October 30, 2008

Back To Normalcy

My BU fandom has recently taken a backseat to a team called the Philadelphia Phillies.

I worked for the Phillies this summer and have never grown so close to a team. That's why, for me, it's extra special to see them win the World Series. I felt like I was a part of the season and I did tear up a little bit last night.

The Philadelphia Phillies are world champions. It still doesn't feel right. October was filled with some major sports highlights, but this just takes the cake.

That being said, my obsession with BU sports will probably increase tenfold, as will my activity on this blog. I still need to update about last weekend and give a recap of how well BU sports are doing right now and a couple of other things. That will all come.

My God, the Philadelphia Phillies are world champions.

In the words of KG:

Matt Wanetik, I told you, they did it for you. The Fightin' Phils did it for you.

October 25, 2008


Bottomline - this was the best weekend I've ever had at BU. Thank you Boston University.

Details to come.

October 24, 2008

Women's Hockey....Good?!?!?!

BU is ranked tenth in the nation. Last night they beat Hockey East powerhouse and the number four team in the nation, UNH. So...yeah, this team is kind of good.

Come Saturday to see how good they really are (2 pm versus Maine at Agganis Arena.)

October 23, 2008


I'm not gonna beat around the bush here - it's been a rather difficult month for both Jesus and I. Things happen and in the end of the day it's important the sun is still gonna rise tomorrow.

We've slacked a little - we always haven't been able to bring you game write-ups/our analysis/Monday updates - but it's not easy trying to balance being a full-time student and a full-time fan.

We'll try harder. I'll try harder.

And really what is making me so cheerful, so happy, so positive right now is that in 4 hours I will get to experience BU basketball for the first time this year.

There is NOTHING like The Roof. I went to a Terrier Tip-Off walkthrough on Wednesday and just walking into Case gave me goosebumps.

BU basketball makes me happy inside. And now, I get to immerse myself in BU basketball for the next 6-ish months. Thank you, Jesus.

Also, check it out:

The 3-point line is moved back a whole foot this year. How much will this alter the game (none if you're Corey Lowe)?

Folks, get yourself to Terrier Tip-Off tonight. It is going to be out of this world. (8 pm at The Roof.)

October 21, 2008

Your First Look

The 2008-2009 Boston University Dance Team:


I see you lookin' at that box of tissues beside your computer.

October 20, 2008


Ah yes, the start of a new basketball season. High hopes as usual, but we will not know for sure how BU's team will fare until we get to see them for the first time this season at....

Friday, October 24th at 8 p.m.

I hear Dean Elmore is ferocious on the court. That other dean that I've never heard of who he is competing against clearly doesn't stand a chance. But then again I can't name any other deans at this university, so in the end who really wins?

We get our first look at the men's and women's teams, who both came off very successful seasons. But I don't care about the drills, the coaches' speeches, the intra-squad scrimmage. Hell, I don't even care about the dance team performance. I just want to see the dunk contest. And when I say dunk "contest," I really just mean I want to see John Holland's perfect 10.0 scores across the board. That event will end the evening, and will be MCed by some very special guests.

Be there. Or Scott Brittain will turn you into a mirror image of himself.

No one wants that.

October 17, 2008

Hockey East Predictions

Coaches have their opinions, so do I. With BU starting Hockey East play tonight, here is my best guess at how the Hockey East might shape up:

1. Boston University
2. University of New Hampshire
3. Boston College
4. UMass-Lowell
5. Vermont
6. UMass
7. Northeastern University
8. Providence College
9. University of Maine
10. Merrimack College

If I get it all right I'm going to pay myself $5.

October 15, 2008

Coach Leibovitz Knows Where He Stands

Hartford men's basketball coach does indeed know where he stands in the America East blog world. BELOW US! From his blog:

"I'll do my best to get back into blogging mode now that the season is upon us. I have to take my rightful place ahead of the Hot Dog and Jesus Blog (actually two BU
students from the Philly area) as the best blogger of America East hoops!! Although I must admit that their get-up for games is a much better look than mine..."

