September 13, 2008

Rumor Central

Every Saturday I'll catch you up with things I've been hearing around campus. You should consider that all these things I may point out are merely rumors.

1. Corey Lowe has some broken bones in his knee. Corey was seen by multiple people around campus on crutches. When I followed up with a source I was told that he does have something broken in his knee. Seeing Corey on crutches is something I have gotten used to in these last two years.

2. The women's lacrosse team is trying to go to Australia in the summer of 2009 for a tournament of some sort. The cost of it all - $100,000. That's no typo.

3. Colin Wilson kicked the sh*t out of Greg Pateryn - a Michigan hockey player at the US Junior National Camp in Lake Placid. Here's a brief pictorial (courtesy of USCHO/Melissa Wade):

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