September 30, 2008

And So A Rivalry Begins

Today I noticed on BU Athletics wants to start a competition:

Click to enlarge

A competition of blogs? I feel like we're the main rival. Their goal is pretty much the same as Jesus' and mine. Yet, they can't really express opinion or bias because, well, that would be unfair.

I say bring it on bitches -however, you're going blog will be the equivalent of a blind football player:


(Your Super Duper Late) Sunday Update

I'll have it be known I'm going to change it to the Monday update - Sunday's have gotten too crazy now with football season and Jesus and my radio show on WTBU at midnight - it's just getting tough to update on Sundays.

That's not my excuse for this week - my excuse is meek - I wasted my time, money, and weekend in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma/Wichita, Kansas. If you've never been to the midwest, save your time. That entire section of the country can be described in a couple of words: "Spread like the Hartford Dance Team's legs, equipped with every single restaurant, fast food or otherwise, everywhere, full of religious nuts, and a complete waste of time." I'll refrain from talking about the people and the waste of time reason I was out there - that's for another day.

Thank God hockey starts on Sunday.

Anyways, in this last week in Terrier sports:
Women's Soccer vs. Brown - 9/24 - 1-0 W. It warms my heart to see the women's team win on Faculty and Staff appreciation night. A solid 1 save shot out for Jane Reilly.
Women's Soccer vs. Albany - 9/28 - 2-0 W. Real good to start out America East play with a "W." BU plays at Dartmouth tomorrow. I hope Keggy's not there, he freaks people out.

Women's Field Hockey vs. Old Dominion - 9/27 - 2-1 L.
Women's Field Hockey vs. #8 Virginia - 9/28 - 3-2 W (7-5 PS). I had no idea this sport went into penalty shots. That's hot.

Kim Kastuk was named America-East co-player of the week. Maybe this is the juncture in the season where everything turns around. America East play begins Friday against UNH.

Men's Soccer @ Northeastern - 9/23 - 1-0 L. Hrafn Davidsson had a stellar game - 7 saves. What hurt is the one goal he let in. The men's team plays tonight on Nickerson against the intellectually elite of Harvard.

Women's Hockey vs. Dawson College - 9/28 - 5-4 W (OT). I've never heard of Dawson college, but at least BU starts out with a 1.000 winning percentage. Suck on that world! The team continues their season Friday at Union College.

So this week what can you look for? Women's Ice hockey preview. Men's Ice hockey preview. The start of the men's hockey season, and really the start of the year.

Boycott the midwest!

September 23, 2008

(Your Super Late) Sunday Update

It's been busy around these parts, so I apologize for the delay. Plus, I don't want to disrespect that truly inspiring post about Jon Jonsson. What a hero.

Anyways, here's a brief recap of last week in Terrier sports:

The women's team traveled to Minnesota for the Minnesota Gold Classic, where things didn't go so well.

Women's Soccer @ Milwaukee - 9/19 - 2-0 L
Women's Soccer @ Minnesota - 9/21 - 1-0 L

The team will try to right themselves tomorrow night against Brown. You should all be there.

A mediocre week, at best, for the field hockey team:

Field Hockey @ BC - 9/17 - 4-2 L
Field Hockey @ Central Michigan - 9/20 - 1-0 W
Field Hockey @ Iowa - 9/21 - 5-1 L

After that loss BU is 0-3 against Boston College this year. Please make it stop.

And the men's soccer team:

Men's Soccer vs. Brown - 9/17 - 0-0 Tie. There were a total of four shots on goal the entire game. It wasn't fun.
Men's Soccer vs. Colgate - 9/20 - 4-2 W. As Jesus pointed out, this was the best soccer game I've ever been to.

What a(nother) bad week for BU fall sports. 2-4-1 overall. After this past week men's soccer, women's soccer, and field hockey now have a combined record of 9-13-2. And as mentioned earlier 0-3 against BC. Winter can't come any quicker?

September 22, 2008

Jon Jonsson - Real Icelandic Hero

Soccer. I can't say I've ever enjoyed that sport. Do you want to know why?

I think the second ripple in that gorgeous American flag says everything we need to know about Soccer. I think the first ripple just screams "We're Better than You, and we know it," but that post is for another day. 

The only real soccer fans in this country don't seem to care about soccer that is actually played in this country. Interesting.

So when I attend a BU soccer game, I don't go because I like the sport, I go for a variety of unconscionable yet strictly predetermined factors. I'd show you the pie chart, but I ate it.

Reasons to attend a BU Soccer Game (percentages influencing my attendance):
1% - Going to a Nickerson sporting event in hopes that Athletics brought back football without telling everyone and disguised their first game under the title "BU Men's Soccer vs. Brown."
2% - The 1/20 capacity crowd creates such a cozy environment.
2% - Every sporting event I can go to without seeing the BU Cheerleaders perform is a present in itself.
2% - Praying that someone will storm the field with me
3% - Staring in awe at Shaun Taylor's bald, English head.

