday, November 10th at 8 pm in the GSU Metcalf Ballroom.

Some big name Terrier athletes and celebs are on sale including Eric Gryba, Joe Pereira, Scott Brittain, John Holland, Krisit Dini, MEMBERS OF THE BU DANCE TEAM, among many others. Oh. Hot. Damn.

BU Hockey

As stated before, we've been slacking.

BU sports are just playing so well, there's nothing I can write about that most of you don't already know - domination in these last 2 weeks.

BU/Michigan 2 weeks ago was the greatest hockey game I've ever experienced. A 7-2 victory, Jesus and my actual 50/50 win, and a skimmirsh/fight to end the game. I don't know what else could've been included in the game that would've made it any better.

Maybe hot girl/creepy dad. (INSIDE JOKE)

Then BU did it again a week later in Vermont, with the same score, with the same tenacity, with the same grit and grind.

This men's hockey team is playing far superior than it's competition and I know that everyone is hoping that they just don't slow down. It is only November - there's still plenty of hockey left to be played.

UMass-Lowell tomorrow is a test. No one should overlook the Riverhawks, who didn't lose a single player from last year. I think they're going to finish 4th in the Hockey East this year - they've already beat Michigan St. and are undefeated on their home ice.

I'll be there, and I promise to give you a full report of my adventures. It's November - time to pick it all up. AND BASKETBALL STARTS IN A WEEK AND A DAY!!!1!

November 4, 2008

Terrier Tip-Off

I've been putting this off for far too long. And I'm putting an end to that RIGHT NOW, and rushing the writing:

Terrier Tip-Off was an absolute, mother-f**king success. I tip my hat to BU and BU Athletics for doing something and doing it very well.

I've said it before, but I really think that the lighting was the thing that set this event apart from anything else. There were massive lighting grids set up all around the court. Only one side of the bleachers were pulled out, limiting capacity to about 1,600. I would say 1,600 did fill The Roof.

The environment and feel were electric. Red painted the stands and basically everything else. People were actually excited for BU basketball.

The band set up and played on the far side of court, opposite the bleachers. There were big lights set up behind them, creating a God-like effect whenever they played.

Lil' Phunk danced first and the crowd got really into them. For the first 3 minutes. Then they continued to perform for 4 more minutes which killed alot of the energy.

That's not their Tip-Off performance. It was way longer.

I don't know what the general reaction was from the rest of the crowd, but the BU cheerleaders are different than last year. They went on after Lil' Phunk and they are a far different team in the aspect that they actually have a team. And dudes. 2 in fact. I don't know if that's going to or even meant to last. Only time will tell.

The BU dance team looked hot of course. Their first performance of the year brought everyone to their feet (no surprise).

Coach Kelly Greenberg and her staff entered next.

I found it funny how Kelly thanked 2 groups in particular - the dance team and the band. NOT the cheerleaders. But really, it makes sense - the cheerleaders don't go to their games, so why thank them?

Coach Wolff and staff came out next. Like Greenberg he had some kind words.

Then there was more cheerleading/band/dance team. The highlight of this next set - SHORT SHORTS!

After what seemed like forever both the men's and women's teams were introduced by class. One of the coolest parts - the new BU men's jerseys. There's finally names on the back, and the shorts are rivaling those of Georgetown. Here were the highlights from the entrances:

And that's why his new nickname is Marques "Silky" Johnson.

There were a couple shooting contests after that, with fan participation. Dean Elmore was involved in one, but I'm still trying to figure out why and what for. He went up against he Dean of CGS in a Pepsi Shootout type of contest - any bucket scored within the three point-line was worth 1 point, beyond the arc was worth 2. The CGS dean somehow knew what was up because she and her partner just kept pounding lay-ups. Team Elmore got fancy, tried shooting from everywhere, and lost. I don't even know what was on the table to play for though.

After these contests Jesus and I took the floor to MC the dunk contest. It was difficult because I couldn't really hear 1. what I was saying 2. what Jesus was saying. We had some stuff scripted but that all went to hell. We kind of just winged it.

I didn't know what I was supposed to do when John Holland missed not one, but two dunks. Everyone there just wanted to see him. Thinking back about it, I really should've just let him keep throwing it down. Whatever, hopefully he makes up for it in games.

Before he dunked I offered him a cape that I was told he asked for. He declined it and took off his jersey to reveal a Superman shirt. Man, did that blow up in his face.

John should be a little concerned - he's not the best dunker in the league right now. Marques Blakely made this blatantly clear when he went above and beyond John and SUCCESSFUL jumped TWO people:

S. That's scary impressive.

Well, Carlos Strong is your dunk contest champion this year. Hopefully that's a sign that this will be a HUGE year for him. I wouldn't doubt it.

The only thing that was missing was A SCRIMMAGE. I hope next year that will happen. I want to see these teams run.

Then there was dismissal and free food at Qdoba. I mean, the night was a success. People filled The Roof and got just enough of a taste of BU basketball to want more.

The men's team is healthy for once and walking with a different type of swagger. I think everyone can tell that this year is going to be far different from the last two years. That's what I'm hoping at least.

But, bottomline - great night at BU and a great night for the BU basketball program.


A once in a lifetime occurrence!!!

November 3, 2008

This Is A Joke, Right?

Click to enlarge

Seriously, this is a joke right? Where is Jon Jonsson?

November 1, 2008

Bi-Monthly Athlete Rankings

At the start and middle of every month Jesus and I will give you our top 10 BU athletes. Our list is based on a coaches style poll, in which athletes will receive votes and then be ranked. Here are the November 1st rankings:

1. Jon Jonsson (1)
2. Corey Lowe (1)
3. Christine Kinneary
4. Scott Brittain
5. Tunde Agboola
6. Kristyn McIntyre
7. Valdas Sirutis
8. Kodjo Wilder
9. Kristi Dini
T10. Rachel Klein
T10. Maggie McKemie

Others receiving votes:
Eric Gryba
Mike Salem

Until November 15th.