He knows, right now, we're KWNING him. To be fair he's been off recruiting and actually having a job.
I can't wait to see him step it up. He's a solid GG. (Hartford - my second favorite America East team. I still really hate Howie.)

I'm sure Coach Leibovitz is just as happy as Jesus/me that the Phillies are 12 outs away from a pennant. Go Fightins'.

#9 BU vs. #11 MSU - 10/15/08

Topping: Ketchup
Sport: Men's Hockey
Final Score: BU - 2 MSU - 1
Attendance was up a little bit from the previous night, but I didn't really care about that. I cared about the product on the ice, and that product, again, looked promisingly good.

I've never felt like this. I'm already convinced that this team is tops in college hockey. I know I shouldn't feel like this, I know it's only been two games, I know it's October - I know all of this, but I can't hide my true feelings. This year just feels likes it's gonna happen. And not the Chicago Cubs style "it's gonna happen." Like a promising it's gonna happen. Right now, I'm not sure what that's going to be, but it's going to happen.

BU's defense was the shining star against Michigan State - the Terriers only allowed Grant Rollheiser to see 13 shots. He was perfect on all but one of them that split his five hole from almost the blue line. Regardless, BU played with desire and intensity and won a hard-nosed, solid hockey game.

The bad? Jason Lawrence. A slashing penalty five seconds into the game? A penalty while on a penalty kill to make BU have to play a 5 on 3? Jason, come on now...smart hockey.

In addition - Nick Bonino wasn't the same from the night before. Then again, neither was Wilson. I'm not just saying that because they didn't score any points - I think the combination of Lerg and a heavy MSU focus on both players suffocated them a little bit.

David Warsofsky looks like a stud. The first goal was all a product of his hard work while shorthanded. He's such an offensive minded defender - he's Matt Gilroy but a little smaller.

Kevin Shattenkirk looks much improved from last season. I don't know what he did, but he's gotta keep doing whatever it is (beef jerkey diet?). In fact, the entire defense looked much improved from last year. Strait was awesome, Gryba was checking, hitting, scaring, and playing smart. Gilroy is Gilroy - running the team. I did get oh-so scared when he went to the locker room after getting hit in the foot by a puck in the second period. Many sighs of relief were heard when he reappeared on the ice.

I'm thinking so positively heading into conference play. It helps that perennial bottom-dweller Merrimack storms into town (watch out, they're on a winning streak!).

These two non-conference wins help BU tremendously - not only with confidence now, but having victories over top programs that will certainly be in contention for a tournament bid come March makes this team's potential end of the year record a little stronger.

#9 BU vs. #5 North Dakota

Topping: Just Mustard
Sport: Men's Hockey
Final Score: BU - 5 North Dakota - 1
In the last two years, my only two years at BU, the Terriers never began their season with a win. I didn't really know what to expect for the home opener - the second game of the Icebreaker Invitational. On one hand BU put on a persuasive performance against New Brunswick in their exhibition match. On the other hand they were playing WCHA powerhouse North Dakota, with a Freshman goalie, and history was working against them.

The Terriers made a statement and made it early. They really did dominate the entire game. They ended the first period up 1-0. Their one lapse came 20 seconds into the second period, but this team was able to not just rebound from UND's goal, they turned it into their own momentum and put 2 goals in within the first minute of play in the period.

Goaltending - solid.
Penalty Kill - solid.
Defense - solid.
Jason Lawrence - solid. (Weird right?)

My only complaint is that the team took more penalties than they should've. However, all of them were killed off. In addition they didn't deliver on their own power plays. I'm sure this will be adjusted in some capacity in future games.

All in all it was a great experience. The attendance was very low though - I attribute it to three things - 1. Red Sox on at the same time 2. Students packed up and wnet home for the extended weekend 3. Icebreaker tickets were not included in season ticket packages for anyone. Agganis might have dropped the ball on that one. Jesus wasn't there - there was an unfortunate tragedy that took the life of one of our close friends. Jesus went home Thursday to settle things in his memory. He'll be dearly missed, as said before on this blog.