Sometimes I get lost in his lack of hair follicles.

90% - Watching Jon Jonsson make the opposition look like fools (while at the same time getting 6 girls' phone numbers in the crowd simply by winking at them).

What a stud. And Saturday, in a 4-2 offensive clinic by BU, Jon Jonsson scored his first career collegiate goal with a laser (clocked at 6 miles/hour) of a shot that beat guido Colgate goalie David Cappuccio.

It was so Tom Morrow-like: First career goal, also coming as a game-winning goal. I used to think Tom Morrow was God. Does that make Jon Jonsson Buddha? 

I decided before the game that an on-field streaking of some sorts was necessary if Jon scored. Unfortunately, the crowd did not get such a show when the goal did happen, as a fellow soccer enthusiast stated that all I had to do was punch Luciano Fraioli in the stomach as celebration. For those still concerned, Luc should be out of the hospital in 4-6 weeks after his recovery.

Perhaps BU Soccer's biggest fan and BU Basketball's most beloved Lithuanian forward, Valdas Sirutis, pointed out a very hilarious flaw in the Colgate roster. Take a look at the representation for each team:

Honestly, Colgate? Has the Open-Door Policy taught you nothing? How did the American Team do in the olympics? Oh, right. You keep recruiting in Texas, we'll keep winning games.

September 20, 2008

Rumor Central, And More

There's only one rumor this week, and it's something I heard last week -

- Kristen Folk is no longer on the women's basketball team. I know some of you may not care, but any fan of the women's team knows that this team's size has suddenly shrunk. BU had two girls 6'3 or taller. Now they have none.

Jesus and I, along with some others, have been working with Athletics to help make Terrier Tipoff (Midnight Madness) all that it can be. Expect to see some polls of some sort up here in the next days - we could use your help to find out what people would most like at this thing.

Men's soccer is in 45 minutes against Colgate. The women's team lost yesterday but field hockey won. I'm guessing the men's team will tie tonight, you know, make BU 1-1-1 heading into tomorrow.

Furthermore, Jon Jonsson's gonna have a big game in the absence of injured Aaron O'Neal. Yeah, I know they don't play the same position, but that won't matter. You can't stop the Jon. (Pronounced like "yown," cause he's the man.)

September 17, 2008

Life Goal Achieved: Dance Team Tryouts

I was the guest judge at dance team tryouts. Amarachi Umez-Eronini of the women's team was supposed to be there, but she was a no-show. Definitely her loss.

All my creepiness and hard work finally paid off last Sunday as I got to sit there and silently judge girls I had never met before. My job was to basically judge on the hotness level. I'm not about to let this team become a UVM or UMBC. BU is elite and it needs to stay that way.

Upon arrival I met up with the returning members on the Executive board. They gave me sheets of paper with boxes for each girl trying out. In each box was an area for Smile, Personality, and Overall Appearance. See, I was told to judge on hotness. They could have just gave me a sheet with each girls number and I would've given them a 1 through 10. I guess this was just a fancy way of rating them.

I tried to take some pictures so I could share what I got to experience with all of you, but I was quickly discovered and patronized. The team forced me to put the camera away. Jerks. Hot jerks.

I really didn't know what to expect - how good of dancers these ladies would hot they would be...could they live up to last years team?

Ya see, the BUDT could be one of, check that, is the most depleted team at BU. They lost four seniors, one girl is abroad in the fall, while another is gone in the spring, the best member transferred to major in dance, and another is in the process of switching into CFA and will just not have enough time.

What this all means is that the team lost 6.5-8 members, depending on how you look at it, and those are no easy shoes to fill.

The four E-board members were automatically on the team and there wasn't anyway the returning members trying out weren't going to make it. So there were about 7-8 spots up for grabs the way I saw it.

The first day of tryouts saw 35 girls. About half were cut, leaving 18 for me to judge. These numbers were all down from last years 80 girls who originally tried out. I guess ladies were just too intimidated.

Anyways, I have promised the dance team I wouldn't say anything demeaning or mean about any of the girls who tried out.

They were all wonderful dancers with looks to kill. (This may be an exaggeration.)

Contestants came in 2 at a time and performed a routine they were taught the day before. I was sitting on the end of the table so it was my job to play the iPod. By 11 am I was so sick and tired of hearing the mix I could throw up. The mix was made up of three different parts - a pom (hand motion) part, a hip-hop part, and a jazz part. The songs -
"Use Your Love" by Katie Perry, "Forever" by Chris Brown and "We Break the Dawn" by Michelle Williams (formerly of Destiny's Child). I was told to express no emotion so I sat there with my head resting on my hand, trying my best to intimidate the weak ones.

