September 30, 2008

(Your Super Duper Late) Sunday Update

I'll have it be known I'm going to change it to the Monday update - Sunday's have gotten too crazy now with football season and Jesus and my radio show on WTBU at midnight - it's just getting tough to update on Sundays.

That's not my excuse for this week - my excuse is meek - I wasted my time, money, and weekend in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma/Wichita, Kansas. If you've never been to the midwest, save your time. That entire section of the country can be described in a couple of words: "Spread like the Hartford Dance Team's legs, equipped with every single restaurant, fast food or otherwise, everywhere, full of religious nuts, and a complete waste of time." I'll refrain from talking about the people and the waste of time reason I was out there - that's for another day.

Thank God hockey starts on Sunday.

Anyways, in this last week in Terrier sports:
Women's Soccer vs. Brown - 9/24 - 1-0 W. It warms my heart to see the women's team win on Faculty and Staff appreciation night. A solid 1 save shot out for Jane Reilly.
Women's Soccer vs. Albany - 9/28 - 2-0 W. Real good to start out America East play with a "W." BU plays at Dartmouth tomorrow. I hope Keggy's not there, he freaks people out.

Women's Field Hockey vs. Old Dominion - 9/27 - 2-1 L.
Women's Field Hockey vs. #8 Virginia - 9/28 - 3-2 W (7-5 PS). I had no idea this sport went into penalty shots. That's hot.

Kim Kastuk was named America-East co-player of the week. Maybe this is the juncture in the season where everything turns around. America East play begins Friday against UNH.

Men's Soccer @ Northeastern - 9/23 - 1-0 L. Hrafn Davidsson had a stellar game - 7 saves. What hurt is the one goal he let in. The men's team plays tonight on Nickerson against the intellectually elite of Harvard.

Women's Hockey vs. Dawson College - 9/28 - 5-4 W (OT). I've never heard of Dawson college, but at least BU starts out with a 1.000 winning percentage. Suck on that world! The team continues their season Friday at Union College.

So this week what can you look for? Women's Ice hockey preview. Men's Ice hockey preview. The start of the men's hockey season, and really the start of the year.

Boycott the midwest!


Nooka Jones said...

I resent this post. Hot Dog, you have hurt me. It's like you took that little American flag of yours, stab it in my heart, pulled it out and repeated the action 7 more times. Devastated. I suggest you take back your comments before something happens to that Jewish friend of yours.

The Hot Dog said...

I should rephrase that - some parts of the midwest are alright. Everything about Kansas and Oklahoma represent all that is wrong with society. Better?