September 23, 2008

(Your Super Late) Sunday Update

It's been busy around these parts, so I apologize for the delay. Plus, I don't want to disrespect that truly inspiring post about Jon Jonsson. What a hero.

Anyways, here's a brief recap of last week in Terrier sports:

The women's team traveled to Minnesota for the Minnesota Gold Classic, where things didn't go so well.

Women's Soccer @ Milwaukee - 9/19 - 2-0 L
Women's Soccer @ Minnesota - 9/21 - 1-0 L

The team will try to right themselves tomorrow night against Brown. You should all be there.

A mediocre week, at best, for the field hockey team:

Field Hockey @ BC - 9/17 - 4-2 L
Field Hockey @ Central Michigan - 9/20 - 1-0 W
Field Hockey @ Iowa - 9/21 - 5-1 L

After that loss BU is 0-3 against Boston College this year. Please make it stop.

And the men's soccer team:

Men's Soccer vs. Brown - 9/17 - 0-0 Tie. There were a total of four shots on goal the entire game. It wasn't fun.
Men's Soccer vs. Colgate - 9/20 - 4-2 W. As Jesus pointed out, this was the best soccer game I've ever been to.

What a(nother) bad week for BU fall sports. 2-4-1 overall. After this past week men's soccer, women's soccer, and field hockey now have a combined record of 9-13-2. And as mentioned earlier 0-3 against BC. Winter can't come any quicker?

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Update me...JESUS! Keep up the good work.