After they performed the routine they were given the option of going again. Most were out of breathe (not a fat joke) and chose not to go again. They then each attempted a triple or double pirouette (turn) which was funny to watch. Most of the girls failed miserably.

Then each girl showed off a special skill. Most of it was bullsh*t jumping or spinning. Nothing cool like splits or pulling their legs back over their faces, but hey, beggars can't be choosers.

Finally each girl was asked a question. By this point I was bored and had written down whatever comments I needed to. I couldn't even tell you what the questions or answers were like.

I knew not all of the people trying out could be taken. Counting the returning members who tried out again I picked 9 girls who I thought could make the team, or should make the team. In my opinion they were the best of the bunch and could cause some controversy in the end of the year dance team tournament.

It just so happens the dance team agreed with me - all the 9 ladies who I said should make the team did.

As the season comes you'll get your season preview for the dance team. Just know, while the team losses SO MUCH talent from last year, they pick up some too. They're young, so Freshmen/Sophomores, value you're time here and go to as many basketball games as you can - the dance team won't miss any.

Rumor Central - So True

It was made public yesterday in the Daily Free Press - Corey Lowe is currently out 3-4 weeks (not 4-6, which is what I had originally heard) with a "slight stress fracture in his knee."

I know that the first thing any avid BU basketball fan thought of was two words:

Tyler Morris. (He's even in the background of that picture.)

Please God, not this year.

September 15, 2008

Terrier Sports Weekend (Also Days Late)

It was busy past weekend, and I've been super busy trying to get my life in order (and write a column for the Daily Free Press). Anyways, as somebody told me on Sunday, "attending sports events is the greatest form of procrastination." If that's true I procrastinated a lot this weekend.

It all began on Friday - a rainy Friday. The rain absolutely killed whatever crowds there could've been at this game. Nonetheless, I was there, as were the loyal crew. I like that name for them - the loyal crew. They are the loyal crew because game in and game out they will be there. You should get used to their faces because if you're at a game, chances are they'll be at the game too (baring some absurd conflict). They love Terrier sports like their parents. Or dessert. Or figuring out how to get the new Facebook back after you got stuck on the old one. Anyways, here is the Loyal Crew, complete with nicknames:

- Brochure: some know him better as the President of the Matt Wolff fan club. His heart skips a beat and he develops an odd case of cotton mouth anytime Matt Wolff is in his presence. He's going to be super famous because of his pose - it's gonna become a campus wide thing, I believe. Supposedly he's got some crazy pants he's going to bust out for the basketball season.

- Luc & Coop: short for Luscious and Cooper. They're right with Brochure in terms of loyalty. Some say they're the friendliest of the crew. I think it's because they both of have kind faces. I like to think of them as a tag team of fandom. They went to high school together, like Jesus and I, and love Terrier sports, like Jesus and I. Only thing they're missing are costumes, but I'm sure that will come in time.

- Manny: sometimes known as the only black guy at BU, however Manny isn't black, he's Hispanic. Simply put he is the man. If you don't know him, try to meet him. If you know him, try to get to know him further because just being around him makes you more awesome. That's why he goes to all these Terrier sports - to try to help them get as awesome as him.

- Capeman: he is one of two people who don't really need any explanation. Just looking at him should get you fired up for any Terrier sport.
See. Don't you want to go watch Terrier soccer now? The other member of the loyal crew (if there's a better name, please, let me know.) is Bongoman. Both Capeman and Bongoman are part of the Track and Field team, but do not put their personal lives on a pedestal - they're both there for most Terrier sports.

The great thing about Bongoman is this year he's been occasionally breaking out the didgeridoo.

Words can't describe the ambiance created by that instrument. Then of course I would have to put Jesus/me as part of the crew.
Go US(A)!

And then there's the one I forgot:

- Stash: Rightly named because of his facial hair. In fact, I didn't know his real name for like 3 months. I still said "hello" and high-fived him on the streets. He was forgotten initially because much like his stash his attendance at Terrier events is kind of inconsistent. He's there though when it matters the most. Just like his stash.

Yeah, Stash.

So, I come back to the weekend. Most of the Loyal Crew was at most of the games. Friday was rough - rain, slow soccer, but hey, a Terrier win for the women's soccer team. It was hard to get into the game because of the conditions and there weren't that many people there. A win is a win though, in front of 100 people or 100,000. The weekend did begin well.

Saturday was a day dedicated to field hockey. I walked to Agganis at noon and by 12:15 I was a on a shuttle bus that took me all the way back down Commonwealth Avenue, then across the river to MIT. I got to Jack Barry field were there were some Terrier faithful (including Capeman and Bongoman) playing cornhole and tailgating.

I say we, as a school, turn field hockey into our football - it's perfect - Saturday afternoon games, Saturday morning tailgates. It writes itself.

Anyways, there was lots of free food and people to socialize with before the game. There was also a Red Sox ticket raffle. Had I won I would've scalped.

