September 15, 2008

(Your Late) Sunday Update

There was a lot of action this week. Here's a breakdown:

Women's Soccer vs. Wisconsin - 9/12
A rainy night ruined what could've been partially filled stands at Nickerson field. No matter to the lady Terriers as they beat the Badgers 1-0. Emily Pallotta scored in the 24th minute and it was enough. Unfortunatley I was looking away when it happened so I can't relly describe what I saw. Jane Reilly posted her 3rd shutout of the season. Final: 1-0 BU

Women's Soccer vs. Northeasern - 9/14
This was a physical soccer game and it was hot. Women bumping and grinding and grabbing each other in the spirit of competition makes me smile, inside and out. BU scored off a corner kick in the 59th minute. It was exciting stuff courtesy of Lina Cords. BU continued their streak of only winning by the score of 1-0. I hear it's their goal to have all their wins be 1-0. Final: 1-0 BU

Field Hockey vs. Michigan State - 9/13
Michigan State wast just the better team. It certainly didn't help the teams spirit that the music from the MIT football stadium blared out over the national anthem before the game. All I could hear was Journey blasting. For a minute or two, everyone at Jack Barry field was saluting Journey. Then Michigan State scored 2 in the second half and beat the Terriers. Final: 2-0 Michigan State

Field Hockey vs. Northeastern - 9/14
It's a shame there isn't more scoring in the fall. Only 3 goals in this field hockey game as Northeastern scored first and second. 2 was all they needed. BU's goal came in the 68th minute as the Huskies took one from BU. Final: 2-1 Northeastern

Men's Soccer @ UConn - 9/7
This game result came in late, so it wasn't part of last week. BU got great goaltending on Hrafn Davidson's part in front of a crowd of 2,815. That's a lot for a Sunday night soccer game (not in the first week of school at BU). It ended just like it all started - without a goal. Final: 0-0 Tie (2Ot)

Men's Soccer @ St. John's - 9/12
A free quick is a tough way to lose a game. It's a real tough way to lose in the last 20 minutes of a game. That's exaclty what happened as BU lost to St. John's on Friday night. Final: 1-0 St. John's.

Men's Soccer vs. Rhode Island - 9/14
The first win of the men's team season was a bit of a rub in.They scored. Then they scored again, and again, and then one more time. Great all around effort and teamwork by everyone on the squad. Shaun Taylor scored in the 6th minute then BU struck early in the second half with literally back to back goals. There was a red card and another goal in a game the Terriers so desperately needed. Final: 4-0 BU.

BU Dance Team
A great week for the team - first some of the returning members (and alumni) perform at the Rascal Flatt's concert then they pick their team. 13 members, 6 new girls, and 6.5 returning members (.5 - 2 different girls return for a semester each). This team is going to be just as strong, trust me.

(The Dance Team and Rascal Flatt's)


Oh, and Corey Lowe is out 4-6 weeks. Here's hoping he's not this years Tyler Morris.

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