September 17, 2008

Life Goal Achieved: Dance Team Tryouts

I was the guest judge at dance team tryouts. Amarachi Umez-Eronini of the women's team was supposed to be there, but she was a no-show. Definitely her loss.

All my creepiness and hard work finally paid off last Sunday as I got to sit there and silently judge girls I had never met before. My job was to basically judge on the hotness level. I'm not about to let this team become a UVM or UMBC. BU is elite and it needs to stay that way.

Upon arrival I met up with the returning members on the Executive board. They gave me sheets of paper with boxes for each girl trying out. In each box was an area for Smile, Personality, and Overall Appearance. See, I was told to judge on hotness. They could have just gave me a sheet with each girls number and I would've given them a 1 through 10. I guess this was just a fancy way of rating them.

I tried to take some pictures so I could share what I got to experience with all of you, but I was quickly discovered and patronized. The team forced me to put the camera away. Jerks. Hot jerks.

I really didn't know what to expect - how good of dancers these ladies would hot they would be...could they live up to last years team?

Ya see, the BUDT could be one of, check that, is the most depleted team at BU. They lost four seniors, one girl is abroad in the fall, while another is gone in the spring, the best member transferred to major in dance, and another is in the process of switching into CFA and will just not have enough time.

What this all means is that the team lost 6.5-8 members, depending on how you look at it, and those are no easy shoes to fill.

The four E-board members were automatically on the team and there wasn't anyway the returning members trying out weren't going to make it. So there were about 7-8 spots up for grabs the way I saw it.

The first day of tryouts saw 35 girls. About half were cut, leaving 18 for me to judge. These numbers were all down from last years 80 girls who originally tried out. I guess ladies were just too intimidated.

Anyways, I have promised the dance team I wouldn't say anything demeaning or mean about any of the girls who tried out.

They were all wonderful dancers with looks to kill. (This may be an exaggeration.)

Contestants came in 2 at a time and performed a routine they were taught the day before. I was sitting on the end of the table so it was my job to play the iPod. By 11 am I was so sick and tired of hearing the mix I could throw up. The mix was made up of three different parts - a pom (hand motion) part, a hip-hop part, and a jazz part. The songs -
"Use Your Love" by Katie Perry, "Forever" by Chris Brown and "We Break the Dawn" by Michelle Williams (formerly of Destiny's Child). I was told to express no emotion so I sat there with my head resting on my hand, trying my best to intimidate the weak ones.

After they performed the routine they were given the option of going again. Most were out of breathe (not a fat joke) and chose not to go again. They then each attempted a triple or double pirouette (turn) which was funny to watch. Most of the girls failed miserably.

Then each girl showed off a special skill. Most of it was bullsh*t jumping or spinning. Nothing cool like splits or pulling their legs back over their faces, but hey, beggars can't be choosers.

Finally each girl was asked a question. By this point I was bored and had written down whatever comments I needed to. I couldn't even tell you what the questions or answers were like.

I knew not all of the people trying out could be taken. Counting the returning members who tried out again I picked 9 girls who I thought could make the team, or should make the team. In my opinion they were the best of the bunch and could cause some controversy in the end of the year dance team tournament.

It just so happens the dance team agreed with me - all the 9 ladies who I said should make the team did.

As the season comes you'll get your season preview for the dance team. Just know, while the team losses SO MUCH talent from last year, they pick up some too. They're young, so Freshmen/Sophomores, value you're time here and go to as many basketball games as you can - the dance team won't miss any.

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