September 4, 2008

Season Tickets


I remember the good ole days - Freshman year. I paid $166.00 for season tickets. $177.00 last year. Then $188.00 this year. Plus the $28.50 for tickets to the IceBreaker tournament where they can only guarantee me tickets, with no specific section.

Today I bought my season tickets and I feel like I sold my soul. Now I know for some of you this price isn't too much of a problem. And I know that for most non-student regular season ticket holders this is a fraction of the price for tickets. Maybe it's just me, but I believe that Agganis is raping my wallet.

An update about that kick ass Terrier Tailgate and Splash! are coming. I apologize for delays, but being homeless, relocating my existence, and now dropping significant coin on hockey tickets is to blame. It'll be here soon.

For a price like that this Terrier hockey team better at least make it to the NCAA tournament.

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