Lots of celebrities in the house on Friday (from what I heard). I only saw Travis Roy on my way out - I was too intimidated to talk to him because he's just such a hero.

October 13, 2008

Monday Update

BU - addicted to winning (this weekend). And last week in Terrier sports it looked like this:

Field Hockey vs. Fairfield - 10/11 - 3-2 W
Field Hockey @ Providence - 10/12 - 2-0 W

Women's Soccer @ Binghamton - 10/9 - 4-2 W
Meaningful game because it was the first women's soccer game televised on Fox Soccer Channel. Woo Woo.
Women's Soccer vs. Maine - 10/12 - 1-0 W

Men's Soccer @ Stony Brook - 10/8 - 1-0 W
Men's Soccer vs. Binghamton - 10/11 - 2-0 W
Talk about a big win. Great job by the d00ds.

Women's Ice Hockey vs. #5 Mercyhurst - 10/10 - 4-2 L
Women's Ice Hockey vs. #5 Mercyhurst - 10/11 - 3-2 W
I don't need to say this was a huge win. I just did anyway.

#9 Men's Ice Hockey vs. #5 North Dakota - 10/10 - 5-1 W
#9 Men's Ice Hockey vs. #11 Michigan State - 10/11 - 2-1 W

9-1 this week. That's super duper. The times they are a-changin'. Or BU is now just getting into conference play for their fall sports. Either way, it works out.

October 9, 2008

Season Preview: Men's Hockey

It's finally here. The season that will be different from the last two years. I'm calling it now - things are going to be awesome this year. And if not...then it's all going to be very disappointing.

Bernie Corbett, the radio voice for the Terriers, came in to one of my classes today and spoke about play-by-play commentating. I wasn't as interested in that as I was enthralled by all the hockey stories he had to share.

There's one thing that he said that really had lasting power with me - "in college every season is different. Every year is new and anything can happen."

This is a new, different year and anything can and will happen. Bernie is the man. He could talk about college hockey for days and I would listen to all of it without a doubt.

2007-2008 Record: 19-17-4

In depth:

2nd place in the Hockey East. 3rd place in the Beanpot, Semi-final exit in the Hockey East tournament. Not what everyone had been hoping for/expecting.

Key Losses:
Tom Morrow (2 years ago), Brett Bennett (just kidding), Pete MacArthur and Boomer Ewing - top 2 scorers in the Hockey East (HE play).

Key Returnees:
Matt Gilroy and Colin Wilson. Really, this team changed dramatically (in the best way possible) when these two announced they were coming back.

Who's Gonna Have To Step It Up:
One of the goalies is going to have to emerge. I think both are solid, way more solid than Bennett and I think either of them would work as a starter. Either way one of them must step up. If there's a solid force back in net this team is destined for great things. I think Bonino or Wilson will have to step it up too. I'm looking at them to fill the skates of Pete Mac or Boomer and I don't doubt they will. If a Freshman decides to shine (Vinny Saponari) then so be it, but this is Wilson's year.

What The Coaches Think
: Think about preseason coaches polls. Do you trust them at all? Let's look at last year's preseason polls and the final results:


2. /BU
4. Maine/BC
5. UMass+Vermont/Providence
6. /Northeastern
7. Northeastern/UMass-Lowell
8. Providence/UMass
9. UMass-Lowell/Maine
10. Merrimack/Merrimack

Coaches only got one right and it was perennial last placer Merrimack. We're not gonna count the ties for first and fifth the coaches predicted, that really can't count. Anyways, I don't usually take them too seriously because as I've witnessed in the last 2 years anything can and does happen in the Hockey East. Anyways this season the coaches think:

1. Boston College (6) 86
2. Boston University (3) 80
3. New Hampshire (1) 78
4. Northeastern 62
5. Vermont 58
6. Massachusetts 48
7. UMass Lowell 46
8. Providence 34
9. Maine 28
10. Merrimack 20

Believe what you want, but this won't be the way the Hockey East will shape up at the end of the year.

