September 15, 2008

Terrier Sports Weekend (Also Days Late)

It was busy past weekend, and I've been super busy trying to get my life in order (and write a column for the Daily Free Press). Anyways, as somebody told me on Sunday, "attending sports events is the greatest form of procrastination." If that's true I procrastinated a lot this weekend.

It all began on Friday - a rainy Friday. The rain absolutely killed whatever crowds there could've been at this game. Nonetheless, I was there, as were the loyal crew. I like that name for them - the loyal crew. They are the loyal crew because game in and game out they will be there. You should get used to their faces because if you're at a game, chances are they'll be at the game too (baring some absurd conflict). They love Terrier sports like their parents. Or dessert. Or figuring out how to get the new Facebook back after you got stuck on the old one. Anyways, here is the Loyal Crew, complete with nicknames:

- Brochure: some know him better as the President of the Matt Wolff fan club. His heart skips a beat and he develops an odd case of cotton mouth anytime Matt Wolff is in his presence. He's going to be super famous because of his pose - it's gonna become a campus wide thing, I believe. Supposedly he's got some crazy pants he's going to bust out for the basketball season.

- Luc & Coop: short for Luscious and Cooper. They're right with Brochure in terms of loyalty. Some say they're the friendliest of the crew. I think it's because they both of have kind faces. I like to think of them as a tag team of fandom. They went to high school together, like Jesus and I, and love Terrier sports, like Jesus and I. Only thing they're missing are costumes, but I'm sure that will come in time.

- Manny: sometimes known as the only black guy at BU, however Manny isn't black, he's Hispanic. Simply put he is the man. If you don't know him, try to meet him. If you know him, try to get to know him further because just being around him makes you more awesome. That's why he goes to all these Terrier sports - to try to help them get as awesome as him.

- Capeman: he is one of two people who don't really need any explanation. Just looking at him should get you fired up for any Terrier sport.
See. Don't you want to go watch Terrier soccer now? The other member of the loyal crew (if there's a better name, please, let me know.) is Bongoman. Both Capeman and Bongoman are part of the Track and Field team, but do not put their personal lives on a pedestal - they're both there for most Terrier sports.

The great thing about Bongoman is this year he's been occasionally breaking out the didgeridoo.

Words can't describe the ambiance created by that instrument. Then of course I would have to put Jesus/me as part of the crew.
Go US(A)!

And then there's the one I forgot:

- Stash: Rightly named because of his facial hair. In fact, I didn't know his real name for like 3 months. I still said "hello" and high-fived him on the streets. He was forgotten initially because much like his stash his attendance at Terrier events is kind of inconsistent. He's there though when it matters the most. Just like his stash.

Yeah, Stash.

So, I come back to the weekend. Most of the Loyal Crew was at most of the games. Friday was rough - rain, slow soccer, but hey, a Terrier win for the women's soccer team. It was hard to get into the game because of the conditions and there weren't that many people there. A win is a win though, in front of 100 people or 100,000. The weekend did begin well.

Saturday was a day dedicated to field hockey. I walked to Agganis at noon and by 12:15 I was a on a shuttle bus that took me all the way back down Commonwealth Avenue, then across the river to MIT. I got to Jack Barry field were there were some Terrier faithful (including Capeman and Bongoman) playing cornhole and tailgating.

I say we, as a school, turn field hockey into our football - it's perfect - Saturday afternoon games, Saturday morning tailgates. It writes itself.

Anyways, there was lots of free food and people to socialize with before the game. There was also a Red Sox ticket raffle. Had I won I would've scalped.

After the BU and Michigan State got introduced and both teams lined up on the field the national anthem begane. There was one problem - the MIT football stadium is located right next to the field hockey field. When the national anthem was playing from what had to be a tape recorder on Jack Barry, Journey was blasting from the football stadium. For at least a minute and a half it was like most of the crowd was saluting "Don't Stop Believing" rather than America.

Also during the national anthem a man walked up to the field with a Boston Terrier on a leash that was attached to his belt. It was cute.

And by the way, the MIT football team looked smaller than my high school team. And would you believe me if I told you there were only like 20 members in the MIT band, and they were all wearing capes. So true. It was not a sight I was expecting - I would've thought the MIT band rolled like 400 deep.

The game was like a combination of soccer and ice hockey minus big hits. 2-0 was the final. It's a lot harder to score in field hockey than I anticipated, and that ball is heavy. The crowd, I hope, made a difference to the team - almost 250 people showed up, which is way up from what the usual attendance is. Coach Sally Starr was quoted in the Daily Free Press saying that the crowd created a good atmosphere for the team to play in. They needed that.

The funniest part about field hockey, to me, is the penalties. When there is a penalty inside the goal box (I think that's what it may be called) the defending team starts behind the net and charges while the attacking team sets up a play and a shot. I guess because of the higher frequency of shots the defending team puts on Jason-masks before the play. They then throw them off the field when the ball is cleared. I don't think in any other sport players add or subtract equipment. BIZARRE!

Sunday I woke up and got to judge the dance team tryouts - that's another story for another time. I then went right to the women's soccer game where weather definitely seemed to limit the crowd. It was overcast and rain looked to be looming most of the day. Anyone in attendance was offered free Dominoe's, Dunkin' Donuts, and Subway - for once I felt loved at BU.

Furthermore, Janie Reilly got her second shutout of the weekend. The Northeastern women's team played very dirty, but I guess that should be expected since they're raised that way. BU had a complete chokehold over the tempo and flow of the game. Right now they're playing good, solid soccer.

The Forest Henderson concert that everyone was so excited for was canceled because of the weather. This gave me ample time to go home and nap quickly between the women's and men's game.


The men's game started slow, but picked up by the second half - for the second day in a row there was a Red Sox ticket raffle. Kat Briggs, the women's basketball player, won the the tickets at the field hockey game the day before. I got about half the men's basketball team to enter the raffle when they came to the men's soccer game. This included Valdas Sirutis who told me to rig it for him. I told him of course I would, I would even put his name on the top of the pile. Valdas smiled and gave me his entry. I put it on top at first, then I just shuffled all the entries up. As much as I like Valdas I have some moral principles.

The drawing for the tickets came at halftime. BU was up 1-0 and playing far better than the Rams of Rhode Island. The announcer came over the loud speaker, "We have the winner for the Red Sox ticket raffle........Valdas Sirutis." The loyal crew and I freaked out. We all knew what he told us, but I didn't actually think it was possible that he would win.

So in two days two different basketball players won tickets to Red Sox games in raffles. What's even better is that as of now Valdas thinks I rigged it for him and he has promised me a "case." A case of what though??? I just don't know!!!


BU piled on the goals with 3 in six minutes. That pretty much sealed the game by the 60th minute, and I felt okay leaving early to go home and sleep. Tom Strackhouse is to blame for my early departure - he scored 2 in 65 seconds, which was good enough to earn him the BU athlete of the week.

BU soccer players - learn how to celebrate. Both Strackhouse goals the team piled on Tom like it was a World Cup game winning goal. Act like you've scored before or at least do something cool. I don't want to see a dogpile of sweaty dudes while I'm high fiving my friends. Do a backflip or something.

3-1 on the weekend ain't that bad. It was exhausting and the weather took away probably a lot of potential attendies away from the fields. Nonetheless, the BU shuttle worked great for the field hockey game and the soccer teams got to showcase their skills by not getting scored on the entire weekend.

The men's soccer team will try to carry their momentum into tonight against Brown at 7 on Nickerson field. You can plan on seeing the loyal crew there.

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