After the BU and Michigan State got introduced and both teams lined up on the field the national anthem begane. There was one problem - the MIT football stadium is located right next to the field hockey field. When the national anthem was playing from what had to be a tape recorder on Jack Barry, Journey was blasting from the football stadium. For at least a minute and a half it was like most of the crowd was saluting "Don't Stop Believing" rather than America.

Also during the national anthem a man walked up to the field with a Boston Terrier on a leash that was attached to his belt. It was cute.

And by the way, the MIT football team looked smaller than my high school team. And would you believe me if I told you there were only like 20 members in the MIT band, and they were all wearing capes. So true. It was not a sight I was expecting - I would've thought the MIT band rolled like 400 deep.

The game was like a combination of soccer and ice hockey minus big hits. 2-0 was the final. It's a lot harder to score in field hockey than I anticipated, and that ball is heavy. The crowd, I hope, made a difference to the team - almost 250 people showed up, which is way up from what the usual attendance is. Coach Sally Starr was quoted in the Daily Free Press saying that the crowd created a good atmosphere for the team to play in. They needed that.

The funniest part about field hockey, to me, is the penalties. When there is a penalty inside the goal box (I think that's what it may be called) the defending team starts behind the net and charges while the attacking team sets up a play and a shot. I guess because of the higher frequency of shots the defending team puts on Jason-masks before the play. They then throw them off the field when the ball is cleared. I don't think in any other sport players add or subtract equipment. BIZARRE!

Sunday I woke up and got to judge the dance team tryouts - that's another story for another time. I then went right to the women's soccer game where weather definitely seemed to limit the crowd. It was overcast and rain looked to be looming most of the day. Anyone in attendance was offered free Dominoe's, Dunkin' Donuts, and Subway - for once I felt loved at BU.

Furthermore, Janie Reilly got her second shutout of the weekend. The Northeastern women's team played very dirty, but I guess that should be expected since they're raised that way. BU had a complete chokehold over the tempo and flow of the game. Right now they're playing good, solid soccer.

The Forest Henderson concert that everyone was so excited for was canceled because of the weather. This gave me ample time to go home and nap quickly between the women's and men's game.


The men's game started slow, but picked up by the second half - for the second day in a row there was a Red Sox ticket raffle. Kat Briggs, the women's basketball player, won the the tickets at the field hockey game the day before. I got about half the men's basketball team to enter the raffle when they came to the men's soccer game. This included Valdas Sirutis who told me to rig it for him. I told him of course I would, I would even put his name on the top of the pile. Valdas smiled and gave me his entry. I put it on top at first, then I just shuffled all the entries up. As much as I like Valdas I have some moral principles.

The drawing for the tickets came at halftime. BU was up 1-0 and playing far better than the Rams of Rhode Island. The announcer came over the loud speaker, "We have the winner for the Red Sox ticket raffle........Valdas Sirutis." The loyal crew and I freaked out. We all knew what he told us, but I didn't actually think it was possible that he would win.

So in two days two different basketball players won tickets to Red Sox games in raffles. What's even better is that as of now Valdas thinks I rigged it for him and he has promised me a "case." A case of what though??? I just don't know!!!


BU piled on the goals with 3 in six minutes. That pretty much sealed the game by the 60th minute, and I felt okay leaving early to go home and sleep. Tom Strackhouse is to blame for my early departure - he scored 2 in 65 seconds, which was good enough to earn him the BU athlete of the week.

BU soccer players - learn how to celebrate. Both Strackhouse goals the team piled on Tom like it was a World Cup game winning goal. Act like you've scored before or at least do something cool. I don't want to see a dogpile of sweaty dudes while I'm high fiving my friends. Do a backflip or something.

3-1 on the weekend ain't that bad. It was exhausting and the weather took away probably a lot of potential attendies away from the fields. Nonetheless, the BU shuttle worked great for the field hockey game and the soccer teams got to showcase their skills by not getting scored on the entire weekend.

The men's soccer team will try to carry their momentum into tonight against Brown at 7 on Nickerson field. You can plan on seeing the loyal crew there.

(Your Late) Sunday Update

There was a lot of action this week. Here's a breakdown:

Women's Soccer vs. Wisconsin - 9/12
A rainy night ruined what could've been partially filled stands at Nickerson field. No matter to the lady Terriers as they beat the Badgers 1-0. Emily Pallotta scored in the 24th minute and it was enough. Unfortunatley I was looking away when it happened so I can't relly describe what I saw. Jane Reilly posted her 3rd shutout of the season. Final: 1-0 BU

Women's Soccer vs. Northeasern - 9/14
This was a physical soccer game and it was hot. Women bumping and grinding and grabbing each other in the spirit of competition makes me smile, inside and out. BU scored off a corner kick in the 59th minute. It was exciting stuff courtesy of Lina Cords. BU continued their streak of only winning by the score of 1-0. I hear it's their goal to have all their wins be 1-0. Final: 1-0 BU