A Look at Some Key 2007 Stats:
- BU outscored their opponents 135 to 117.
- BU: 2 shorthanded goals. Opponents: 6 shorthanded goals.
- 1,410 to 1,333 - BU on faceoffs.
- 93,051 packed Agganis throughout the year.
- BU averaged 32.8 shots per game and 3.4 goals. Their opponents - 24.0 and 2.9.
- BU's shooting percentage - 10.3%. Their opponents - 12.2%. BRETT BENNETT.

Hot Dog's Prediction:
Like I said with my women's hockey prediction - it's so tough to say what a team will do before a season. This is all especially true in hockey. I'll give it a shot anyways.

Final Record:

Final Finish:
Not to put too much pressure on this team but I am predicting that they'll win the Hockey East. Furthermore, they're going to make it to at least the Frozen Four. I believe this team has the potential to win a National Championship. I have such high expectations for this team that I get a little concerned what might happen if they don't live up to what I think they'll become.

2008-2009 Schedule:
10/10 - vs. #5 North Dakota !
10/11 - vs. #11 Michigan State !
10/17 - vs. Merrimack
10/19 - @ #7 UNH
10/25 - vs. #2 Michigan
11/1 - @ #20 Vermont
11/7 - @ UMass-Lowell
11/14 - @ UMass
11/16 - vs. Northeastern
11/21 - vs. Vermont
11/22 - vs. Vermont
11/25 - vs. Holy Cross
11/29 - vs. St. Lawrence
12/5 - vs. #1 Boston College
12/6 - @ #1 Boston College
12/12 - vs. UMass-Lowell
1/2 - @ Rensselear $
1/3 - @ #6 Denver/Holy Cross $
1/10 - vs. Maine
1/13 - vs. Providence
1/16 - @ Merrimack
1/17 - vs. #1 Boston College
1/23 - vs. #7 UNH
1/24 - @ #7 UNH
1/30 - @ Merrimack
2/2 - vs. #19 Harvard %
2/9 - vs. #1 Boston College/Northeastern %
2/6 - vs. UMass-Lowell
2/13 - @ Maine
2/14 - @ Maine
2/20 - vs. Northeastern
2/21 - @ Northeastern
2/27 - @ UMass
2/28 - vs. UMass
3/6 - @ Providence
3/8 - vs. Providence

! - Icebreaker Invitational
$ - Wells Fargo Cup
% - Beanpot

October 8, 2008

What I Really Think The Hockey Team Is Like

This is a piece I submitted to the Daily Free Press when I was trying out this semester. I've thought about publishing it, but I have realized that it's possible that the hockey team could/would ocular penetrate me.

So I'm throwing it up here as a prelude to the men's hockey season preview. I hope you enjoy it because I kind of enjoyed writing it. None of what is said is to be taken literally. (Hockey team please don't kill me.)


If you’re new to campus you’re probably coming to a realization that all of us slowly, but surely made within the first couple weeks of school – the hockey players won’t say “hi” to you. This is true for most average students, except if you’re a women’s lacrosse player.

For two, going on three years now, the only time I’ve had words with any members of the hockey team is when I interviewed Jason Lawrence last year for a Freep piece. And the only reason he talked to me was because he had to.

I’m not complaining – if I were as talented at a sport as they are I probably wouldn’t be going around smiling and high-fiving people. However, pretty much all the other athletes and teams are friendly with me. They greet me, wink, and give me the occasional fist pound.

But, because of the hockey’s team exclusiveness I am forced to make my own assumptions on what each player is like. So here’s what I think each hockey player is really like, outside the pads. However, first I must mention that I did have some help in all this – one former player wasn’t afraid to dish the dirt on these guys – the forgotten Terrier – C. Sanders – last years last man on the roster.

