October 20, 2008


Ah yes, the start of a new basketball season. High hopes as usual, but we will not know for sure how BU's team will fare until we get to see them for the first time this season at....

Friday, October 24th at 8 p.m.

I hear Dean Elmore is ferocious on the court. That other dean that I've never heard of who he is competing against clearly doesn't stand a chance. But then again I can't name any other deans at this university, so in the end who really wins?

We get our first look at the men's and women's teams, who both came off very successful seasons. But I don't care about the drills, the coaches' speeches, the intra-squad scrimmage. Hell, I don't even care about the dance team performance. I just want to see the dunk contest. And when I say dunk "contest," I really just mean I want to see John Holland's perfect 10.0 scores across the board. That event will end the evening, and will be MCed by some very special guests.

Be there. Or Scott Brittain will turn you into a mirror image of himself.

No one wants that.

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