Field Hockey vs. Michigan State - 9/13
Michigan State wast just the better team. It certainly didn't help the teams spirit that the music from the MIT football stadium blared out over the national anthem before the game. All I could hear was Journey blasting. For a minute or two, everyone at Jack Barry field was saluting Journey. Then Michigan State scored 2 in the second half and beat the Terriers. Final: 2-0 Michigan State

Field Hockey vs. Northeastern - 9/14
It's a shame there isn't more scoring in the fall. Only 3 goals in this field hockey game as Northeastern scored first and second. 2 was all they needed. BU's goal came in the 68th minute as the Huskies took one from BU. Final: 2-1 Northeastern

Men's Soccer @ UConn - 9/7
This game result came in late, so it wasn't part of last week. BU got great goaltending on Hrafn Davidson's part in front of a crowd of 2,815. That's a lot for a Sunday night soccer game (not in the first week of school at BU). It ended just like it all started - without a goal. Final: 0-0 Tie (2Ot)

Men's Soccer @ St. John's - 9/12
A free quick is a tough way to lose a game. It's a real tough way to lose in the last 20 minutes of a game. That's exaclty what happened as BU lost to St. John's on Friday night. Final: 1-0 St. John's.

Men's Soccer vs. Rhode Island - 9/14
The first win of the men's team season was a bit of a rub in.They scored. Then they scored again, and again, and then one more time. Great all around effort and teamwork by everyone on the squad. Shaun Taylor scored in the 6th minute then BU struck early in the second half with literally back to back goals. There was a red card and another goal in a game the Terriers so desperately needed. Final: 4-0 BU.

BU Dance Team
A great week for the team - first some of the returning members (and alumni) perform at the Rascal Flatt's concert then they pick their team. 13 members, 6 new girls, and 6.5 returning members (.5 - 2 different girls return for a semester each). This team is going to be just as strong, trust me.

(The Dance Team and Rascal Flatt's)


Oh, and Corey Lowe is out 4-6 weeks. Here's hoping he's not this years Tyler Morris.

September 13, 2008

Rumor Central

Every Saturday I'll catch you up with things I've been hearing around campus. You should consider that all these things I may point out are merely rumors.

1. Corey Lowe has some broken bones in his knee. Corey was seen by multiple people around campus on crutches. When I followed up with a source I was told that he does have something broken in his knee. Seeing Corey on crutches is something I have gotten used to in these last two years.

2. The women's lacrosse team is trying to go to Australia in the summer of 2009 for a tournament of some sort. The cost of it all - $100,000. That's no typo.

3. Colin Wilson kicked the sh*t out of Greg Pateryn - a Michigan hockey player at the US Junior National Camp in Lake Placid. Here's a brief pictorial (courtesy of USCHO/Melissa Wade):

September 12, 2008

Weekend Entertainment

It's an exciting weekend in Terrier sports. Here's a suggested lineup; screw college football/NFL games that don't feature the Philadelphia Eagles:

Friday, September 12:

Nickerson Field - 7:00 pm: Women's Soccer vs. Wisconsin.
Attendance = 15 Terrier points

Saturday, September 13th:

Jack Barry Field, MIT - 1:00 pm: #18 Field Hockey vs. #10 Michigan St.
Shuttle buses leave from the GSU and Agganis from 12 through 4, nonstop.
Any student in attendance will receive double Terrier rewards points, meaning 30 total. The first 100 students to 60 points receive a free Dog Pound t-shirt. This means if you have been to every Terrier home game you can win your shirt at this game.
Also if you make it out to MIT to watch the game you have a chance to win Red Sox tickets.

Sunday, September 14th:

Nickerson Field - 1:00 pm: Women's Soccer vs. Northeastern
There will be free Dominoes, Dunkin' Donuts, and Subway (Eat Fresh)
After the games there's a free Forest Henderson concert on the field.

Nickerson Field - 4:00 pm: Men's Soccer vs. Rhode Island
15 Terrier points for each game.

There's plenty to do and plenty of free stuff along the way. See you there?

September 11, 2008

Big Things Poppin' This Sunday

As you can see in this email from Athletics that I just received there is a double header this weekend! I'm going to be physically and emotionally drained after these games, which I plan on attending (without Jesus who is heading home for the weekend). These teams are lucky the Eagles have a Monday night game.

Who in the f*ck is Forest Henderson??

Oooooooo! Free pizza! And Dunkin' D's! And Subway!!!! OMG!!!!1!

I don't see why you wouldn't go, even if it's just for the free food. And Forest Henderson.

September 7, 2008

Sunday Update

Here's the deal - I'm gonna try to give you a Sunday update - a wrap up of whatever happened in Terrier sports during the week.