Now before I jump into this many of the things I’m going to say may be accurate. Most will not be, and you should not believe any of the things I say as truth. I’m sure there are hundreds if not thousands of assumptions people make of the dudes who dress up as a hot dog and Jesus. So, let’s just go with it.

Colin Wilson – when Colin farts it smells like cinnamon buns. He’s never been wrong in his life. Ever. He is cultured in every world language and can cook nearly every cuisine there is. Colin got drafted seventh but the truth is he was picked by every team before the Predators – he deemed them not worthy of his presence.

Jason Lawrence – I’ve spent about 10 minutes with Jason Lawrence so I kind of have a grasp of who he is. He likes bubble baths, Dave Matthews Band, Natural Ice, and the occasional team shower. He really likes Chris Higgins but is ashamed he can never live up to the legend of he-man Tom Morrow. He can only wear his number and hide in his shadow.

Chris Higgins – doesn’t own any shirts. But if you were as chiseled as he is would you either?

Zach Cohen – reads and watches Star Trek. He owns at least one of the seasons on DVD. I kind of know this because of a Freep article where Pete MacArthur dropped this information.

John McCarthy – all the years of making sure he was the most intense person in the locker room have finally paid off as he know has achieved one of his five life goals – become the co-captain of the Boston University Terriers. The other four? They involve partially illegal activities in four different continents.

Brandon Yip – can speak English perfectly, but he chooses to speak it broken with a slight Hispanic accent. Why? To constantly challenge those around him.

Matt Gilroy – looking into Matt’s eyes for more than five seconds will instantly cause you to fall in love with him. Seriously, go look at the hockey team poster and try it. Or don’t. It all depends on whether you want to get your heart broken.

Nick Bonino – he is a stand up individual. As long as he knows your name, you are his friend, even if he doesn’t recognize you on the street.

Eric Gryba – his diet consists of meat and artichoke. He beats up a middle school student a day, except on gamedays. He doesn’t like to be challenged on days that don’t include hockey games. He loves rainbows.

Steve Smolinsky – is actually part of the team, despite what you may have heard or not seen of him.

Adam Kraus – wore a diaper the first couple games last year, just in case. As he puts it, “you never know when you’re bowels are going to give out.”

Joe Pereira – likes having a tricky last name. He eats Italian food every night, even if he has no one to eat with. Possesses boyish charm.

Victor Saponari – is extremely competitive. However, he’s only competitive with his brother. Meaning this year could be very good or very bad. Only time will tell.

Brian Strait – the only member of the team who could last more than 2 rounds in the Octogan with Eric Gryba in a UFC sanctioned fight. Instead of getting pumped by listening to hip-hop before games he chooses country. Most of his teammates secretly hate him for that.

Kevin Shattenkirk – always tries to be seen with Colin Wilson, just in case someone tries taking a picture of Wilson, Shattenkirk will be there too.

Colby Cohen – likes intimidating people, even more than Eric Gryba. Gets weekly, intense games of Jenga going with Gryba, Coach Parker, Strait, and one of the goalies - loser byes the Slim Jims.

Luke Popko – is sick and tired of people referring to Star Wars and Jedi’s when they say his name. He wants to be seen as an individual, not a Skywalker!

I can’t really say anything about the freshmen because I don’t know them. Well, I don’t know any of the hockey team either. Okay, I don’t know what the freshmen look like.

Folks, these are just one Hot Dog’s ridiculous guesses about what these players may or may not be like. I doubt much if any of it is accurate, but you can’t tell me after looking at some of these athletes you won’t make the same type of assumptions. In the end, none of it matters as long as they’re winning hockey games.

October 7, 2008

(The Always Late) Monday Update

Last week in Terrier sports:

Field Hockey @ UNH - 10/3 - 3-2 W
Field Hockey @ #9 Duke - 10/5 - 2-0 L

Women's Soccer @ Darmouth - 10/1 - 1-1 Tie
Women's Soccer @ Vermont - 10/5 - 4-0 W

Men's Soccer vs. Albany - 10/4 - 3-0 L
This was a real ugly game. Hurt my eyes, considering I showed up when it was 3-0 and didn't see anything positive happen. The Albany goalie got hit a lot though.

