October 7, 2008

BU vs. UNB - 10/5/08

An exhibition game certainly doesn't deserve the same type of write up that a regular season game will get. So I'm not going to.

The team played well. I noticed 10 things at the game...which you can find here. Or in the Daily Free Press.

But, it's just an exhibition game...to New Brunswick...who lost to UMass the night before, 6-0.

We won't know how for real this current #9 ranked team in the nation is until Friday when they play North Dakota, currently ranked #4.

At the game I thought I won the 50/50 raffle. I celebrated like I did. Then I noticed Jesus wasn't celebrating (we share everything, including women/raffle winnings). Sure enough I was mixing up the 2nd to last and 3rd to last numbers on my ticket. Sigh.

Someone on the other side of the arena must've been real confused and/or happy to see me celebrating then realize my mistake and sink into embarrassment.

I think I should just celebrate like I win everytime this season. It'll piss people off, much like the 4:20 countdown. Or make people think I'm really really lucky.

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