And the inaugural update begins! Here's what happened in this last week in Terriers sports:

Men's Soccer vs. UMass - 8/31
Last Sunday featured the most devastating loss in the history of Terrier soccer. With 3 seconds left in the game UMass evened the score to send it into overtime. Then 8 seconds into the second overtime UMass launched a midfield shot that defelcted off multiple Terriers and found the back of the net. Final: 2-1 UMass (2ot)

Women's Soccer @ South Caroline - 8/31
After marching into Rhode Island, scoring one goal, and leaving, the Terriers had almost the exact opposite done to them - South Carolina won 1-0. The Terriers launched 10 shots to the Gamecocks 12, which may have been the difference. That plus BU was outsaved 6-3. Final: 1-0 USC

Women's Soccer @ Princeton - 9/5
BU scored first in he 66th minute, but couldn't hold off Princeton. The Terriers outshot and outsaved the Tigers however in the end that's not what matters. Farrell McClernon scored her first goal of the year in the losing effort. Final: 2-1 Princeton

Women's Soccer @ UConn - 9/7
Jessica Luscinski came out firing early and often. In the 10th minute she scored her first goal of the season. Just one of her 4 shots that came during the game. That proved to be enough as BU got a win they so desperately needed over the 19th ranked team in the nation. BU is now 2-3 on the season. Final: 1-0 UConn

Field Hockey @ Temple - 9/6
As mentioned in an earlier post BU lost this one in overtime in game one of the Blue Hen classic. What's staggering is that BU outshot UDel 21-6. Goalie Kim Kastuk was outsaved 10-3. It was disappointing to say the least. Final: 3-2 Templed (OT)

Field Hockey @ Delaware - 9/7
The Terriers rebounded nicely after a tough loss. Let's be real here - what loss isn't tough? Blowouts? Maybe. Anyways, freshman Giovanna Monaco scored her first collegiate goal and that was all that mattered. BU outshot UDel 7-3. They are now 2-1 on the year. Final: 1-0 BU

A pretty brutal week in Terrier sports - 2 wins to 4 losses. The great thing about September is that for at least the next eight months there are Terrier sports in some capacity every single week. Breathe in deeply. Do you taste that? That's the taste of semi-satisfaction.

September 6, 2008

Season Preview: Field Hockey

The season's already started, but I don't see a reason not to still preview the rest of the season. I owe it to them since they were the first team to make cookies for Jesus and I to try to get us to attend their games. I regret not being able to last season.

2007 Record:

In depth:
Conference: 5-0-0
Home: 8-1-0
Neutral: 3-1-0

Their home away from home - Jack Barry Field at MIT - seems to be a comfort zone for BU. This year should be no different, everyone hopes.

Credentials: Last year was the most successful team that field hockey has ever featured - they won the America East, dominated most of their opponents, and made it all the way to the quarterfinals. I know that everyone around the program wants this team to take it one step further this season.

Key Losses:
Sarah Hudak - one of if not the most decorated athletes at BU last year - America East Student-Athlete of the Year, NFHCA Northeast All-Region First Team, the America East All-Conference First Team and the ECAC All-Star Team, America East Defensive player of the year, and a third-team All-American.

Truly awesome. Suus Dekker - a solid midfielder who moved back to Holland to play with the national team - she's that good. Leading scorer Pam Spuehler also has graduated and moved onto greener pastures.

Key Returnees:
Coach Sally Starr - entering her 28th season.

That's like Joe Paterno style right there. They should change Jack Berry Field at MIT to Sally Starr Field and annex it as part of BU. It's got such a nice ring to it, doesn't it? seniors Lizzie Perreault, Holly Wiles, and junior Haley Raobinson all return after starting every game last year. In addition BU will feature Nikki Lloyd - a transfer from Virginia Commonwealth who led the team in scoring in back to back years. Also, a graduate student! Suck it NCAA - Sheena Barry who comes all the way from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Don't forget about the whole goalie core coming back after a stellar season.

Who's Gonna Have To Step Up:
BU transportation.

In order for anyone to attend these games, at MIT, there needs to be adequate shuttles running back and forth from the BU campus to MIT. I would've gone to many more games last year, many more meaning at least one, if I had known there were many shuttles readily available, I'm sure I could've made it to more games. Which players need to step up? Junior Gabby Hajjar - a scorer from last year is going to need to step up her productivity to fill the shoes of the departed.

What The Coaches Think: 2nd? Are you kidding me? This team went yard last year and returns some key members while adding a lot too. They won the league three years in a row. A fourth seems rather inevitable. Here's what the coaches think:

1. Albany (4), 24
2. Boston University (2), 22
3. Vermont, 16
4. New Hampshire, 14
5. Maine, 9
6. Fairfield, 5

BU's ranked 14th in the polls. Albany is 19. Messed up.