Men's Ice Hockey vs. New Brunswick - 10/5 - 4-1 W

Women's Ice Hockey @ Union - 10/3 - 3-2 W
Women's Ice Hockey @ Rensselaer - 10/4 - 2-0 L

Men's Tennis vs. Hofstra - 10/3 - 4-3 L
Tennis scoring...interesting.

BU - 2-1 in conference play. The most important wins are the conference wins and a winning percentage sure looks/feels good. Even if it's .666 rather than the preferred 1.000.

BU vs. UNB - 10/5/08

An exhibition game certainly doesn't deserve the same type of write up that a regular season game will get. So I'm not going to.

The team played well. I noticed 10 things at the game...which you can find here. Or in the Daily Free Press.

But, it's just an exhibition game...to New Brunswick...who lost to UMass the night before, 6-0.

We won't know how for real this current #9 ranked team in the nation is until Friday when they play North Dakota, currently ranked #4.

At the game I thought I won the 50/50 raffle. I celebrated like I did. Then I noticed Jesus wasn't celebrating (we share everything, including women/raffle winnings). Sure enough I was mixing up the 2nd to last and 3rd to last numbers on my ticket. Sigh.

Someone on the other side of the arena must've been real confused and/or happy to see me celebrating then realize my mistake and sink into embarrassment.

I think I should just celebrate like I win everytime this season. It'll piss people off, much like the 4:20 countdown. Or make people think I'm really really lucky.

October 5, 2008

Agganis Premium Guest Reception Dinner - Living The High Life

Last year there were very few weekends during the hockey season where I couldn't help smiling. This year, in the first week, I'm already wearing a cheek-to-cheek grin.

This was one of, if not the best weekends for me in regards to Terrier sports. Awesome. So awesome. Let me explain why:

On Friday night I received a phone call from someone inviting Jesus and I to the Agganis Arena Premium Guest Reception and Dinner. All I expected was a reception of some sort and free dinner in Agganis Arena. I got to dress up real fancy like I'm important so I was already happy. My expectations were crushed.

Jesus and I met other active members of the Dog Pound and Dean Elmore outside Agganis Arena at 5 pm. We all went in together and walked down the concourse to the area behind 118. There I found this:

Someone either spent a lot of time setting it up or got lazy and just dumped out all the cheese, crackers, and veggies all over the table. Regardless, Jesus and I each got ourselves a plate full of finger foods and a free glass of Dr. Pepper, served in actual glass at Agganis (OMG) and sat down in section 118.

We got to witness something I thought I would never see - a Terrier hockey practice. Not just that, it was the first official practice of the year. From what Jesus and I observed we were convinced that Adam Krause was the starter. It seemed like he was getting the most action and work. We would later find out the truth (Krause wasn't the starter).

The team did a lot of scenario play. They then did a couple different style shoot outs, followed by some stretching and team huddles, and then some helmet-less shooting from like 7 feet away from each goal.

The players weren't wearing jerseys with numbers so all Jesus and I relied on were the near microscopic numbers on the back of each players helmet. It didn't help we weren't positive on what freshmen was what number. For instance, we thought that Vinny Saponari was Andrew Glass. The reason - he looks like an Andrew Glass.

He certainly doesn't look like a Vinny.

One thing we still don't know - some players were wearing white jerseys, others red. And even others were wearing blue. Goalies were all in blue as was one other player. I won't loose any sleep over not knowing, but having that explained would ease my racing mind.

At like 6:30 we were ushered into the back dinning area behind section 108. It was pretty nice. And by pretty nice I mean overly nice for me.

