October 30, 2008

Back To Normalcy

My BU fandom has recently taken a backseat to a team called the Philadelphia Phillies.

I worked for the Phillies this summer and have never grown so close to a team. That's why, for me, it's extra special to see them win the World Series. I felt like I was a part of the season and I did tear up a little bit last night.

The Philadelphia Phillies are world champions. It still doesn't feel right. October was filled with some major sports highlights, but this just takes the cake.

That being said, my obsession with BU sports will probably increase tenfold, as will my activity on this blog. I still need to update about last weekend and give a recap of how well BU sports are doing right now and a couple of other things. That will all come.

My God, the Philadelphia Phillies are world champions.

In the words of KG:

Matt Wanetik, I told you, they did it for you. The Fightin' Phils did it for you.

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candycanes99 said...

World Phuckin' Champions!!!