A Look Into Some Key 2007 Stats:
- BU outscored opponents 66 to 29. Wow?
- BU outshot their opponents 346 to 185. Again, wow.
- BU had 45 assists to their opponents 23.
- BU had 8 green cards (what the hell is a green card) to theier opponents 12. And 0 to 1 in yellow cards.
- 1,741 people saw BU at home. 3,352 on the road. I hope to change that a bit.
- BU was outsaved by their opponents 148 to 69, but when you look at the shot totals it becomes understandable.

Hot Dog's Predictions: This team's going to make some noise. I see them winning the conference for the fourth time in a row and making it just as far if not further than they did in last years tournament.

- Final Record:
They're 1-1 as of now. They dropped one to Temple (?) today. So, knowing that I will venture to tell you this team will end up 12-6 in the regular season and end up winning the conference. Another BU team has another stacked non-conference schedule. They play number 4, 5, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 19 in the current polls this season. It's not a very easily road to the tournament by any stretch.

- Final Finish:
Quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament. Depending on how well the team is playing I could see them making it to the semis. This team will represent our conference very well.

2008 Schedule:

8/31 - vs. Northwestern (W)
9/6 - @ Temple (L)*
9/7 - @ Delaware*
9/13 - vs. #10 Michigan State
9/14 - vs. Northeastern
9/17 - @ #13 Boston College
9/20 - @ Central Michigan ($)
9/21 - @ #5 Iowa ($)
9/27 - vs. #8 Old Dominion
9/28 - vs. #11 Virginia (%)
10/3 - @ New Hampshire
10/5 - @ #12 Duke
10/11 - vs. Fairfield
10/12 - @ Providence
10/18 - vs. Maine
10/22 - vs. #4 UConn
10/25 - @ #19 Albany
10/29 - vs. Harvard
11/1 - @ Vermont

* - Delaware Tournament
$ - Iowa Tournament
% - at BC (booo)

And so it begins. Or has already begun.

September 5, 2008

Terrier Tailgate and Splash

For two years now Freshman can awkwardly meet each other and stay in a sitting position for 40 minutes. Then most of them all get up and leave.

The Terrier Tailgate has been extremely successful these last two years; not really in the win/loss column, but the attendance has been staggering. Whoever thought up the idea to have a home game the first night all Freshman are at school should be given a medal.

5,935 people attended the game. That's like as much as a hockey game against the U-18 US National team.

Upon arrival every spectator was given not only a fall sports schedule, but a brochure explaining the remade Terrier Rewards program. Students who attend select games receive points. With these points they can earn prizes and rewards. This is a superb way to get people out to games. I'm crossing my fingers it pays off since I was part of the brains of the operation.

Anyway, I wore my outfit and people looked skeptically at both Jesus and I as they walked in. However, some Freshman, somehow, did know who we were. "I friggin' love you Hot Dog and Jesus." The only type of response I could give was, "I don't know you, but I love you too." This is the type of fandom this school needs - unconditional love.

There was plenty of food, giveaways, and a dunk tank. I was only at the dunk tank to see K-Mac (Krystyn McIntyre) get dunked, but it was indeed entertaining. Mainly because the target area to throw at wasn't accurate. If anyone hit the entire pad the bullseye was on K-Mac was getting wet.

Later, John Holland sat upon the platform. From what I heard everytime he saw he was getting dunked he exclaimed, "Ahhhhhhhhhh." Followed by a moaning, "Whyyyyyy????" Apparently John hates water. Because he is so tall he often just stood up in the tank when the platform gave out.

The lacrosse team was selling t-shirts for their tentative Australia trip - they are going to play lacrosse in Australia. Jesus and I made our first purchase of what will be many - two $10 Terrier shirts. A freshman lax player was skeptical/scared - asking why I dress the way I do. Such a n00b. Along side them included some men's hockey players - Wilson/Shattenkirk, walking hand-in-hand, and the BU basketball team, in full force.

As people filed in food ran out, so hired help started walking around with food and tossing it to the crowd. Again, this is such an upgrade from last year. By gametime the place was packed. I could tell there were more people than the year before, but I couldn't tell how many more. Shortly after the game began I found out that last years number was slightly inflated, and we had indeed crushed that number.

The game was, well, it was soccer. It's really tough to get people on the American college level to get into soccer. I don't know how or what motivates people in England and Europe to be on their feet chanting and screaming all game. My only guess is alcohol - something that wasn't provided to the students at the game.

They did get up and on their feet when they saw that there was a possibility a BU soccer ball or BU beads could be thrown their way. This was the job of Jesus, Bongoman, and me - try to get people as amped as possible. We were on the playing area (the track around the field really), running back and forth trying to get people loud. They would stay loud as long as I was threatening to throw them free stuff. As soon as I turned around to watch they game, they got as quiet as I was.

Let me explain myself a little. Last year I was energized and loud and screaming just about the entire time. This year I had just helped Jesus move into our apartment that we couldn't live in yet - I was homeless, hadn't showered in days, and very tired. It was difficult for me to get as pumped up for this game as last year.