Really wanted to steal this 72 inch flat screen

The Dog Pounders, Dean Elmore, Jesus and I were treated like royalty. I don't know what we did to deserve this. Once we were ushered in we got to our table and I found what was the most difficult and intricate salad I've ever tried to eat:

And some dessert that I decided to save for later.

Dinner was lavish - lobster bisque, spinach+tomatoes, sweet potatoes, string beans, chicken, sausage pasta, and some more.

Jim Prior pretty much MC-ed the event. Prior is the PA announcer for BU. I had met him before, but the others didn't know who he was. He spoke and they immediately figured it out. It's voices like that that make me want to take on aggressive cigarette and cigar smoking.

Once everyone in the room got their dinners he took the podium. He kind of jokingly spoke about how if any refs drop the puck before he finishes saying "Let's Play Hockey," he makes sure they don't work the Beanpot. That man knows how to hold a grudge.

He introduced Athletic Director Mike Lynch who thanked everyone for their continued support while talking up Agganis Arena and the hockey program, as he should've. The hockey program is obviously high on a pedistal at Boston University, as it should be - it's the only Terrier sport to win a national championship. Until that changes hockey will dominate the minds, goals, and ideas of not only the athletic department, but the entire school.

Parker took the podium next. He basically disected the team and answered any question anyone might have had. He talked about the disappointment that was last year, and recognized that it was indeed an Epic Fail. He discussed the goalie situation and explained how at the time Milan had the slight edge over Rollheiser.

Coach Parker was convinced that Wilson was going to leave after last year. He seemed overjoyed to have him and Gilroy back, as he should be.

While he was speaking I realized what a legend this man is. He has been here 36 years?! That's way longer than I've even been alive. He's seem some sh*t, I'm sure of that, and each year he comes back for more. Will this man ever stop coaching? I wouldn't really mind if the answer was "no."

After he spoke the dinner/reception was pretty much over. All the premium guests who I had never seen/talked to before socialized among one other. Dean Elmore gathered us students in attendance with Coach Parker and AD Mike Lynch. Originally I was standing right next to Parker in the picture, but Mike Lynch somehow squeezed me to the left of him. It's alright, Mike - I don't hold grudges like Jim Prior.

After the picture Parker made a quick exit. He did shake my hand, and Jesus' and said something to the extent of - "you do more than you think for this program." Those words made me feel great. Despite what any hater might say, to hear that from the head coach of one of the most storied college hockey programs in the nation is comforting.

And Dean Elmore is the man. Simply put, he knows whatsup. This school is so lucky to get to have both these men - Parker and Elmore. I really believe Dean Elmore is one of the best dean's in the country because he actually cares about the students - he wants cool stuff for them, he wants them to have so much fun here, he wants everyone to love the school as much as him. I can't say much more other than that - appreciate having Elmore. He's one of the few school administrators I've ever met who actually gets what students want and will do whatever he can to make everyone here happy.

Anyways, all this led into Sunday's exhibition game...I'll talk about the game tomorrow.

October 4, 2008

R.I.P. Matt Wanetik

It's not fair. You were taken far too young. You were such an amazing person and you will be dearly missed.
The Philadelphia Phillies are gonna win this for you, Matt. They're gonna win it for you. R.I.P. We'll never forget you.

October 3, 2008

Untouched Sheet of Season Tickets, You Complete Me

There is something so special about picking up season tickets. If you are a (student) season ticket holder you have to know what I'm talking about.

From the moment you get that email letting you know you can go to the Agganis ticket office and pick them up to the time you have them in your hand you are constantly excited.

For me, I received the email at like noon-ish. I was free to pick up my tickets at 4. For four hours I had to walk around uptucked. They really should give you your tickets in some sort of garbage or plastic bag so you don't ruin their sexy glossiness due to a) vomitting of joy b) tears of joy c) male and/or female juices.

Pardon me, but picking up your season tickets gives me the same type of feeling that I get when I see Joe Biden smile.
Hells yeah.

