October 15, 2008

Coach Leibovitz Knows Where He Stands

Hartford men's basketball coach does indeed know where he stands in the America East blog world. BELOW US! From his blog:

"I'll do my best to get back into blogging mode now that the season is upon us. I have to take my rightful place ahead of the Hot Dog and Jesus Blog (actually two BU
students from the Philly area) as the best blogger of America East hoops!! Although I must admit that their get-up for games is a much better look than mine..."

He knows, right now, we're KWNING him. To be fair he's been off recruiting and actually having a job.
I can't wait to see him step it up. He's a solid GG. (Hartford - my second favorite America East team. I still really hate Howie.)

I'm sure Coach Leibovitz is just as happy as Jesus/me that the Phillies are 12 outs away from a pennant. Go Fightins'.

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