Now that I have a shower to shower in and a bed to sleep in I am energized and amped for the rest of the season. But being without a true place to stay definitely hurt my spirits.

What hurt more was the way the men's soccer team lost this game. It's just about the worst way a team, in any sport, can lose.

BU scored first, in the first half. UMass finished the half by scoring with 42 seconds left. BU grabbed a 2-1 lead with about 10 minutes left in the game. Then, with 3 seconds left, 3 mother f-ing seconds left the Minutemen found a way to put the ball in the back of the net.

I thought that was it - the game would end in a tie. I mean, that's how regular season soccer usually works. Jesus even undressed himself. Yet, all of a sudden the game was back on with two 10-minute overtimes. The first one was rather uneventful. BU clearly had more opportunities than UMass did, but never found the back of the net.

Then 8 seconds, 8 mother f-ing seconds into the second overtime Ben Arikian from UMass launched what didn't even seem like a shot from just inside midfield. To me it looked like it deflected off two different Terriers and then went wide of the net. However my eyes deceived me. I realized this when the UMass bench cleared and pummeled Arikian. The ball went in on what had to have been at least a 40 yard shot. That shot had no business being around the net, yet it was in the back of it. It was a surreal way to lose a game.

Fortunately, what had to have been half of the students who were originally at the game had left. I would say a large large portion left at halftime so they could go sit in their dorm rooms with their roommates and get drunk off the alcohol they smuggled from home. It's their choice and I can't make them stay, but this is the type of game that the soccer team needed the support of all 5,935 people who were originally there.

There's always next year.

The next day was Splash. An event where I get to sweat my ass off in my costume for like 2 plus hours. Upon arrival I was getting far more tire chunks from the new Nickerson field than I wanted to. I chose the rest of the day to go shoeless - best decision of the day.

Again, I was coming off another night of homelessness, but it was easy to get Freshman to take free hockey posters out of my hands and draw attention to the Dog Pound table - way easier than getting people pumped up for a soccer game. Splash is always a fun event. People are a lot more friendly and open to talk in that type of setting. Maybe it's because there's so much free stuff being handed out. Maybe it's because BU pumps the area with oxygen so people get a little high. Who knows? I know that each year I look forward to Splash and look forward to trying to recruit students to become fans, and not just of hockey.

I got to meet the two new men's basketball players. If you stacked them ontop of each other I'm pretty sure you could change the lights on the ceiling at The Roof. They are big boys. I'm gonna nickname them Cookies&Cream, right now. Jake O'Brien, 6-8, 205, white, seemed kind of hesitant and shy of me, in a hot dog suit. Jeff Pelage, 6-9, 240, black, had the type of smile a successful rapper has. He just seemed happy to be a part of it all. I have a feeling it's going to be a good year in basketball. Especially with these two Gheorghe Muresan-like ballas.

One thing I forgot about during Splash was the sun. I had to go to the first day of class with a semi-ridiculous sunglass tan, but that's okay. It's the price I pay to try to get the class of 2012 into Terrier sports.

Credit to Daryl DeLuca for such amazing pictures. You have access that no one else does. I'm envious.

September 4, 2008

BUDT: Blowing Up Like I Thought They Would

Here's the latest on the BUDT:

They're performing at the Rascal Flatts concert.

What, what, what???

I'm not joking you. The Rascal Flatts called up BU and asked them for six dancers. Of course BU is gonna call the Dance Team. I mean, why wouldn't you?

So some of your favorite members will be live, on stage, dancing alongside of Rascal Flatts on Saturday, September 13th in Mansfield, MA at the Comcast Center. Personally, I've never heard a single song by the Rascal Flats, but I did just drop $238 on StubHub so I can see the BUDT up close and personal on a stage they deserve. Hottttt.

And I will get to the Terrier Tailgate, Splash, and a Field Hockey preview, but as I write this some girl just walked into the COM lounge, where I currently am, wearing a BC superfan shirt. I need to go self-induce vomiting now. Hopefully on her.

Season Tickets


I remember the good ole days - Freshman year. I paid $166.00 for season tickets. $177.00 last year. Then $188.00 this year. Plus the $28.50 for tickets to the IceBreaker tournament where they can only guarantee me tickets, with no specific section.

Today I bought my season tickets and I feel like I sold my soul. Now I know for some of you this price isn't too much of a problem. And I know that for most non-student regular season ticket holders this is a fraction of the price for tickets. Maybe it's just me, but I believe that Agganis is raping my wallet.

An update about that kick ass Terrier Tailgate and Splash! are coming. I apologize for delays, but being homeless, relocating my existence, and now dropping significant coin on hockey tickets is to blame. It'll be here soon.

For a price like that this Terrier hockey team better at least make it to the NCAA tournament.