One thing I noticed this year - Colin Wilson is not on a single ticket (Jason Lawrence is on 2). I think the answer to why the hell not is clear - when Agganis was designing them it was still unclear where Wilson would be - NHL or BU. Better safe than sorry. I still think they should've taken a chance, even if it didn't pan out.

OH MY GOD TERRIER HOCKEY IN 2 DAYS!! Last time BU played New Brunswick Eric Gryba scored the game winning goal. I can only hope for a simliar circumstance.

Season Preview: Women's Hockey

2007 Record: 15-17-3

In depth:

BU made it to the Hockey East tournament and finished fourth in the conference. This in itself is an accomplishment. The Terriers played UNH in the first round and were smoked, but just being there was something to be proud of.

Key Losses:
Only two seniors graduated and moved on - Forward Stephanie Armstrong and defender Julie Poulin.

Key Returnees:
Top scorer Melissa Anderson - 16 goals last season. The next closes player scored 8. Having her back should help. The other two top scorers - Gina Kearns and Jillian Kirchner Also goalie Alysse Wilcox returns.

Who's Gonna Have To Step Up: I'm just gonna say the entire team has to step it up. They had a great season last year but to make any types of improvements (win a Beanpot/attain a .500 record/win a Hockey East game). So, the entire team must step it up and deliver.

What the Coaches Think:
For some reason the coaches of the Hockey East aren't really feelin' the Terriers this year:

1. New Hampshire (4), 52
2. Boston College (2), 47
3. Providence (2), 43
4. Connecticut, 42
5. Boston University, 36
t-6. Northeastern, 23
t-6. Vermont, 23
8. Maine, 14

A Look Into Some Key 2007 Stats:
- BU actually outscored their opponents 92-91.
- They took way more shots - 1025 to their opponents 981
- BU's opponents had one 10-minute misconduct penalty last year. I wish I knew what it was for.
- While they outshot their opponents they were also outsaved - 890 to 933.
- Shorthanded goals - BU - 2 Opponents - 6.
- Empty net goals - BU - 2 Opponents - 5.
- BU was equal with their opponents in power play goals. That's good right?

Hot Dog's Prediction: It's tough to say. I think hockey is the hardest thing to predict. Anything can happen and I think more than any other sport, any team could win. That being said:

Final Record:
6 straight games at Walter Brown in October might help...16-14-4. But what the hell do I know.

Final Finish:
I think the team will finish with a good conference record and end up fourth in the conference. If they finish fourth chances are they'll play UNH again, which is pretty much a loss.

2008-2009 Schedule:
10/3 - @ Union
10/4 - @ Rensselaer
10/10 - vs. Mercyhurst
10/11 - vs. Mercyhurst
10/18 - vs. Clarkson
10/23 - vs. UNH
10/25 - vs. Maine
10/30 - @ Providence
11/01 - vs. Providence
11/14 - @ Princeton
11/15 - @ Quinnipiac
11/22 - @ Boston College
11/25 - @ Yale
12/05 - @ Vermont
12/07 - vs. UNH
12/10 - vs. Boston College
1/02 - @ Ohio State
1/03 - @ Ohio State
1/08 - vs. Northeastern
1/10 - @ UConn
1/17 - @ Maine
1/18 - @ Maine
1/24 - @ Providence
1/25 - vs. Providence
1/30 - vs. Vermont
1/31 - vs. Vermont
2/03 - vs. Harvard (Beanpot)
2/06 - @ UConn
2/07 - vs. UConn
2/10 - vs. BC/Northeastern (Beanpot)
2/14 - @ Boston College
2/21 - @ Northeastern
2/22 - vs. Northeastern

As I'm writing this BU won their first game of the year, 3-2 over Union. Woo Woo!

October 1, 2008

2 PM!!!

The exhibition hockey game on Sunday has been moved from 7 pm to 2 pm to "avoid conflict with the Red Sox and Patriots game."

Yeah, so what? What about us Eagle fans!?!??!?!?!

You put me in such an awkward position, Agganis.